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“2016 Themes: Feel, Defend, Attract”

With a new year yet upon us I feel it attention worthy, to see what the important themes, highlights and chapters of learning are, to help navigate the upcoming emotional overlays and phases. It essentially offers the opportunity for “smooth … Continue reading

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Limited light…Angel whispers  penetrate cool mists of late afternoon beckoning my attention, my awareness sharply fine tuned. The veils of time thin. The sun stands still I mirror the motion        ~Quietly~ Breathing in the damp chill cloaking … Continue reading

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“Special Report: ISIL Through the Eyes of Anagrams”

Global terrorism is creating a underlying level of fear throughout the world. It is erecting an expansive juxtaposition between world ideologies and faith, pulling people into opposing emotional opinion camps. Fear based opinions. People are jumping on the “War on … Continue reading

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“All-In HD Living”

Life has a wonderful way of reminding us to realign, rebalance through messages delivered through multiple sources. Today mine came from my older son and a wonderful client. We learn from each other. It’s perfect.  Today’s image was a very … Continue reading

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