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“The “Heart” of the Matter”

This is what everything in this world, boils down to: “The “Heart” of the Matter.” Because without “Heart”nothing matters. Matter literally disappears in importance. Simple. Without “Heart:” We can’t love deeply, truly, completely. We keep our relationships stuck in the … Continue reading

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“Wisdom from My Twenty Year Old Self”

If you had the opportunity to speak to your future or past self what would you say? Would you offer insider trading or tidbits on relationships, which ones to avoid, others to work on more diligently? What would be your … Continue reading

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“Silence for Safety vs Awakened Communication”

Life goes in cycles, it just does. From every grand natural cycle down to our personal seasons and the dances we all do together. We are all learning together even when we feel we are separate, we are all in the … Continue reading

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“My 2017 Top Eleven “F¥€K-It” List”

Have you thought about the things you’re just not going to do anymore or you’re finally willing to change, let go? Say “F¥€K it?!”  Rather the opposite to collecting what you do want to do, your “bucket” list?  Well I … Continue reading

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