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“We Are the Center of Our Universe”

I know, I know, it sounds rather ego centric and self centered, not too mention self serving, to say we are the center of the universe, however metaphorically there’s truth. We are the captain of our own ship, in charge … Continue reading

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“Lessons from Death”

November 21st, ’55, my second husband was born in California. We celebrated his last birthday two years ago. He left the planet two months later. Time is nebulous. It’s a circle. It’s a construct. It’s forever. Life moves forward. We … Continue reading

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“Myths Transform. Stories End. Religions Change. Beliefs Alter: Thus the Ever Transformative Nature of Reality”

In 1998, the TV mini series, Merlin, staring Sam Neill, who played the infamous and intriguing Merlin the Magician, brilliantly captured the Arthurian legend. In one of the most memorable scenes, Merlin speaks to the fairy queen, played by the … Continue reading

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