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“For Everything There is a Season”

  Another season wrapped up. Already.  Time moves so quickly, I feel it in my bones how essential it is to value each moment, each day, every week. Put this into perspective: time. Mt St Helens blew her gorgeous top … Continue reading

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“Happily Ever After”

Okay. I admit it. I was raised on Cinderella, Snow White and all those happily ever after Disney films that made every young’s girl heart flutter with possibilities.  I grew up with those romantic ideals and love notions compactly stored … Continue reading

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“Seriously, I’ve Heard it All”

You might think I’m fibbing or a bit off with my title statement, but it’s pretty true. In my world, people are open and willing to share their darkest truths, revelations and stories. Honestly I don’t care what people have … Continue reading

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Evocative musings… engage my thoughts of late scent of enticing behavior exploring earthy environs music erotically stimulating the taste exquisite  exciting  yet enigmatic… the mind wanders remembering an old love. We shared enthralling escapades in exotic places We were euphoric  … Continue reading

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