Predictions: 2012; Politics, Energy, Relationships, Geology, Media, Economy, Health, Archeology, Art, Food, Fashion, Entertainment

The Air We BreatheI am excited for the new energy of this year; can you feel the shift? The new focus on things possible? With our turn in the elliptical orbit we have the ability to radically change our perceptions, actions and outcomes. This is the year to fully focus on your personal choices to further enhance your present situations.  With new found personal responsibility it will add to our ability as a global nation to be united in thought.

Bell Rock, Sedona ArizonaNot everyone feels this way. Did you know there is a guy in Sedona AZ., who is planning on jumping through some portal on Bell Rock on the 21st of December to stop the earth from going through a black hole? Yep, literally falling to his death. He feels it is his job and duty to do this; his soul has been called. Really hope this goes well for him. At least he’s not asking for a long string of people to join him. It is totally amazing to me the power of the suggestion, fear, hyperbole, the media,  unbelievable hype, not to mention the money maker 2012 conjures. And when December 21st comes and goes, there will be another story of fear propagated to generate a new group of millionaires. I know, I know, I sound cynical. I’m not, just a realist. The earth’s been on this orbit for a ga-jillion years and it’s not going anywhere soon. In fact, John Major Jenkins, who has written and studied extensively about the Mayan calendar has said one of the greatest possible events of 12/21/12, is nothing happens. It’s a ‘non’ event.

That’s really more in my line of thinking; no cataclysms, no ET’s coming to scoop us away, (though I definitely believe in Universal life and subsequent visitations) no ET invasions, no ascension. Realize that will really tweak a few people who have bought and paid for the New Age thought of ascension, however I’m not one of them. I have been on this planet so many times I believe in the longevity of earth, the continuance of the seasons, our orbit in the horizons. I believe we are definitely waking up to our greater humanity and consciousness but even Nostradamus, the great prognosticator, felt we weren’t going into the Golden Age till 2250.  But it is a momentous year this 2012; the earth shifted its location in the elliptical orbit, the Mayan calendar is being prepared for the next 5000 year cycle and people around the planet are taking strong steps to change the repression and manipulation from centuries of abuse.

So what does this year have in store for us? Can anyone really say? Even the weather people can’t get it right for a week so where in here do I think I can? I love going out on a limb -the edge – to see if I can…… I’m going to share my perception and view; December 31st of this year will reveal if I’m right or not or even close. Here goes:


Entertainment/TV/Movies: We are moving further into ‘dumb-ing down’ extremes in the media and social entertainment. Whatever is felt will make money. TV productions, series, are sinking into shear stupidity and repetition. The pendulum is swinging more to the left with social views and comments of inane nothingness. Reality shows will continue to produce ridiculous stories of people no one knows or cares about. Magazines reflect the same images. Remember Bruce Springsteen’s song “There was fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on?”  Only now there are hundreds. Lots of repeats for movie producers with a few great stories coming through, though most of those will be from independent producers, writers, directors and foreigners. That’s where the action will be; literally off-screen. Watch for those via the internet and independent theaters. You will find some gems worth your time; the rest can go in the dumpster. And those Kardasians? They’ve had their three minutes of fame; their audience is tired of the hyperbole and insipid triviality, their faces begin to fade into the woodwork.

News/Media: The news media being owned by literally five corporations, is nothing more than a reflection of itself, (the pro’s/con’s, the right/left, conservative/liberal, Democrat/Republican, Gay/Straight etc) on a daily basis. This year will only mirror to the viewer, opposite perspectives on the same coin, just presented differently. It will be more apparent being such a pivotal time with the elections upon us. The jargon, the pundits and the political rallying of individual opinions put out like messages from God, will continue to burn through the screens of household televisions. In listening, the viewer will see only too clearly the level and lack of depth given in the messages; where is the real truth? Who is behind the scenes? Who is paying whom for what? The corporate media maintains this stance and precarious balance 1. to make money, 2. to make more money, 3. to make even larger sums, and gives the division and derision alive to keep us polarized.  (Don Henley’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ is extremely appropriate now as it was in the 80’s). However there is a silver lining in here. More will be revealed around the globe of insiders, political alignments, cabals, power, greed, energy suppression, etc from outside sources. Main stream media will have to hop on the bandwagon to keep up or look completely inept. This is a fabulous turning point. This gives credence to explore new resources of information, the key is discernment in all matters.

Music: There are many clever and talented musicians in the world though many of those never see the light of fame and fortune. Seek again independent labels, videos, clubs as you will find some amazing talent jump out at you. I feel we’re going to see some stupendous talent showing up on the radar. Avoid the highly glossed and produced images as they have been bought and paid for; music industry is one big marketing machine, the art of the music itself has been lost. Have you ever wondered where and how what music is played repeatedly? It’s cash paid for cementing whomever in our consciousness. Again, it’s not necessarily about talent. Find local musicians you can get behind; support their dreams as you receive the melodious benefits.

Fashion: The trends this year will be classic; the tried and true that work from decade to decade. Of course there will be those who go to extremes for flash and dance, however the consumer will seek what works best for lifestyle and career. The more we as consumers support comfort combined with positive work ethic, style and ease, the better the designers will become. A melding of styles will appear; 60’s with 80’s, 90’s with ‘now’, not all overly complimentary to different body types. There is a new designer, a young gal who has the potential to really make it big here in the US speaks to a new generation through her innovative ideas matched to great price points. Make this your year to clean out your closets and discover the colors and fabrics that make you feel comfortable, cozy and glamorous.

Art: I feel we will be seeing paintings and works buried for decades surfacing. It could be from a number of sources, art smugglers being caught, Nazi requisitions discovered, donations from private sources or a combination of all. I feel the art world is going to be upside down with jubilant excitement about the substantive impact on collections around the globe.  Create your own artistic endeavors for 2012, even if it is joining a local art group or going to gallery exhibits.San Francisco Trolley Car

Archeology: Though money is still a challenge for many  historical preservation sites around the globe, archeology continues to unearth and discover interesting and amazing facts which will turn the excepted timeline on its ear. From Egypt, northern Africa, central America to European Russia as well as here in the U.S. there are finds surfacing with the possibility to reshape our thinking. Notably some will find there way to literature, however you as the seeker will have to explore alternative sources for information. It’s there to be found, figuratively and literally.

Food: The battle of GMO’s is going to continue as science and health and Big Agribusiness do the dance for supremacy. Fortunately in time the public will have their say as diet, health and lifestyle take precedence. The public will continue to demand better standards as more incidents  of food poisoning occur primarily around the meat and poultry industry. The organic industry will continue to expand gaining political support as more consumers purchase for health reasons combined with flavor. Globally, I do see more endeavors being created to support the nations of Africa and similar third-world countries; more organizations will step up to be part of the change: there will be significant food/nutrition/farming mobilization in the next several years for impoverished nations on a positive level. Be wary and mindful of where food is being produced. To be smart, buy as local as possible in combination with buying foods in season. Read labels. Support  your local organic farmers; make a difference on the planet.

Health: Unfortunately I feel the US is continuing its decline into disease and illness. A combination package of poor eating habits, lack of exercise, rise in obesity, medications and rampant viruses have created a caldron of unhealthy lifestyles and lives. The culture of getting something for nothing also prevails; taking medications to ward off disease instead of changing habits and lifestyle choices. Too many people want it easy (instant gratification)  creating excuses for not making better decisions. Our system will continue to be heavily burdened with rising costs, over stressed practitioners, and Big Pharma throwing its weight in congress and the business structure.  Instead, make this your year for life altering personal changes which impact decades into the future. Act now for better longevity and happiness. Get into a fitness program which supports your goals and loves; ie, hiking, rock climbing, skating, kayaking, dancing, speed walking, skiing, running, cross-training, biking, swimming, yoga etc.

Geology/Solar Flares/Environment/Weather: If computers and meteorologists have difficulties….I feel we’re in for an easier year this year with nothing as catastrophic as Japan’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami, happening at such great proportions. Now of course I am talking about natural events, not ones contrived through HARPP and other nasty devices of destruction; those are extremely difficult to monitor other than just before the event, though I feel there will be several of those coming to pass on smaller scales. (Those are about control, dominance and power). I am referring instead to mother earth and her natural cycles as she tries to maintain balance with so much destruction on her surface reaching into her subterranean levels. My areas of focus are on: the northwest in the US, primarily WA. I feel we are going to feel some earthquakes here in this region, though nothing of destructive magnitude as in 1980, primarily around St Helens and possibly off the coast reaching down into Oregon. Also Indonesia, around the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and off the southern and western side of India are possible sites for tremors resulting in larger than normal waves and possible destruction of buildings. Weather is going to be more apparently different as patterns evolve and change; cold reaching longer and deeper, drought stretching in areas, more severe winds in unlikely places. The likelihood of a pole shift, which has been predicted for years is not imminent. There have been three pole shifts in 1000,000 years, the last one occurring 12,000 BCE. I feel it’s safe to say, it’s not going to happen this year or the next. I do feel though we are going to have corrections to the poles, altering the locations in small degrees, having less impact on a populated planet. These will happen over the course of the next three to four years. Man’ s impact has been substantial, yet the earth is evolving and changing. What is reported is not necessarily the truth. Look to see more fact finding missions seeking real answers based on evidence rather than emotional button pushing and political pandering. Solar flares will be slightly up from 2011, impacting the weather patterns marginally, but the greater impact will be the electromagnetic imbalance felt from surges, triggering more emotional immediacy and agitation on the human level.

Energy: This bit right here – energy– is the ‘screw’ that is either too loose or tightened too stringently around the globe. Power and control; control and power. If everyone had access to healthy and inexpensive energy the world would be a different place. Those in power who control the purse strings and eradicate those who oppose them, are not willingly going to give over the financial resources which motivate and drive their greed. So in the meantime there is still a struggle for balance. Innovation is going to drive the change; new energy which is really old energy, is going to finally come to the surface may have to go inert (hopefully the irony is not lost) or incognito while awareness is generated throughout the populace. It’s the people who will change the way of the status quo. It is us who will demand the positive change.  More people will be ‘energized’ (love the irony on this) to stand up, ask questions and demand what is needed to keep their loved ones, fed, warm and safe along with the ability for clean, reliable, efficient, transportation. Inexpensive energy; it is available, here; we have to ask for it and keep demanding till it arrives. The shifts will be gradual however they are in motion now. Watch how certain events appear a particular ‘way’ and then in a short period of time the players make radical changes to their opinions and support. This is because the movement of ‘energy’ has become too strong to resist the rising adjustment.  It will take until 2015 and up to 2020 for the energy change-over to be felt, however forward motion is a very real positive flow impacting the globe.

Politics: Don’t we love and hate politics particularly as they don’t really change; the status quo is the same no matter who’s in power. The best part of Obama’s term in office, is through his interim, more people across the country have become involved. Not since the 60’s and 70’s have we seen this many people galvanized, taking active stances for change. I think it’s brilliantly awesome.  Do I believe in what he’s preaching? No. However I love the fact people are now truly thinking about what’s at stake for the future – one world dominance- order, or freedom for individuals around the globe. Distinctly two different directions. This year is hugely pivotal for this reason. I feel the Mayans were possibly suggesting in the end of their calendar, ‘consciousness and involvement’ or destruction into major world control.  That’s how I see the destructive nature of 2012; allowing for ONE WORLD DOMINANCE.   Do I actually see this happening? Thank the universe – NO! However we need to be aware of the behind-the-scenes activities to be able to change them. We all have a distinctly active role to play; that’s why we have chosen to be here now. Change literally thousands of years of hierarchy or allow it to encompass us like a tsunami. Our choice. Fortunately I feel there are enough open, like-minded actively conscious participants around the planet, it’s not going to happen. The key is awareness, discernment, intuitive guidance and listening with your heart to what is real and what is utter bullshit.  From the Big Picture, Obama arrived to instigate change; we have to decide which probability we want to create. As for the election here in the states? It’s a goat-rope for sure. And for the next ten and a half months we are lucky enough to be exposed to high radiation political pundits and over-the-top advertising; time for the SPF 100 to counter balance the damage. Who’s going to win? I truly believe Obama is a one term president. We are going to elect a more moderate, in-the-middle-kind-of-guy who creates balance and equilibrium.  I believe we are not out of the weeds yet, but I feel we are going to recognize we need more conservative financial decisions balanced with moderate and more liberal social agendas; ie, *balancing the budget coupled with gay marriage.  *Restricting term limits and spending, equal to keeping abortion rights and environmentally sound measures. *Eliminating overhead and departments giving states more independence and say in the management of their environment. *Opening new pathways to energy creation and utilization on US soil. Back in the 70’s Ruth Montgomery, a well known author and channel, wrote several predictions, most of which have come true, with several exclusions. One was a pole shift in and around 2000. The other was a ‘walk-in’ President.  A walk-in, for those who are new to this term is a soul who chooses to trade places with another soul, allowing the new participant to take over their human role so as to positively and significantly change the outcome of events and situations. I’ve been waiting for such a person. She said it would be someone we would recognize his familiar face though his views through time will change and be more spiritual, moderate and open pathways of peace globally.  He was to be here with the first election of the new millenia. Didn’t happen in Bush Jr. Didn’t happen with Obama. Both were bought and paid for. Are we ready for such a soul to arrive and make gigantic changes? Absolutely. I have felt Ron Paul is the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson; I love this!! However will enough of the population vote for his message of transformation? I really believe he is here as a catalyst for significant departure from the traditional view, and thank God for this!! It is desperately needed, however I’m not feeling the final victory even though I would love to say it’s real; he is my vote for the presidential office. Hopefully Ron Paul will be in the inner sanctums of D.C. when the dust has settled. The race will be heated, controversial and mean-spirited as well as exceptionally close, however I still am going with the belief Obama will lose and slink away into obscurity for awhile. Who’s it going to be?  Is the ‘walk-in’ visible? From my perspective, not yet. I don’t see him, however it doesn’t exclude positive people in power who truly want to make a difference as there are those over the last several years who have surfaced rising to the call for liberty. The race is not over, however the Presidential look and sound will prevail as well as a moderate voice for choice. That choice is Mitt Romney; I feel he will be signed in in January of 2013.  The mud-slinging will be heavily weighted against his religion. Isn’t that what this country was founded upon? Religious freedom? Please stay interested, read and dig deeply into informatin. It is the political paradigm of ‘now’; until it slowly changes it is what is, till we create something new.

Economy: I wish I could equivalently say we are out of the weeds economically, however, I don’t feel it in my soul. We’re on a continual merry-go-round presently while the powers-that-be pull the purse strings. Someone out there is making billions through these trying times and it’s not you or me. The rise and fall of world economies is not stable this year or even into next, however there will be a firming and soundness to industries which will set the ground work for the new world view economy. From the larger picture, there will be growth in energy,  gold and minerals, and on the  smaller scale, private local businesses are finally going to be able to sink their teeth in and find consistency thus sustaining and stabilizing growth and jobs. It will be people’s backbone and ingenuity that moves the ball and keeps the pendulum swinging circularly. Invest in people and ideas – globally and locally – listening through intuitive discernment as to where to best place your time and money

Relationships: Our familiar, personal and community relationships will mirror the outward goings-on of world issues on every scale. It’s that simple. When the government is polarized, the energy frequency of that emotional hook-up has the potential to materialize in your relationships. Be aware of why you are feeling agitated and anxious. Recognize the threads pulling you into that particular polarized fulcrum; it’s in the recognition which enables you to shift your reactions to ‘responses’. This year there is  a tendency within our relationships to feel more volatile juxtaposed to feeling overly sensitive. The anger surfacing is a catalyst for movement, a stimulator and focus-finder if you utilize the emotions in the right direction.  I also feel for those who have been honestly seeking a personal love-centered relationship, will find the one they having been dreaming. The key is to ‘be-the-one-you-want-to-fall-in-love-with’ allowing this soul to shine forth and materialize. These individuals who arrive in your life will look different and show a new way of perceiving life; it will be fun, perplexing and exciting. Marriage will continue to be 50%; 50% of couples staying in marriages, 50% choosing to divorce. We’re in a continual state of flux as we learn to reinvent a better vision of male/female/heart centered relationships.

This is another exciting year; we are all alive and gathered on this one small planet in the corner of the Universe. Make the most of it!!

Cosmic sunshine to you.

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I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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