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“Travel Tested Manifesting: Join In For 21 Days in November”

“It’s fascinating really when a place can trigger a memory from another timeframe happening in that place concurrently as, “All time is now.” Essentially the experiences, the timeframes, overlap in the same local. Having a vital living space elicit the connections is a forceful and energizing experience.” Continue reading

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“I Am Stardust”

Crossing timeless cosmic corridors the Milky Way beneath my feet, I wander through super novas, ride comets, listening to black holes hum their tunes in the darkness. I mingle in galaxies dance with stardust giddy with pleasure glistening in the light … Continue reading

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“We Have Resources at Our Fingertips if We’d Only Remember”

You know it’s easy to forget what we have available at our fingertips. I know I do. It’s far simpler to swim upstream with the crowd and get caught in the crazed fear maelstrom especially when faced with huge traumatic … Continue reading

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“The Costco Mystery”

Okay, here’s the Costco story. The events though straight forward are actually curious, intriguing and baffling. You decide the what, where, how of it because truthfully, it’s quite mysterious. This April my family and I went to Whistler for spring … Continue reading

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“Dream a Friend”

It’s phenomenal how everything, and I mean Everything, is connected, integrated and impacts the whole. Nothing is exempt. Every thought, word, deed, action, ripples throughout time, dimensions, the universe. It’s ridiculously complex however it’s very real. It’s the truth, the … Continue reading

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“Camping with the Adams Family”

Unfortunately over the weekend we stayed in a shared camping site. The Arizona “Fools Hollow” campground, one of the nicest in the state, has spacious shaded sites and is highly prized by people from Phoenix/ Scottsdale escaping the high heat … Continue reading

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“In the Orbit of Cancer”

I worked hard over the weekend. It was awesome! I love my job. One of the reoccurring themes in the sessions was lack of fun, stress, and feeling tired. When things continually show up, I know it’s a message from … Continue reading

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