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“Death on the Willamette”

“I have to backtrack just a bit. I work with people globally. I can see them just as clearly as if they were sitting in front of me. They energies are bold and bright. Even if sickly, a person’s energy signature comes through to indicate the misalignments and blocked energy signals and places of dis-ease. This past Saturday there was nothing, nada, zero.” Continue reading

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“Quick Recipe on Creating Our “Happy:” Everyday is an Op”

I realized I wasn’t in my “happy.” Life. Too many things on my list, not too mention, new death and grieving. Not an excuse, just truth. So me being me, had to dig and analyze and visualize and dial in … Continue reading

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“Messages from Those Nearly Departed: In Loving Support and Memory”

I think warrior planet Mars collided with Pluto, and traversed into another Star system. All kinds of weird, difficult and painful things have happened to many people lately. I’ve seen many car crashes posted on Facebook. I too, am once … Continue reading

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“We All Love “Love:” The Magic Symbology of Weddings”

Over the weekend my step-son was married. The first of our four kids- very exciting. He was so handsome, sparkling “excited” eyes bright with anticipation, she, glamorous in her long flowing dress, ready for adventure. The wedding went off without … Continue reading

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“The Circle of Life”

Sunday, mom’s day, I was visiting my parents. My aunt and uncle were with us. We’d had a great day together, sharing stories, laughing, crying and being together as family. Around ten, mom took my elderly dad into the shower … Continue reading

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“Letting Go”

We sold our house. Our home is currently in total chaos as we dismantle our things on the walls, in cupboards, on the floor and in the yard. Boxes are being moved out as I write. It’s an interesting feeling. … Continue reading

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“In Gratitude”

It’s a stellar day. It also happens to be my birthday. I’ve been fortunate throughout the years that more days have been sunny on my birthday than have been rainy at the end of January. What a gift. I also … Continue reading

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