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“The Multiverse of Opportunities”

Time, it’s a nebulous thing. Even though we live and dwell in a linear concept of movement – a start and an ending – it’s been proven all time is now. We essentially live in the eternal now. Everything is … Continue reading

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“Travel Tested Manifesting: Join In For 21 Days in November”

“It’s fascinating really when a place can trigger a memory from another timeframe happening in that place concurrently as, “All time is now.” Essentially the experiences, the timeframes, overlap in the same local. Having a vital living space elicit the connections is a forceful and energizing experience.” Continue reading

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“The Musical Composition of Your Soul”

This was my morning “composition” several days ago. “Our goal is to bridge internally/spiritually the gap between our various lifetimes as well as our bloodlines. We are doing this to some extent- at least those who are the way-showers. We … Continue reading

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What If Prayers Were a Mere Shadow of a Higher Truth?

Everyone accepts “prayer” as a global religious and spiritual invocation, a personal practice, a go-to communication link to a Higher Authority. We request in our prayers for our fears, pain, loss and suffering to be removed or lessened by Divine … Continue reading

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‘Taking Things So-for-Granted’

In 1992 my first husband and I bought a cabin in Washington that was built in 1966. It was erected on a reservoir on the SE flank of Mt St Helens. When she erupted in 1980, 33 years ago this … Continue reading

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‘Lucid Dreaming: A Glimpse into Parallel Reality or ‘Walk-In Experience’

It’s easy to drop into bed, tired from the day and move way beyond the alpha-dream-state or even further past the  theta ‘remembering’ dream-event-horizon. Life gets in the way and we’re just too exhausted to care. We float into the … Continue reading

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‘Stairway to Heaven One Step at a Time’

Committing to a month of daily blogs was a larger endeavor than first assumed. Back to that ‘assumption’ thing. I’ve learned years ago to never assume anything; life usually throws a curve ball and has other things in mind. Same … Continue reading

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