“When in Doubt: Wash. Lessons I Learned from My Cat.”

Sounds funny right? But it’s great advice from my cat Tao. When he gets overwhelmed with having dogs or cats visit he takes a moment, stops, looks around and begins to wash. He doesn’t react, he doesn’t run away and hide, he just takes a breather to beautify himself. Great advice I’m thinking. Very cosmic you know. Cats are incredibly otherworldly, of high intuitive intelligence. We could learn from their wisdom.


Taking this one step further, here is a great list for those moments of self doubt:

When in doubt: be quiet, don’t speak.

When in doubt: be kind.

When in doubt: don’t judge.

When in doubt: smile.

When in doubt: go within and listen.

When in doubt: ask your heart.

When in doubt: offer love.

When in doubt: don’t react.

When in doubt: offer assistance.

When in doubt: do the right thing.

When in doubt: take the high road.

When in doubt: punt.

When in doubt: offer a hug.

When in doubt: forgive.

When in doubt: ask for help.

When in doubt: take a walk.

When in doubt: be patient.

When in doubt: play.

When in doubt: find the humor.

When in doubt: sing.

When in doubt: do your best anyway.

When in doubt: breathe deeply.

When in doubt: soak up the starry sky.

When in doubt: sit under a tree.

When in doubt: call your best friend.

When in doubt: say I love you to yourself.

When in doubt: relax.


When in doubt: trust the universe has your back.

When in doubt: wash. Take a long hot shower and wash off the schmootz.


Happy Solstice. May you rejoice in the Return of the Light. ☀️

Cosmic sunshine to you from Tao and me.☀️💕



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“Comparing Higher Density Consciousness, 3D, 4D and 5th Density and 5G Networks”

I’m going to buck the new age paradigm. Nothing new, I’m a rebel from way back. We’ve been inundated by all this info spreading into our consciousness about moving into 5D, fifth dimensional frequencies. Okay. Cool. But the truth is we are in living in 3D, the third dimensional frequency bandwidth of wave and motion, frequency and vibration creating our material world. We have been living in this world of contrast and shadow on purpose to expand and grow. We set this up as a collective.

So, 5G. This is the new tech that will take us up and over into even greater scientific break-throughs as it has the power, depth, bandwidth to support all kinds of major transformations. A quote from Intel marketing: “5G networks deliver a powerful data-centric future where compute is fluid, intelligent, and pervasive — creating an evolutionary leap in agility and scalability.” Much like taking an evolutionary consciousness leap, tech will be jumping a vast chasm as well, mirroring where we are collectively as a species. Of course there is a massive amount of controversy on the influence of such heavy 5G electromagnetic waves permeating our lives, disrupting our bodies, animals and the earth itself. It will unfold though whether we like it and approve or not. It’s how evolution works.

5D. This is a dimensional frequency we as a species are striving for, it signifies a Massive leap in awareness, consciousness and spiritual alignment with the cosmic forces governing our universe. But back to truth; we are currently graduating 3rd dimensional density. 3D to 5D is a giant jump in consciousness. We need to experience 4D.* The fourth dimensional frequencies are absolutely critical to our soul’s evolution because this is where we truly activate the heart. By skipping this dimensional awareness we lose out on our deeper conceptual awareness of who we are. Bigger truth is if we were truly moving and living in the bandwidth of 5D we would be in Light Bodies. It’s that simply as the wave length of that vibration doesn’t support physicality. We lose our bodies as we near the end of 4D which by the way is a long way off in our evolutionary process.


I feel 5D was put into our vernacular – another dissemination of misinformation – as a way to distract us from diving into our emotional heart-centric, love-focused 4D consciousness experience, the essential next step on our evolutionary process. We can’t skip steps. It’d be like going from sixth grade and jumping into graduate PhD studies. Not possible for 99.9% of the population. This doesn’t take away from those who are more consciously aware. They’re just standing on the top of the 3D mountain ready to fly to a higher state of awareness. And by the way, 5D is much more about group consciousness versus individual processes.

Reading up on how living in 5D is being delivered, it’s about a positive consciousness shift in our perceptions. Seeing our specific timelines within an overarching collective timeline through new eyes. Feeling the magic of being “in body.” (Remember 5th density is a higher vibrational wavelength that supports light bodies not physical structures.) Experiencing the goodness and love in everything. From my perspective this is the graduation process from 3rd density into 4th density, a lighter frequency than 3rd but still able to sustain our physicality on this end of the spectrum. This is not 5th dimensional living. Experiencing the world through eyes of love is the portal and gateway into the next horizon of expression. It is a step up on the consciousness ladder.

I know many on the 5 Density bandwagon will disagree and feel I’m just not aware enough to understand. Perhaps. But from where I stand we are ever evolving. We are at the beginning of the next 2150 year cycle with Aquarius the astrological backdrop. It’s a cycle in the axial procession across the galaxy.  It’s our opportunity to evolve out of 3D into 4D, a bandwidth of shorter, faster waves of light over a period of several thousands years, which in regards to the planet’s history is a blink of an eye, considering the age of the earth as 3.7 billion years. 

You the reader can determine for yourself what you believe or not. I’m not here to convince you either way. My intention is to open a new dialogue of interpretation and thought.


Here’s to heart-centered living.



Cosmic sunshine to you.

*Please explore The Law of One for more insights.



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Duality. Polarity. Hilarity.

We might as well get into the groove of laughing at the comedy, because let’s face it, we live in a world of duality. Black/White. Male/Female. Night/Day. Right/Wrong. Etc Etc Etc. We are always trying to convince someone else our ideas are the right, have them see through our lens. One of my favorite men in my life is a prime example. He and I live in separate belief camps in the political spectrum. For the most part we ignore this fine difference however on those rare occasions he likes to push buttons just for the hell of it, sparks can fly. But at least we make the sparks fun and not aggressive nor mean or angry.



The truth is our world is set up to be in duality, to show us daylight and midnight, the sun and stars. It is set up in a huge polarity of contrasts so we learn to choose, to make decisions and choices based on our awareness, our wisdom. We – yes that means All of Us – choose to experience these huge discrepancies to explore every side of the equation. We live in a free choice universe which is hugely exciting and highly gratifying. It’s why we all desire freedom at our core. We know it’s our divine right to be free. Free to choose whatever course we want even if it’s wrong. It’s our right no matter where we are on the planet. If we didn’t have these earthly polarities we wouldn’t know truly madly deeply* what we appreciate, enjoy, love. The cosmic forces set it up this way as an exploration of experiences. Yes even those sad and lonely and depressing and angry and desolate and challenging events and situations. It gives us pause to truly appreciate the goodness when it arrives. We hop on board this Polarity Train so we have a smorgasbord of incredible options, good bad, sad happy, healthy ill, lonely partnered, rich poor, and any other thing we can experience. Every occurrence is a learning curve. An option. A choice. A belief. Imagine as we move and explore through a lifetime, how these mold and shape us and alter our paths amplifying change and growth. Multiply that by many many lifetime experiences and we can begin to fathom how rich in mind and soul we all become.

In the meantime, why not truly embrace the differences in each of us. Enjoy them. Even with those with whom we don’t agree. They are after all, people on a learning path here to do their part, play their role in our ever evolving growing expanding conscious experience. We can choose to not hang with them, however from a larger aspect, a larger dynamic, choosing to still love their souls is life changing. And seeing the ridiculous humor in every day living is a wonderful antidote, a remedy to some of the absurd behavior displayed. Love them for it. Love their souls.


I’m laughing all the way across the galaxy and back.



Cosmic sunshine to you.




*My repeating mantra.

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“The Masterpiece of Death: The Perception of Separation”

I’m usually pretty good about writing regularly however my dear friend suddenly, three weeks ago – my best and fav neighbor – died. I fortunately was home and able to be with her through the process. I have to say she did it ‘right.’  She created a heart attack that was a fairly fast and efficient exit. “Way to go Girlfriend. Way to do it well.”  It’s been an emotional whirlwind subsequently. I now have her Havanese dog with me to add to my menagerie, a reminder of her wonderful, constant friendship.


Death is an interesting portal. We humans have been so fear based and stuck in ideologies, religious dogmas and beliefs, we live our lives running from the devil. A great example of this is a friend of mine’s mother-in-law, a cantankerous woman for most of her life, lived 13 days, yes count them, without food or water before finally succumbing to her final breath. I’m sure she wasn’t ready to face her worst fears of having to look at herself up front and personal for her behaviors. Now that is honest fear, when we truly madly deeply have to look within ourselves, dive down into our emotional landscapes. Are/were we good people? Did we live up to our best potential? Were we kind to others? Did we live in fear or love? Did we use people for our own gains, our own gratifications?  Were we self serving, self focused? Were we of service to others? I believe this is the first door we open after leaving our bodies once we acclimate to our new/old surroundings again, the door into self/soul analysis, awareness and realization. We get to see the results of every action, every thought we have had.

Think twice, maybe three times, feel with our hearts before speaking, before taking action. This has the potential to change our worlds.

The reason we created this portal, this interior soul mirror, is we want to know what our pitfalls were, our successes, and what we are able to retain for future incarnations and experiences. We created this scenario. It’s ours to embrace.

So Buck-Up little Campers and let’s get our shit together while we are on the planet!!!’

But through another lens perhaps she signed up, my friend’s mother-in-law, for that role: the major bitch on steroids. Maybe she raised her hand before entry and said, “Okay I’ll play that part, the Erica Kane role, no one else wants.”  Every story has it’s protagonist, it’s antagonist. We need contrast to grow and expand. That’s why we choose hopping onboard the earth-train to experience shadows, depth, hue, contouring and contrast. We create our best masterpieces this way. Just think what Rembrandt would’ve painted without those colors, the blacks and the grays, in his palette? There would’ve been no way to capture the light without the darkness, no masterpieces in his repertoire?


The masterpiece of death brings us back to life. And LIFE is a masterpiece in the works. In my view there is no death just transition. It’s our perception of separation that creates fear of isolation. We play that out in our relationships as well. Fear of isolation and separation. We just need to remember we are all connected. My mirror is yours. Yours is mine. Death is life, Life is Death. Its just a different frequency. It’s all ONE. One continuous ever-expanding journey of awareness, allowing, growing, improving, choosing what we desire rather than focusing on what we do not. It is a gift, this body, this life. Enjoy it. Maximize it. All we need to do is reach out and touch the sky, feel the wind on our faces, hug someone, smile at those in need. Find the joy in something daily.  Then death is just a doorway into the next vast adventure.


Cosmic sunshine to you.

For Cheryl. My dear friend.


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“Death on the Willamette”

While I was in the UK, a young college freshman went missing in Portland. I was unaware of this case. It became a high profile investigation, his two parents very involved and reaching out to all resources via the media. This past weekend, an intermediary contacted me to see if I could share any information with the family. I have worked with missing people and pets before so this is not a new direction however it’s been several years since I had searched for a person.

I don’t like to instantly just ‘go there’ as there are usually many mitigating circumstances best to investigate. I listened to all the facts and figures and accounts of the last day anyone had seen this young man. Interesting images and feelings arose for me. I felt strongly there was much more to this young man’s underlying emotions than he ever let on. I don’t feel his parents were totally apprised of how their young son felt about himself, his angst and fears and the major insecurities that plagued him. A typical eighteen year old really. He came from a well-to-do family, grew up with money and extras. From an outsider all was well.

I have to backtrack just a bit. I work with people globally. I can see them just as clearly as if they were sitting in front of me. They energies are bold and bright. Even if sickly, a person’s energy signature comes through to indicate the misalignments and blocked energy signals and places of dis-ease. This past Saturday there was nothing, nada, zero. Initially I had felt he wasn’t ‘here‘ but didn’t want to rush headlong into making a statement I might regret once I stepped into his fields of energy. Unfortunately, my first images were correct. He is/was not of this world. The other interesting part is, his energy signature wasn’t even nearby. Oft times when someone has left their body, they hang-out close, by loved ones. They stay to comfort and offer love before completely moving into their next adventure. This young man’s energy simple vanished. Very interesting indeed. Perhaps from another vantage point, he was ready to move on cosmically.

My sense is something went awry. He said he was going to a sports practice of which there were none. He withdrew $150 from his bank account. He was last seen walking down a Portland street nowhere near where he said he was going. While I was scanning his fields I kept hearing the word ‘nefarious.’ I feel strongly he encountered some people, negative in thoughts, very nefarious in dealings, who took this young man down, perhaps in a drug deal, perhaps in a robbery. His body was found in the Willamette river and revealed to the press Monday.

It’s really important to understand, these things aren’t random acts of badness, of violence. Nothing happens to any of us we didn’t at one time or place create in our thoughts, actions, our doings from this time or another. Nothing is random. Everything in your/my/our lives is because we create it. Nothing is outside of us. There is always a bigger story at play. This is the important element, no matter how bad or sad the situation. There is always a Higher Purpose. That is Universal Law.

I feel badly and sad for this family. If I lost one of my sons it’d be devastating even with my psychic abilities. I send this family love, comfort and strength to deal with their loss and aftermath as they try and determine the story that played out.

Once again from a Higher Vantage point, there is a bigger story. One where a young man knew he had to experience this kind of exit from his body. One where the family has to realign their love for each other and go within to find their core love for the world and themselves. There is nothing we experience that isn’t there for us to learn from, to grow upon and utilize from our highest perspective. I know this is quite difficult to fathom based on what we have been taught for centuries, for literally thousands of years, however finally science is determining the facts and basis through quantum theory to substantiate this theory, this belief, “we create our own reality.” You don’t have to believe me. But you can go within yourself, look around your hidden fears, buried beliefs, and ferret and determine there is more to what is before us. Clean out the interior closets. Read. Explore. Expand.

One other point to make. When searching for missing pets they can be quite elusive. The reason being they are not attached to the birth, death, alive, dead concept like we are. They just are. To them being alive or not in body is the same. They are part of the universal truths of always and forever. Extinction too for clarification isn’t extinct. They just don’t live here anymore, that’s all. They still exist in other worlds, in other dimensional frequencies. They just moved to a better realm to live.

Same for this young man. He moved to another realm in which to live because for now it’s his best location to be.

My condolences to the family.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

Also for the 21 Day Manifestors out there, I encourage you to write the words into your phone calendar so each day you are ready and ahead of the game. November starts next week. Please write down the day’s experiences too. You’ll be amazed. EXPECT good things to happen!!


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“Travel Tested Manifesting: Join In For 21 Days in November”

I just returned from the UK where I had the opportunity to really dive into and intuitively explore history up front and personal as well as retrieve lifetimes of memories. (Yes-that was deliberate- lifetimes of memories vs memories of lifetimes. There’s a different impact, an alternate variation – it’s larger in scope.) It’s fascinating really when a place can trigger a memory from another timeframe happening in that place concurrently as, “All time is now.” Essentially the experiences, the timeframes, overlap in the same local. Having a vital living space elicit the connections is a forceful and energizing experience. I had so many “I’ve been here,” or better, “I Am Here,” moments, it was incredible. My dream is you each have the opportunity to experience this at some point in your lives.

Where our Light of Focus is, is our current lifetime. Add to the mix, multiples of lifetimes all playing at once, (like multiple TV shows playing concurrently,) hundreds of probabilities that happen regularly, and dimensional overlays of vibration, life as we know it is simply extraordinary. Complicatedly simple, simply complicated. It’s understanding how to work with the magic of these energy fields that’s exciting.

On an historically current note, it was a fascinating study to understand and interpret the English as well as the Scottish perspectives on English rule. I can totally relate to the Scottish rebelliousness and the desire to be free. I had a great convo with a woman of Edinburgh and she feels that if there were a vote today (2014 the vote was in favor of staying with Britain) Scotland would seek independence. I have both strong Scottish memories as well as British, compounded with vibrant English blood from both sides of my family: Our soul histories play out within our personal story creating a rich emotional tapestry in the hopes we understand and appreciate all sides of the political, social and familial spectrum, expanding who we are as people. Our Soul Contracts.

One of the things I did while traveling was focus excitedly on the “daily word,” taken from the list I’d intuitively put together the month before. (please read previous blog.) It’s a process of literally getting ahead of the manifesting creative process. It was/is uncanny and magical. I’d even in my overly analytical mind ‘asked’ if I should change any of the words before the trip and I received a definitive ‘no.’ Yes, some of the words were basic and could be interpreted easily into whatever one desired, others were more complicated. The point is I did it enthusiastically with the co-creative cosmic energies and seriously it was just plain fun to see what would manifest.

I’ll offer a few short examples of the process. A word for the day was elementals. I thought this could be a real stretch? After a quick scan on the map that morning, several castles were chosen to visit northeast of Inverness for the day’s activities. At Brody Castle, the guide described to the small group the ceiling art work originally put in the 1600’s, then painted to look like wood in the mid 1800’s. She spoke to the overarching theme: the four elements – the elementals: earth, wind, fire and air all depicted in the four ceiling quadrants. I honestly laughed out loud. It couldn’t have been more visceral. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures to showcase this beautiful artwork. Another day the word was friends. That evening in a pub in Aviemore, four men joined us for the evening and shared hilarious Scottish stories. Truly the first encounter of any significance.

Courage was another day. Courage for what? Navigating the subways? No. While walking around London there was an old pub’s descriptive word above the door that read…Courage. I couldn’t make this up. The first and only time that word was seen. Value and benefit were the closing words for the weekend. The value of the art viewed was/is astonishing not only from the financial “values” aspect but also from the emotionally rewarding impact of the artistic beauty, not too mention that the architectural brilliance and valuable impact on society is priceless. The benefit of perusing free art galleries is enormous! I walked through the Wallace Collection and stood in awe before two of my favorite pieces; Fragonard’s “The Girl on the Swing” and Frans Hals’ “The Laughing Cavalier.” They’re outstanding pieces of classical art I studied years ago. To see the quality of lacy details and talent makes my heart happy – truly a lifetime benefit I will cherish.

The reason I’m sharing extra details is to impart enthusiasm for the process. It’s fun foremost. Two it puts one in a state of positive expectation, the footnote or foundation to creating good things in life. Three, it starts to change one’s perspective on how easy it is to co-mingle with the magical universal properties, making them reachable, obtainable, and totally doable. Literally it’s the “You’ve Got This,” feeling.

I highly recommend trying it, doing it. Start with 21 days as it literally can change patterns. I’ll offer up mine and you can join me or create your own word list to get ahead of the curve in creating the next best month of your life, one step and day at a time. Here’s to the next round of 21. These are for November 1-21st.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

1. New beginnings

2. Revelation

3. Creative momentum

4. Recalibration

5. Forward thinking

6. Shift in perspective

7. Emotionally savvy

8. Camera ready

9. Lead with my heart

10. Open to suggestion

11. Smart connections

12. Reaching out

13. Abundance

14. Contentment

15. Picking up speed

16. Awareness

17. Prudence

18. Expansion

19. Networking

20. Family values

21. Love

BONUS: Healthy strength

Okay, so this time round one word got bumped up to more. I wrote down what came randomly, intuitively into my mind. You can do the same or follow this. If you do, please share your experiences. I’d love to hear.💕

Gaelic: “Get out of your head and into your heart.”

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“21 Days: How to Get Ahead of Creating the Life You Desire”

Several years years ago I wrote in a journal describing my days the way I desired them to be. Of course life got in the way and that practice wavered then stopped. I had chosen this practice as a co-creative process expecting positive things to unfold in the daily simplicities. I believe by expecting good things to happen- they do. Essentially it’s a method of getting ahead of the game, ahead in the creative process.  I’m off on an adventure to the UK this next week and decided to implement the same concept however abbreviating and redesigning the idea.

I believe by getting ahead of our expectations the universe listens. Daily I expect good things to come – the right events or people to pop up on my radar- as an example. It’s in the magic of allowing – believing, trusting, imagining – life unfolds beautifully.


Two weeks ago I wrote 21 words down-whatever randomly came into my mind. I decided to keep the process simple, easy; one word versus long soliloquies.  I’ve put them on my daily calendar. I’m applying these words to my 21 day UK journey. My goal is to watch, be mindful, open to what comes my way in relation to the words -the word for the day- and catalogue the stories, events and people relating to the word. And I feel -know in my bones- there will be little to big things that will unfold. Essentially it’s asking the universe to show me experiences that are in harmony with the definition of the word. Asking in advance for what I’d like to participate in and/or observe.

You too can join me in on this experiment. You can utilize my words or create your own. See what unfolds, what happens magically in your life when you expect good things rather than waiting for the worst to befall you  -and the world for that matter-  essentially rewriting the old programmed negative behaviors and reactions. I mean, imagine. Seriously imagine if one word a day, could and can transform your life??!!

The reason I chose 21 is for several reasons. One is that’s the length of my travels. Two is we can rewrite old programs and habits in 21 days of mindful awareness. What old bad habit is it time to release, change, shift and let go? Be willing to do what is required to make that happen from listening to visualization programs that you download or record on your phone -as who doesn’t have their phone all the time? to starting an exercise program: make yourself accountable. And thirdly, 21=2+1=3.  Three -3- is the number of kindness, imagination, creativity and joy. It represents inspiration, manifestation, growth and creativity, perfect for this fun mindful expectation practice.


Here is my list:

21 Days:

  1. Motion 
  2. Timelessness
  3. Joy
  4. Magic
  5. Alignment
  6. Friends
  7. Connection
  8. Glorious-ness
  9. Elementals 
  10. Beyond 
  11. Beauty
  12. Expansion
  13. Awareness
  14. Dimensions 
  15. Aliveness 
  16. Intuition 
  17. Fabulousness
  18. Excitement
  19. Courage
  20. Value
  21. Benefit

Imagine too if you applied this technique to your job or your relationship or your health? With mindful practice great things are truly possible. Of course you can make it as complicated as you desire, I’ve just learned simplicity reigns in my world. I hope you consider joining me on this happy project. Please share your experiences if you do.

Here’s to 21 days of inspiration, imagination and manifestation.

Cosmic sunshine to you.☀️




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