“Four Quick Steps to Activate Your Intuition”

In today’s crazy world it’s even more imperative to trust and utilize our intuition. Too many people are buying into propaganda based on everyone else’s views and the constant negative newsfeed. Look at situations, dramas, episodes through our hearts and third eye. The portrayed good guys can be false gods and the purported bad guys can be actually wearing white hats. Think family, jobs and career, medical issues, social and political organizations.

Remember looking at the 3D illustrations where we have to look at the images through a new lens, from the side,  through soft vision to see the dimensional picture materialize? I recommend doing this regularly in life. Look at situations from this softened gaze to activate our inner knowing. Be determined to look at things from every view possible before swinging into judgement, hysteria, anger, name calling, violence, – essentially all levels of negativity. Once ‘there,’ in that field of distortion it’s difficult to find the path back to positivity and joy. Thus getting inebriated, high, over or under stimulated, angry, blaming others, finger pointing, to re-right the emotional ship becomes the avenue, when in truth the best direction is inward. Listen to our inner knowing.


1. Be in-tuned with  yourself, your emotional needs.

2. Listen with your heart not your head. If it feels right it is. If it feels off even slightly then pay attention. This is relevant for relationships, jobs, health, social issues.

3. Look at things with a softened gaze. Look through your third eye in the center of your forehead for the real view. It’s time to stay aligned with your higher ideal.

4. Trust your instincts. The heart and emotional connectivity won’t steer you wrong. Not listening is the curve ball.


Here’s to seeing life in all its beautiful dimensions.


Cosmic sunshine to you.



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“Nine Steps to Jumpstart Your Passionate Present”

We are interesting beings aren’t we? We’re either consumed by the past or nervous about the future, seldom being fully invested in the present. That’s where all our anxieties and depression come in; past is where depression lies and anxieties pile up in some yet uncreated future. Worry, worry, fret and worry plus a lot of remorse, guilt, self flogging and beratement. What other species does that?

As an aside, the top smartest species beside humans are….chimps, dolphins, orangutans, elephants and crows.  There was one list that posted goats as number two, but sorry just not feeling it. Sorry to the goat herds. I can’t see any of theses species getting all twisted about their past or their futures as they are all currently residing in the now, the only moment present and available to them. They’re soaking up the goodness of being alive.

We could learn from our fellow earth travelers, I’m thinking, as we forget that simple wisdom.

I know I know, we’ve all heard about following our bliss, diving into our passions and our joys,  however so many truly don’t know what that means. They can’t find their drive or their motivating desires. For some it’s even difficult to spell the word passionate or joyous. However I believe each of us can obtain those feelings when we clear out the clutter. The clutter meaning all the emotional debris clogging our tanks. We become bogged down by debilitating feelings that wipe our energy reserves. We get lost in the daily dramas. Our immune system’s tank, our endocrine centers suffer.

What to do?

1. Stay right here, right now. Focus on what’s before you, literally. Notice the sky, the temperature, the lighting, feel your body. Be totally aware. (Most have difficulty describing how they physically feel or where the sources of energy, fear or pain actually reside as taking our bodies for granted is the norm. It’s time to embrace our physicality.) Focus on the deets.

2. Breathe deeply. Relax. Bless the past. Thank the future for having your backalways.

3. Send out Thank You’s in your mind to All the loving people in your life.

4. Send out Thank You’s to ALL the difficult people as they have been the best teachers. Love them for their incredible roles they’ve portrayed with their vast knowledge and expertise to teach great depths of wisdom on what to do and what not to do. Clearing the clutter essentially. Forgive.

5. Think about what are the things, ideas, and concepts that capture your attention.


6. See yourself exploring these vital topics, classes, informative subjects. Expand your awareness and knowledge. This activates a very positive emotional response.


7. See, feel, visualize how it feels to be an expert in these areas.


8. Now make it your very Powerful Passionate Present, by following the steps you designed for yourself to bring forth these creative aspects in your life.

9. Make them a reality.



Now love yourself enough to make the effort. It’s definitely worth it and quite honestly the world needs every ounce of positive happy love-vibes in each and every one of us.

If we all made it a priority to have one entire day dedicated to happiness with zero negativity we could change the world. Think on that. Better yet feel that inside our hearts. The possibilities.


Cosmic sunshine to you.





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“Today’s Takeaway: How to Create Your Own Eden”

I just got off a radio interview out of Seattle on KKNW, Loss and Found with Cathy Cooper. If any of you are dealing with loss of any kind, I’d recommend tuning in. Cathy has a very kind gentle nature always with the audience’s best needs in mind. She has a Facebook page and link to her show. She’s a terrific interviewer and is receptive to new ideas.


Her final question to me was insightful. We were originally going a different direction and at the last she circled back to this: “If you can leave the audience with anything what would it be?” Essentially the gist was this:

Woman with open arms by the lake on a background of mountains.

Everyday is a new beginning. Everyday is an op to choose the direction you desire most, whether it’s learning to cook Chinese or reaching out to old friends. Make the effort. See the magic around you by tuning into the beauty.  Stay positive; be mindful. Take responsibility for all your choices. No shame. No blame. Be grateful for the good around you. Love your body. Laugh. Step out of the past and into the present. Stay in the flow of your personal river versus systematically and automatically swimming against the current by doing the same ol’ rote everyday, (repeat repeat repeat, reload) or making poor choices and doing things that are incongruent with your core values. Love yourself. Be willing to accept change. Take action. Stand in your light. Be the light. When you do, we globally unite in spirit and create our cosmic garden. This is how you/we/I create Eden.”



Cosmic sunshine to you. ☀️



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“Our Thoughts Are That Powerful”

A young woman worried that her girlfriend wasn’t sharing enough time communicating with her got exactly the results she dreaded: her girlfriend stopped texting and calling, to the moment she feared most: breakup.

The flip of the coin:


A man in his mid fifties desiring a new job environment due to a cultural takeover, worried and fretted he was going to be blamed for departmental employee departures, was subsequently reprimanded and given notice.

The flip of the coin:


A young man on the plethora of today’s dating sites, is totally convinced he’s not ever going to have someone match up with him: you guessed it. The apps are quiet.

The flip of the coin:


A gentleman married for forty years is separated from his wife on a weekly basis due to current job changes, throwing a new curve ball into their relationship, that’d previously moved at a particular pace through the decades. He’s concerned she’s more involved with her job than him. The answer is…yes…his fears and worries are coming true.

The flip of the coin:


Here’s the kicker. If each and every one of them were to shift how they see things, how they view the horizon line before them,  focusing on the positives instead of the negative, the results would literally transform before their eyes.  It truly is like magic. It involves complete trust in ourselves the universe and the ones around us. Trust that what’s unfolding is in our highest and best good. Trust that love is the glue. Trust our intuition rather than relying on other’s opinions.

The truth is we’ve been taught to emotionally worry. Be uptight. To stress out over things that aren’t necessarily true until we believe them into fruition. Just imagine if our girl were to relax, trust and imagine her girlfriend communicating, sharing time, what would transpire?  If our career man were to relax, trust and embrace the community he’s in, appreciating the money he is paid, contribute his best skills, seeing his future bright with possibilities, what the outcome would be? Imagine if our young man were to relax, trust and see himself finding a fun, smart active companion, desiring to share his lifestyle, plan adventures, what would actually unfold? Imagine if our married man were to relax, trust and see his wife happy in her new job, content with the travel and thrilled to be home how much better their relationship would and could be?

Do you feel the difference? Do you see what I am describing? Most of us do the negative dance. If we were to only change our focus our results would be dramatically different. The key is we have to do it. As an example, I took an afternoon hike yesterday. The day wasn’t perfect; it was damp, gray and more wind than I would’ve liked, however I felt invigorated, grateful, happy to have the ability to get out and enjoy the outdoors, embrace nature. I literally thanked all the juniper trees as I walked by.  When we take the time to flip the coin, stay in the positive ‘what if‘s’ versus the negative ‘what if‘s,’ staying in the present moment, being grateful for all before us, our lives change. Like with me yesterday, it never rained the two hours I was on the trail.

What’s on our horizon line that we have the ability to see differently, notice the magic? When we actively make this a daily prerogative, a choice and focus, our lives will definitely be more in alignment.

Just saying…


Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“Mental Intercourse: Emotional Orgasm”

So…What turns you on? Seriously.  Yes I’m talking about sex though really not exclusively. I’m talking what seriously curls your toes? Makes you excited to get up in the morning, you can’t stop thinking about it?  Becomes the focal point of your thoughts? Is it love? Or..? Or other ideas and creations you’re passionate about? Passion is critically important to your overall feeling of value, of purpose in the world. It makes you feel alive. But today’s passionate topic is a brief exploration of sexual foreplay.

Sex ironically is what makes the world go round and is the basic creative element underlying the explosion of life on earth. It’s worth exploring the passionate side of it, what motivates the senses. 

Everyone is different of course.  Passion, the Stimulation that gets our mojo flowing, can come in many packages. It’s amazing though how many don’t know what it is, what passion means. Too many things have swept it under the rug. And I’m talking way beyond the typical, mostly male response of, “I just want to fuck her,” stimulation, that quick gratification. Is that really passion anyway or something more base?  It’s a compliment but also boorish. I’m talking honest intensity and passion that have the potential to be more than fleeting, based on something beyond lust. It’s this “something” that turns up the endorphins, kicks in the pheromones. It also turns on the love juices.

Personally, it’s mental stimulation, a fantastic enticing intriguing informative fast- moving alluring conversation, a charismatic debate, a sizzling discourse between people where ideas are literally bouncing off the ceiling, jumping off the floor, falling out of photographs on the wall. Innuendoes, double entendres, seductive word graphology.  It’s the creative process of melding provocative facts and sensuous ideas, manifesting magnetic concepts and richly interactive-electrical-connectivity. This chemistry seduces the mind. It feels like the intoxicating effects of a bottle of dark sultry whiskey. That smooth husky warm sensation heating the interior of my sensual mind. It’s like lighting a pheromone match inside my being. Mental intensity and fiery flirtation combine. Temperatures rise, laughter deepens. Mental intercourse.

Ironically intercourse is a synonym of conversation. So perfectly matched.


Because let’s face it. Sex is a mental game first. Why do you think so many women don’t have orgasms? Their mind-love juices aren’t stimulated. Sorry guys. It’s true. About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone — that is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances.”


Mental intercourse goes way beyond the bedroom. When two people make the concerted effort to stay mentally stimulated for themselves and then with each other, the percentages rise considerably on the connectivity scale. The longevity yardstick. That stimulation has far-reaching tendrils of confidence and independence enhancing the relationship even further.

Bonus material is when a woman’s mind is stimulated, where she feels valued and appreciated is when the emotional orgasm hits a home run into the outer fields of true love making. The fireworks go from the head to the heart. (See last blog on “The Age of Aquarius: The Magnificent Head and Heart Combo-Dance. It’s Begun.” That’s a macro view, this is the micro on the same topic seen through a different lens.)


This is what we aspire – to be more passionately aware, to be who we are capable of being, to reveal unabashedly our emotionally raw interiors. Be in our hearts. True Intimacy. Have our relationships mirror our strengths and weaknesses, ignite our passions, speak to our interior selves and connect us to the creative cosmos within our souls. This is the magical alchemical union fairytales are written about and most crave.

And that is why mental intercourse for me is a doorway, a portal into vast passionate corridors.

For you, your doorway could be something different. The key may be put away, hidden somewhere within your psyche, however it’s always there. Find it. Reach for your passions. They make the differences in feeling truly valued and alive.


Cosmic sunshine to you.☀️




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“The Age of Aquarius: The Magnificent Head and Heart Combo-Dance. It’s Begun!”

I love how the macro reflects the micro, the big picture the minute, As Above, So Below. It’s so incredible really when I/we actually look at the symbolism of everything instead of taking things so literally. Like all the ancient prognostications, they were referenced symbolically from Sanskrit to Zoroastrianism to Christianity to even Nostradamus. It’s just our natural tendency to see and take everything at face value when in the larger context the words, events, persons and experiences are symbolic of more complex cycles.

Astronomically as well as astrologically, we are in transition from the Piscean age into Aquarius. This is known as the procession of the equinoxes; it’s the backdrop of the night sky, the glittering star constellations that are earth’s wallpaper in cycles of 2160 years x 12, which comprise the Great Year of 25,920 years. The constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, rising behind the sun on the vernal equinox. We are in transition out of the sign of the fish, an emotional water sign, represented by Jesus being the Fisher of Men, indicative of Christianity’s 2000 year influence. Edgar Cayce in his trance work back in the 1930’s stated Jesus’s actual birth was the last day of Pisces, (the fish symbolically representing Christianity,) March 20, the last day of the last sign. Makes more sense when seen through this lens. (December 25th was Mithras the Bull’s birthday; the Bull cult was a huge religion at the time; an easy transition for the church to create new converts and followers into Christianity by making the birthdays the same. I mean seriously, who would put a newborn in a barn at the start of winter? Just sayin.’)


The Piscean era has been a cycle of bloodshed and war, killing, rape and tortures. This is probably another reason Jesus, an enlightened soul, came to usher in the cycle to help mitigate some of the atrocities foreseen from the cosmic astral levels. Unfortunately it didn’t unfold that way, instead sliding into debachery, manipulation, disempowerment and incredible negativity.


From my perspective this cycle from a historical overview is analogous to the Yellow Ray frequency represented in our Soul Rays, (See “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul” for more information) vibrating energetically to our third chakra, the seat of will power, self esteem, empowerment and disempowerment. This is something everyone on the planet is working through currently. Third chakra challenges show up every single time with every single person; self esteem, confidence, essentially “I am enough.” Pisces and the warrior Yellow Ray line-up perfectly as symbols of this passing cycle. The good news is it’s passing. Perhaps the next cycle of Pisces will see the unfoldment of the mystical and magical energies Pisces represents symbolically instead of its shadow attributes.

Many have heard the term moving into our hearts, a tool for understanding and appreciating our emotions, distancing ourselves from our overriding egos. This is a major key to the ascension process (read “The Ascension: The Probability of Humanity’s Separation and the Imminent Golden Age,”) guiding our paths and ushering us into the golden age defined by the transition from the Yellow Ray into the heart-centered Green Ray. This translates symbolically to the loving Green Ray energetically lighting up the earth, the Ray of our hearts, the frequency of relationships with all things, all life – essentially with oodles of love. Combine this nurturing Green Ray with an astrological influential attendance the next 2160 year cycle by Aquarius, the sign of cosmic and expansive thinking, global consciousness, the good of peoplekind and futuristic developments to supplement and aid positive progression… And we get Magic!


What is so exciting about this combination of energies is the Head/Aquarius-and-Heart/Green Ray combo-dance of loving intellectualism, intuition and expansive intelligence. This is simply the best powerhouse of married complexities, attributes, patterns, beliefs and energies. Just imagine this cosmic wallpaper’s patterns symbolically reflecting these loving energies to the earth, showering glittering green stardust specifically to each and every one of us, the possibilities of creating our lives everyday, with the universe’s assistance mirrored in the skies, our head-and-hearts combined, creating/manifesting our relationships, our careers/passions/ our optimum health throughout our lives. It’s exciting as hell.


And it’s here. This combo-dance of Head-and-Heart has joined…is the beginning of the divine marriage. Yes, we are in the beginning stages of the shift into Aquarius and the Green Ray, but none-the-less, it has definitely begun. We are part of this next grand shift. We can accelerate the process by using our heads combined with open hearts in everything, every choice, decision and turn in the road. Be actively aligned with the Green Aquarian Ray. Be the Shift.

As Above, So Below.


Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“The Ascension: The Probability of Humanity’s Separation and the Imminent Golden Age”

Ascension: The act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

I just read a blog about one person‘s perspective on the Ascension process. She has been actively integrated in this belief of the evolving human/earth consciousness, emotionally, physically and psychically for two decades. She has sustained many hardships and pain to do this. She like many light workers, has worked extensively in this arena projecting positive light ahead  for the future of humanity into the new Golden Age. There is one hiccup: As per her profession, she has from my perspective, carried this job like a heavy cross, the weight of the world on her shoulders, with her observations and views the correct version. That’s a tough job with a very weighty burden to bear –bare– as in ‘naked’ as in ‘alone.’ Her belief is 76% of the earth is evil and 24% is good. The good of the world is separating to create a new earth, a new world. They are ascending to a higher plane of existence. The lower vibrating earth will no longer ‘be.’ Since it will no longer be supported by ‘Upper Management’ this old negative, hateful, conniving, earth will simply disappear, no longer exist.

sunset tree sunlight nature background pictures Luxury Awesome Oaza Wallpaper HD Pozadine Wallpaper Pinterest

First of all, my love and support goes out to her so she doesn’t feel she’s alone in the physical. That’s a rough road. “No man is an island,” as John Donne so succinctly stated.  Second of all, I have a slightly different take on our evolving human consciousness.

This is my belief. You can take it in, agree, throw it out. Whatever works. We each get to have our own belief system, our own parameters. Work with our own experiences to fill our hearts and minds.

I believe we are holograms, individual realities that work together under the overarching theme – construct – of humanity, much like cells in our bodies. Each cell carries the divine blueprint of the body yet is singularly its own identity, a fractal of the whole. Like us. Each of us is our own reality, a fractal of the larger universe, yet linked together as male and female representatives of the human species, connected to the divine purpose of expansion. We as the creators of our own biosphere, have the ability to manifest our experiences, our realities, under the auspices of higher integration; “auspices” meaning under the authority of our cosmic contract, with Universal Consciousnesss endorsement. Our goal, our job is to expand consciously and co-create as humanity with the cosmos. Nothing is out of order even though from our earthly view, all we see is unbridled chaos. Remember though, we have all chosen unequivocally, to be here…now.


With that being said, we are exactly where we are supposed to be as every moment has led us to this second. We are evolving, albeit slowly, but we definitely are.

Understanding scientific principles of quantum mechanics, “Where we put our focus creates our realities,” is the cornerstone of evolution, how we expand, experience, grow. If we continue to direct our attention to all the negatives on every level we will continue to create more of the same. Therefore by directing our attention to the darkness, to those 76% “sad and depraved” souls who generate the hatred and vile corruption, we continue to help them/us do more of the same. Personally, I feel those supposed “76%,” are souls living in the absence of love, if we run with that particular number which I do not, and when shown better options, choices and directions will eventually choose a better path. Therefore in my scenario, there is no obliteration, just perhaps a longer road. I believe we need to reach out to all souls in love. Period. We don’t have to stay there, live in that environment however we can extend graciousness, kindness and most importantly, love.

We have the ability every single second to spin off positives realities. As several quantum physicists have postulated, there are 10 to the 100x power number of infinite probabilities.  We can also choose to stay in fear, worry and negatives: different probability factors and outcomes. Our choice. What this says through scientific intuition is we all can create this higher ascended reality –  though for some it might come later; but it will. Period. I do not believe for one single second – that a part of creation, a part of the magic of the universe – will simply disappear, no longer exist. That goes against science as well; all energy exits and can transform its composition and location but it doesn’t disappear: Energy Is. This obliteration postulation simply goes against all levels of divinity, not too mention science.  Besides when we go into that belief system – “I’m right, you’re wrong,” 25% or so of awakened population will ascend, the rest disappear, we step into judgement.

There is no wrong or right, just undeniably better choices

To ascend is to raise our own vibrations, our energy sphere, choosing through love and thought, self reflection, growth and change to be our best. It’s a simple course of action yet indelibly difficult to attain and obtain mainly because we have not been taught. And if we have been shown, as through the various teachings enlightened souls have taught throughout the ages, it gets thwarted, convoluted, poisoned and misrepresented. So, coming to full understanding of the co-creative process is a bit muddled and slow, yet we are in progress. I have faith.


Do I believe there will be a huge breaking off of humanity, one to prosper, one to be eliminated? No. Do I believe in junctures, separations, splits in directions, and various pathways and probabilities? Absolutely. Will these various timelines eventually converge? Converge and commingle at a higher state and level of consciousness? Yes. I believe strongly, we personally can create the world we desire, ascend to a higher plane. I also believe loving every single living energy field is the doorway, the portal to achieve this location, this vibration in the cosmos. For me, there is no other path.


Cosmic ascension to you. ☀️




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