*This is How We Create Our Optimum Future

*This is How We Create Our Optimum Future

I had this great ah ha moment the other day. Prior to Covid, it was easy for me to dial into future concepts and timelines for individuals as well as an overall earthly projection. Since Covid, (please seek out any Dr. David Martin interviews for the truth and history of what’s been perpetrated on humanity) time has become incredibly squishy, and you don’t have to be a psychic or a rocket scientist to feel that to be true. Memories have become jagged, time is scrunched and compressed. It feels like we have five hours in a day.

The ah ha I had was, after the lockdowns and mass global fear impregnated into humanity’s belief system, people stopped feeling optimistic and projecting into a positive future timeline. I think that’s why I had been seeing future probabilities as more murky and actually foggy. Not that the future is foggy, it’s that’s we individually, as well as collectively had been creating an indecisive forecast for ourselves. In not focusing on positive future probabilities – imagining what we’d like to create – instead focusing on what we don’t want, the “what if’s” such as what if I die? – generated the time-bog, I’d been seeing.

As group consciousness focused on the fear, the future timelines being created were incredibly murky, mixed and not solid, much like the concept of purgatory. Essentially, humanity had moved into a lateral drift. However we are smarter than that. We are not going under the waves once again. We didn’t come back just to learn to swim.

However, I know and feel unequivocally, humanity has crossed the awareness threshold, the wake-up-and-smell-the-roses gateway, the spiritual frequency of consciousness vibration, to create a productive, positive, evolved future. This has happened due to each individualized soul who chose to be here and clear their personal fog, clean up their karma and debts and shift old patterns and beliefs. This has occurred with the help of higher dimensional beings here to help and of course, Source Energy. For eons this planet has lived under the spell of darkness. That too is shifting due to each of you light workers helping to raise your own vibrations by focusing on the good, seeing the oneness in all things, all life. We have turned the timeline-corner because of each of us and are now vibrating in the Light.

We have much work ahead to clear out the old that no longer supports a bright and evolved future. We are in the beginning stages. Everyone has their job to do. (Timeline wise we are at the end of a major epoch, the long year, the 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of the new projection in Aquarius) Each one is called upon to recognize we all have a place in the wholeness, a knot in the grid, a light in the dark to shine, to bring this magnum opus, this piece de resistance, this achievement, into form.

I want to thank each of you for your brilliant part in this passion play – as we are all passionate about this beautiful planet we are fortunate to inhabit. *Please keep focusing on the best and brightest now as that will actualize the future we all truly desire of bright sunny days for all life on the planet.

Cosmic sunshine to each of you.

With love,


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“Living in Eden”

The garden is up to us. Actually it is us. We have to be it, live it, create it. Visualize a beautiful garden around you, flowers, trees, stone paths, birds, animals, whatever you’d like in your garden. You’re the architect. You’re the center, the light feeding the arena. The light is so vast it spreads beyond the barriers of the garden, casting away any darkness overshadowing your energies.

This is the connection to Source. Begin your day and end your day in this space.

It’s how we change the world.

We are stardust, we are golden,

We are billion-year-old carbon

And we’ve got to get ourselves

Back to the garden.

Joni Mitchell

Cosmic sunshine to you☀️

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Have you ever wondered if we are stuck literally in this cyclical process of repeat repeat reload? The same situation comes up again and again because we haven’t figured out how to change the way we negotiate and navigate the curves. It’s like being in one of those problem-solving games where the walls start coming in to spur our get-out-of-jail-free card, however the ‘free’ is never part of it. We always have to use our skills and wits. It reminds me of the trash compactor in the first Star Wars, where Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker had to frantically discern what to do before they became mincemeat. In other words, they had to save themselves.

In my view, there are ways to stop the cycle, break the glass ceiling on old perceptions. They’re not free though- we actually have to be intentional – and guess what? Do them. Essentially in so many ways, humanity has become lazy, expecting the government or some organization or family to do it for us. Hahahahaha 🤣 There are no saviors. We are it.

When we feel frustrated, depressed, unmotivated, angry, lethargic, the emotional ad-infinitum circle, we are definitely stuck in a cycle, then it’s time to reset. Change the vista. Break the ceiling.

1. Visualize hiking a trail up this beautiful mountain. You are nearing the summit which contains the clearest vista. This vista is where you have clarity and your best answers. (You have to literally go there in your mind on a regular basis.)

2. Drink clean water. Filter it. All the fluoride and other toxins added in the water have calcified our pineal gland, our connection to Source, to the Divine Universal Spirit. We need to break up the calcification, break the glass ceiling on our cell tower. There are also specific tools available on breaking up the encasement around this gland. Seek them out. Visualize with intention the clean water chipping away at the calcification as well.

3. Start loving everything. Seriously everything. Starting with ourselves. Harder than we think. 😉😳 When we love there is no resistance. When we resist – things persist. We also have the ability to break the cycle of control and manipulation that has been perpetrated on humanity for ‘ever.’ All of our fear, worries, anxieties and negativities add to the “power” of control and manipulation. When we love things instead, it negates the negative and removes the fuel of oppression and gives us back our self respect and humanity. Essentially our sovereignty.

4. Visualize the earth’s firmament as a dome, our glass ceiling, our illusory matrix, like Jim Carey in the Truman Show. Through repetition and awareness, observing the little things, he was able to discover the door to freedom. That is our journey- discovering the freedom portal, shattering the dome of illusion, by non compliance to the system. Walking out the door or throwing rocks till the glass shatters and we are once again truly connected to our spiritual awareness.

5. Appreciate the world we live in, all the while knowing there is one overlaying ours of ultimate beauty, gorgeous and colorfully magnificent in scope, waiting for our focus and attention so we too can participate. See yourself there.

And love everything.❤️❤️❤️

Cosmic sunshine to you☀️

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“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”

When I finally saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight in some Salem theater, fans had been watching it for quite some time throwing popcorn and dancing in the aisles. I was behind the eight ball in popular trends of the day.  Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed with the hype. In fact, the best part of the entire movie in my estimation was the theme song. “Let’s do the time warp again.” The crazy sad part is little did we know when the movie came out how real the whole nonsense was and is with cannibalism, Adrenochrome, and Satanic ritual.  However that is not the subject of today’s blog. For those who are unaware of these issues, please consider doing some research.

We live in a multi verse. I totally believe this though I know many do not. That’s okay. To each his own. I believe we have the opportunity to create and manifest and be part of the whole cosmic dance. Within this framework of thinking, I believe we have multiple options, a zillion pathways in the “multiverse”from which to choose. Remember in the first Matrix movie when Neo speaks with the Oracle, the door opens and a gazillion doors open behind it? That’s how I see reality, the multiverse. The question is, which one of these doors do you/I/we want to open, which door leading to a particular timeline do we want to participate?  

When things are going sideways or a particular story is being perpetrated in the news and the media, or there are relationship challenges that have hit a brick wall and I do not resonate with, I choose consciously to move timelines, to step into a positive pathway of creation. I choose to do the Time warp again and move over into a timeline where that particular negative nonsense does not exist. I literally take a step to the right – to be on the right road – the right path- in the right timeline – with the right intention.

Remember, we have an over-arcing timeline construct where 8 billion souls reside. Under that umbrella each individual has their own particular timeline, the reality they have co-created with the universe. All we have to do is look at siblings to see how timelines can be so divergent even within a family yet alone across countries and cultures. Each soul comes in with an agenda, a timeline of focused attention of experiential events. 

We have the ability to step into the reality we desire when we consciously, with clear intention, make that our reality.

 My invitation is to try this short exercise. Literally, consciously, with intention, pivot to the right physically with your entire body, and see a new timeline opening up for you,  a new doorway, a new pathway. The key is to start paying attention like Sherlock Holmes, to the little reality changes. You might be surprised at the things you discover. People change, things aren’t  where they are supposed to be, a negative neighbor becomes nice. It’s fascinating, exciting, fun and liberating.

“Let’s do the time warp again.”

Cosmic sunshine to you☀️

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“Reconnecting to Higher Consciousness: Your Job Should You Decide to Accept It”

I haven’t written since the whole Plandemic took earth by fierce storm. In so many ways I feel it disconnected our line of communication with our higher selves and our direct link to higher consciousness. I think that was the dark’s agenda actually. Much easier to control a population when we are disconnected from love consciousness. The good news is all of those dark filters have been cleared and once again humanity has the opportunity to not only raise its vibration but to be connected to the Oneness of all that is.

If you can identify with any of this, and are desiring that reconnected link once, again here is a quick tool to get you back on track:

See yourself as the sun in your soul-are system. Pluto is where your boundary of light ends. This is your personal soul-ar system your personal soular light. Within this circle of light, draw an axis line from below your feet in Gaia/Eden, through your heart, extending up through the cosmos to the central sun of our galaxy. Draw the light beam back through the stars and asteroids and meteors and cosmic light, back through your crown anchoring the light connection with All That Is, in your heart. This is your connective beam. Learn to stay here and navigate your life roads from this point of origin.

When you stay within this light frequency even in times that are troubling, your connection to Source is always available. You are connected to and within the Oneness. You can create from this level of internal connection versus externally. As an example when we pray, that is an external motion. When we go within and align with our natural self, our connection to Source energy we have freedom to create and manifest the world we desire.

Your job should you decide to accept it is to stay in your light alignment, to be in your soul-ar system.

Imagine the world we can create. It has the potential to be incredibly magical.

Right now the Earth needs our help- we need to clean up every system on this planet-financial/banking, the media, medical, agriculture, transportation, education, ad infinitum. It is our job, not some savior, not some politician, it’s ours. We are literally moving out of the Pisces epoch of 2160 years into Aquarius. That means it’s about humanity and not saviors and governments or religions to save our asses.

When each of us is in alignment we can move mountains.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

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“Looking for a Purple State: Updated”

Originally written in 2014

We live obviously in the information age however we are also given so much disinformation it’s overwhelming. How big is Ebola? ISIS? MERS? (Covid, BLM, Antifa) Is China trying really to take over the Federal Reserve? (China taking over the world through bioweapons?) How soon will we lose world currency status? (The total meltdown of the global economy) Will the upcoming US election make any difference what-so-ever in our imminent slide into bankruptcy? Is the new universal health care law really going to save us or sink us? Are the evil Democrats going to slide us further into socialism or are the sinister Republicans taking us back decades in human intolerance? CNN ~ FOX information wars. A little truth here, mass mis-information there! It’s so bi-polar it’s crazy! Us versus Them. You versus Me.

Weeding through the social and political hubris and debris without a weed-whacker can be a bit of a challenge. It’d be easier to ignore the entire garbage heap, bury our heads, let the weeds and vermin take over (very much like ….hmmm…reality) and live in ignorance, however that doesn’t serve us either. Information is empowering; we can make good sound decisions based on information. Expanding our knowledge base is the best direction combined with intuitive guidance. Now you’re talking smart.

To disentangle from the negative polarizing jungle, make sense of the mayhem, what if we were to create Purple? An alternative clever societal construct we can design, build and live in which is productive, proactive, civic, supportive, environmental, serviceable, imaginative, loving, nurturing, abundant, independent, inventive, exceptionally wise, combined with strong fiscal responsibility. This society honors each other, has reverence, is spiritually abundant, trust worthy, caring, and fun. One which services its people by Empowering them, not making them slaves to welfare, government services, unexceptional education, pharmaceuticals, (vaccines) horrific insecticide laden foods, excessive obtrusive taxation, which disempowers the masses. Think Purple!

Yep, that’s right. Purple places, purple people, purple states. Purple is a great combo dance of calming Blue and energetic Red, of Democratic ideals married to Republican financial accountability. Doing by being responsible, abundant resourcefulness coupled with intelligent inventiveness. Purple.

Visionary enterprise, talented entrepreneurs, sustainable capital. Purple. Working with nature, not against her: Purple. Ingenious architecture, nutritional foods, deductive reasoning and brain-enhanced education: Purple. Healthy families: Purple. Healthy communities: Purple. Healthy states: Purple. Healthy nation: Purple.

A nation where victim mentality is in the rear-view mirror instead of taking center stage with a badge of honor. A nation/world where the sovereign rights of every individual takes precedence. A nation where taking personal initiative and responsibility is the norm. A nation/world where we love and respect our family, friends, neighbors and initiate support and help.

No more “you verses me,” “them versus us.” No more Elephant against Donkey, no more Red contrary to Blue. Purple, a blend of ideals, attitudes, beliefs and constructs, where we can live in harmony, in peace.

Here’s to being in a State of Purple, a state of Grace.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


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“It’s Time to Clear the Air”

I don’t know about you, but I feel one of the negative mantras for 2020 has been “I can’t breathe.” “I can’t breathe from Covid.” “I can’t breathe from masks.” “I can’t breathe,” from George Floyd, and now here on the West Coast, “I can’t breathe from all the smoke.” Personally, I feel it’s time to clear the air.

This is just up the road though the air has been much much worse where I live.

All of this oppressive suppression is leaving an indelible mark upon society as a whole. It is creating depression, anxiety, family arguments, abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, separation, murders, arson, desecration and destruction, shaming, blaming, an absolute shit-show of division. From a spiritual point of you, I really feel it is time to clear the cosmic air.

A great place to begin to “clear the air” metaphorically as well as emotionally is from a personal practical level. We can take time to look within our own backyards, our own family relations, our friends, and assess any connections that have been divided. It’s time to clear the air with honest communication and throwing the white flag. If need be, we can agree to disagree and work towards a common goal, as it’s better to be united then divided. By clearing the air with honest healthy communication not only do we make our bonds tighter, we energetically start sharing that positive energy with others.

Because in truth, it always begins with us.

Any positive shift within us can be felt by those around us. This is a non-stop repeating refrain, we have to be the change we want to see. Take time to clear the air, breathe deeply with positive intention. Breath work fortifies our physical selves, improves our immune systems, and energetically clears the space around us. Balanced and love-charged space encourages others to clear their space, unite the divisions, and let go of prejudices and backstabbing.

The only one to rescue us is ourselves.

Clearing the air connects us to nature, to our bodies and to each other.

We are on an amazing time-line course correction. So much dark history is going to be disclosed. Just wait till 2021. Whoa baby! Being prepared ahead of time for the truths that are going to be revealed, will give us a leg up, a (soul’s) Scout’s backpack filled and ready. This is why it’s paramount to clear the air and space around you now. We will be called upon to be of service, to assist those in need of emotional and spiritual support, and help transition us into new higher awareness. Yes this includes You Lightworker!

Clearing the air is essential in our evolutionary leap.

Please participate, do your part and play a vital role (rather than be complacent) as we move through the eye of this cosmic portal into our best possible time line where humanity is free of the darkness that has encased us for thousands of years.

Clear the Air.*

Cosmic sunshine to you.☀️


*Repetition, as in a good mantra, helps seal-the-deal, within our consciousness, keeping the mantra forefront in our thoughts.🌹

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“What Really Is Your Truth? Have You Truly Asked Yourself that Question?”

Here’s a question for you: “What if everything you’d believed was truth, was actually a lie?” How would you react? What if all the facts and figures and subjective factors were right in front of you to confirm a bigger truth, yet were opposite of what you’d always believed in, had been told was the truth? How would you feel? Would you be willing to change and shift or believe in the new vision or would you say rooted in your old paradigm, your old beliefs? 

I think these are valuable questions.

We all become so very rooted in our beliefs based on ironically, other people’s opinions and thoughts that have been grilled into our subconscious, we forget to challenge the paradigm. How many of our actual beliefs are our’s based on experience, intuition, information, research, trust and knowledge? This is known as Wisdom. In essence, we forget to look up and see the stars and sense where we are on the cosmic map, our personal emotional-belief-laden map.

Right now we are at a pivotal point in history. This ironically is nothing new. These turning points happen literally every 25,920 years. Essentially 26,000 years. This is known as the Grand Year, based on the Mayan calendar. Divide that in half, every 12,960 years. Divide that again into quarters, 6480, 3240,1620 years etc. 12,000 years ago was the end of the Ice Age. That’s when we had mass flooding globally. The ice caps melted, the Missoula flood, originating out of Alberta, came barreling through Montana creating the Columbia Gorge between Oregon and Washington. For those who believe in the bigger picture, this is also the time when the last of Atlantis went under the waves (in one particular timeline.)

6480 BCE we were at another cosmic juncture, moving out of Cancer into Gemini in the skies, known as procession of the equinoxes. This was a period of change, movement, housing development and agriculture. This timeframe saw the advancement of languages as we settled into the age of Gemini, known for communication.

Fast forward 12,000 years. The entire solar system is heating up, not just the earth. Our worlds are being throttled, emotionally, mentally and physically. Social norms are being upset. This is a human cataclysm in other words, a crashing of the elements, to begin the next circa, the new age. The truth is, we as human beings, on some level are a cosmic experiment. Are we going to continue our complacency or are we going to rise up, question the status quo, become engaged, utilize the best within us to create a world of unity? 

This is where our beliefs are being rattled. Shattered even. There are going to be some rather horrid disclosures being revealed and people are going to be asked to really look at these truths and ask themselves- ourselves- what is truth and what is not? As our icons and heroes fall, who do we look to for strength, honor, truth?

The answer is and always has been ourselves. We are the answer. We are the action. We know the truth even when it goes against what we have been told and taught is true.

Now is the time to question everything from political views and truths (especially when what is being propagated are untruths) to religious indoctrination. Ask yourself WHY you really believe in something? What is it based upon? Is it from your own personal experience and commitment to it from your combined intellectual, intuitive and heart connection? Or are your beliefs based on a lifetime of givens within the family unit, community and peers? Time to question. Time to assess your inner space.

Know we are in the giant state of flux. Trust when I say what is coming will not be easy for many to swallow and believe. Even with this said, it’s been foretold only 20-40% of the real truths will be told as most could not manage or deal with the atrocities that have been played out behind the scenes, in Hollywood, in D.C., in the media, sports and within the D.U.M.B.S, deep underground military bases. 

Ask questions. Research. Go beyond the narrative. Be like Buzz Lightyear and Go to Infinity and Beyond. This folks is our future, especially when we embrace our part in the narrative. 

What’s your part? 

Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“All Timelines Are Leading Us to One Giant Intersection: The Awakening”

What an amazing intersection in time. It’s like we are at this giant intergalactic X, stamped out here in the cosmos, lit up by stars and galaxies and cosmic dust, while the higher dimensional beings hang-out with popcorn and pillows, hugs and support, as we go through this global paradigm shift. There are many different intersecting X* roads (layers of reality-creating vibrations) of beliefs, thoughts and histories that are merging the timelines into a singularity energetically, at this cosmic arch/arc in time. (I know, I know, it sounds like a lot of woo-woo mumbo-jumbo.) These diverse timelines are commingling into something larger, more expansive (the over-arching matrix or theme or patterning) that cannot be evaded, reversed or avoided: The awakening of consciousness and the realization of higher truths. Some call this the Ascension process, some call it “The Great Awakening,” some call it the apocalypse, even Revelations, in other words,“It’s Biblical.”

Inner-section: being or located further inside, an inner room: We are being called to go within our selves to trust our guidance and accept our sovereignty.

Inter: defined as between, among or within. We are being called to be among our fellow earth travelers (not apart and separate) as well as going within to find our soul’s inner treasures.

Section: more or less distinct parts into which something may be divided. We learn to recognize the multiple aspects (sections/archetypes and their influences) of ourselves within a lifetime as well as knowing of our multidimensional selves.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of beliefs, it doesn’t really matter. Truths are being revealed as the cosmos and higher guidance are accelerating, amplifying and assisting the process. Whether we as humanity like it or not, we will wake up. And obviously the process right now is incredibly painful. The world that we have known has reached this intersection where we get to choose where we want to take this awakening, our new timeline, this consciousness shift.

Imagine the streets of Paris. All roads lead to the center, to the Arch. Imagine this arch as a portal, a portal leading us to a new way of thought and consciousness. Whether you sit in the center looking out from the Arch or are on one of the roads leading to its center, it’s just a matter of perspective; you’re in the right space dimensionally and place spiritually to participate in the party. Paris’s beautiful intersection at the Triumphal Arch excellently portrays visually what is happening to us currently. All roads are aimed towards the center, the zero point. All roads and timelines are leading to awakening

The world’s conflicts are generated and created by the various energies behind the timelines, ie., the yin the yang, the positive the negative, the shadow and the light. These conflicting polarized energies are like a game of ping pong, going back-and-forth, back-and-forth, until one finally hits the net, neutralizing the game. It’s in the neutralization that we can come to agreement and step forward through this portal. The bottom line it’s up to all of us to participate, take action, feel inside our hearts what truly inspires, motivates and propels us forward in service to others. 

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

– John F. Kennedy

Best news we all agreed to be here. Thanks for joining in. In the meantime, have your cupboards full of popcorn and new running shoes in the closet. We all need to be ready when we are called to assist, help and participate from whatever vantage point we have.

Cosmic sunshine always.

*X Factor: a variable in a given situation that has the potential to have a significant impact on the outcome.

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“Are We in a Simulation? A Mini-Series Gone Postal?”

What a rollercoaster! Even though we have been sequestered, we can’t help but feel the events and energies of what have been going on around the globe. Pure craziness actually if you really look at the scope of the various factions that are shaping our realities:

Rioters, terrorists, Antifa, Covid, lockdown, social distancing, pedophilia, human trafficking, Hollywood/Pedowood, One World Order, Republican, Democrat, the election, fake news, hypocrisy, the WHO, corruption, Epstein, Bill Gates, Fauci, vaccines, fascism, communism, democracy, socialism, Zionist agenda, communist manifesto, permanent martial law, BLM, All Lives Matter, George Floyd, faked death, crisis actors,Q, conspiracy, bankruptcy, unemployment, indictments, suicides, depression, spousal abuse, child abuse, masks, military tribunals, skyrocketing debt, eclipses, solar conjunctions, gun sales, spiritual warfare, Luciferian agenda, satanic rituals, the Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, follow the White Rabbit, Follow the Money, white privilege, desecration of property, monuments, CHOP, shootings/killings/murders, rape, the Vatican, the Royals, New King John III, dismantling the police, shaming, hatred, WWG1WGA, WWG1WG1WORLDWIDE, GEORGE magazine, war in Turkey, Libya, Egypt, possible collapse of world’s largest dam in China 400 million people at risk, Biden’s senility, Trump haters, treason, Obamagate, Adrenochrome, censorship, cannibalism, trafficking tunnels around the world, UFO’s, alien disclosure, Age of Aquarius, JFK Jr, Barr impeachment, sovereignty for all,……..and these are just the current “right now” events. 😱😱😱

and…Fourth of July, full moon, lunar eclipse.

Whew?!? Have I missed anything? 

Are we in a simulation? A TV reality series gone amuck? It FEELS so surreal. Are we really experiencing these various story lines being played out?

“For a million dollars, and Your answer is……,” YES.

Why, right? Why is this happening? What’s my part? What do I believe? This is all nonsense, this is all real? I don’t believe in conspiracies. Are they conspiracies if they are true? Great questions all.

The truth is we create our personal realities and yet we also live under a group consciousness reality. Our group consciousness reality is cleaning out all the stuffed and buried darkness, emotions and behaviors that have been buried for millennia. (We are in the final throes of moving out of the Age of Pisces and victim agenda, into the Age of Aquarius, the age of humanity and sovereignty for all.) Like anything, the outward events are symbolic of what is going on within ourselves. You might have noticed this in your current life; memories, experiences, emotions from your past, surfacing. Fears you thought gone coming to the forefront. Fear of death, fear of suffocation, fear of destitution, fear of isolation, fear of being victimized, fear of of of….. ironically, this is a good thing. By bringing those emotions to the surface, we can clean them off, look at them with clear vision, thank them for their teachings, and transmit them with love and light into the ethers. This is your part. Each of us, when we take responsibility for our misaligned energies add to the collective rebalancing.

Ho’oponopono Prayer

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you.

You can choose to believe any of the story lines or none or some. Your choice. I’m a believer that everyone has a right to their own beliefs. My biggest invitation is to address no matter where you sit or reside, your inner fears. When your spiritual aligned courage takes over, your self-confidence, self-esteem emerge to the fullest, you have gained sovereignty in your life.

My other invitation is to research, read, dig into stories you’re not familiar. There are multiple truths coming to LIGHT. They’re not pretty, however exposure to Light will shift and change the collective’s future for the best and brightest possible timeline. We create the possible future timelines daily. It’s up to each of us to create what we desire.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


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