“Love Is the Answer but What is the Question?”

And the question is….drumroll please….


”Why? Why isn’t love enough?”

On the major Love Day of the year, why question “Why isn’t love enough?” What’s your point? Love bliss is wonderful, awesome, right? Because Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to ask, observe and discern the answer. When we do, we can change the question. Today is the special national/global day of Love awareness.  We take a break from our demands and expectations, put aside our differences and focus on the love bliss of possibilities. They’re real by the way.💕

We reach inside ourselves, into our connections and relationships and see the best in each and everyone. That is truly the answer. But the question, “Why isn’t love enough?”  arises out of the quagmire of daily lives, when love isn’t the panacea for everything. When responsibilities override the love, where demands take full frontal attention, and our dedication and devotion to our loved ones takes a backseat. When that happens love isn’t enough to override the daily situations as our focus has wavered. Our focus of seeing and feeling the best in each other. We get cranky, resentful and eventually distant.

But the truth is, love is the answer. Always is. 💕


If every day were a Love Day, where our attention(s) to our partners, family and friends were laserbeamed with love, high regard, respect, honesty, support, dedication, open direct dialogue, kindness, positive attitude, understanding, balance, humor, awareness and appreciation – essentially seeing the very best in each other – imagine the possibilities!! Oh what love bliss there would be!?!  It would be Cupid’s fairytale, his heaven. He and Pysche would rejoice.


So the real question is, “Why don’t we celebrate everyday as Love Day?”

Because we get lazy, essentially falling off our mark, lose focus and our aim, shooting vital love arrows off target into a myriad of distractions.

We create our reality. We create our stories. We all desire daily Love Day where we regard and honor and love one another. Each and everyone. So why not stop bitching and complaining about politics and governments and traffic and global warming and the sky falling in and essentially each other, and raise our aims high? Shoot love arrows instead of vitriolic hate? We can literally change the world when we do. It begins with each of us every single moment of every single LOVE day.

Because LOVE was and IS always the answer.



Cosmic sunshine to you.




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I was reminiscing…

We rendezvoused in the rugged alpine 

at that renowned romantic inn known for

it’s ritzy understated highland charm.

You strode in, rugged and rakish 

with that evocative look that said everything 

yet revealed nothing.

I recall the radiant smile that transformed your features

to reassuring and receptive;

my reflective mood assuaged, I relaxed a bit.

I resolved that no matter how refined, robust and rousing you were,

I would be rational and reasonable in the swell of your raffishness.

My resolve though real, dissolved the moment your eyes met mine.

You said I looked ravishing and resplendent in my ruby-rich dress

and rewarded me with a soft revealing kiss.

Your emotions rarely seen were laid bare.



Another taste of my ‘alphabet soup’ word explorations.

This one is for St Valentine: “He’s breaking hearts all over town.” (Reckless Kelly)


Cosmic sunshine to you.



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“I Am Stardust”

36E9D74B-D57A-4CB8-B7FF-E667C2F82F48Crossing timeless cosmic corridors

the Milky Way beneath my feet,

I wander through super novas, ride comets,

listening to black holes hum their tunes in the darkness.


I mingle in galaxies

dance with stardust

giddy with pleasure

glistening in the light of the universe.

I make my way to the far edges of time and space

transcend a planetary portal

a stargate

floating in the skies.

I arrive.

Dusting off the star glitter

immersed completely in the magical physicality of earthiness

I rejoice in the rich fecundity before me

sexuality in every corner of creation.

I am stardust.

I am human.

I am grateful.



Cosmic sunshine to you.



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“What Would You Prefer to Turn On?”

The other night I was given the proposition: What would you prefer? Turning on the TV or being turned on? Now I realize that’s a personal thing, a personal question. Sex is about intimacy, so you don’t need to hear about mine. Yet it’s incredibly important at this current time in our changing world. Ironically too, discussing sex doesn’t seem like something that would be at the top of the spiritual hit list yet ironically the opposite is true.

First of all, before I get into the real spiritual dynamics, it’s all too easy in a very busy world to turn on a movie than each other. We come home tired from the day, sex the last thing on our minds. Yet….if we were to take that special time with each other on a very regular basis, our relationships would be more intimate, more connected, love enhanced. And sometimes faking the moment to get ‘there’ is not a bad option, if the end game is to relax and connect. Then the true possibility of changing our minds into a more-receptive-sexually-charged direction can happen.

But bigger picture here; how is sex connected to spirituality, to a more cosmic view on reality?

Back in our collective history, sex was honored, revered, enjoyed. It was about engaging the feminine dynamic into the equation, a mutual exchange of energy. The female was honored and respected as she was the giver of life. Women were the sages and mystics, the wise leaders of the clans. Sex was a natural extension of that special connection to the mysterious, the cosmos and the intuitive guidance that was adhered to in daily rituals.

Then times changed. The patriarchal society took over eliminating the matriarchal society of previous centuries. We lost our connection both spiritually and sexually. Pagans were wiped out for their beliefs. Their spiritual/sexual connections went the way of their belief systems, including our innately-natural, divinely-connected, masculine/feminine spark. Symbolically sex is the closest we ever come to divine creation, the orgasm mirroring the Big Bang of stardust and magic, shaft and receptacle, electric and magnetic, egg and sperm. Simply Divine.

And then it became evil. Sex was outcast. It became wicked, naughty, dirty. (Anything connected to paganism, any beliefs non-church related went bye bye. Bathing which was normal in the pagan world went the way of sex. Baths became a once a month ordeal if that. Can you even image?) We simply lost our connection with the alchemical orgasmic magic linking us with the cosmos. The church took away our own abilities to connect with the divine not only internally through intuition and with sexuality but they also interjected priests as our only spiritual conduits to Divinity.

The 1960’s sexual revolution helped reconnect us to what had been lost and pave the way for positive change and the sacred feminine to once again be uncovered. Since then feminine sexuality has been able to recharge and expand into embracing the inherent internal magic available. We also have the polar opposite with the multiple distortions of negative sexual energy running rampant on this planet. I’m not even sure some of you would even believe the degradation that is an undercurrent running across nation’s borders. Its’s really a nasty atrocity. But rather than go ‘there’ I’m here to carry the spiritual-sexual energy forward to ignite in your brains.

To change the world to its highest vibrations and evolve out of 3D and into the 5th dimensions, in other words the ‘ascension’ process, we have to hold the true vibrations of the divine masculine and feminine within ourselves and mirror it to each other. Sexually as well. These principles are the reflections of and to, our external worlds on so many levels. To name a few: day/masculine, night/feminine, sun/masculine, moon/feminine, right/masculine, left/feminine, electric/masculine, magnetic/feminine. Yin/yang. You get the picture. It’s the world of duality we live in, the dual aspects of male/female. To love each aspect, respect it and embrace the energies is how we heal. Not by depleting, berating, shaming, blaming, disempowering. Not be dispersing or muddying the true identities and/or frequencies of the principles. We are composites of both. That’s why we are in the mess we are: the fracturing of the principles on both sides of the fence.

So back to sex. Always look at how we are feeling about ourselves. Be clear with our sexual intentions. Always approach it from our highest ideal within as then there will be no recriminations, no bad lingering juju or bad karma. This is our opportunity to shift the planet one person at a time by honoring the sexual frequencies of both principles within ourselves and forcing the external world to reflect back the same.

To turning off the TV and turning on each other.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

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“What’ll It Be? Door Number one? Door Number Two? Door Number Three?”

Probabilities: the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case. The most probable event.”

Every single second a probable doorway opens. A possible reality. There are always a myriad of probabilities available to each of us. The key is what we focus on. Of course our favorite go-to-location is fear. The fear we are going to lose our job, are in trouble about something, have done something wrong, the constant what-if this or that, play out in our thoughts tumbling out of control like boulders down a cliff. Well…if you think and focus on negative scenarios, get into that spin, it will.


Case in point. Speaking with a client about his upcoming early review; instant fear of all that could be wrong became the upmost negative spin in his mind. He forgot in the mind-mixer the incredible results he’s garnered in his team’s arena.

“Which one do you want to happen? Where do you want to be? You can choose to be fired: one probability. You can choose to be recognized for your achievements: probability two. You could be offered a higher position and salary: prob 3. All options are available.”

Remembered realizations, a calming of the senses, breath easier. Clarity available as focus on good things appeared. Multiple probabilities opened up before him.

We all know what we want but then second guess ourselves and/or evaluate our own successes and/or failures thus determining the outcomes based on our projections and thoughts. We choose which doorway, which probability factor grabs us most.


How does that account for accidents? Other’s diseases? Like my husband’s cancer. I didn’t choose that probability however I stepped in it to support his time while there, strengthening my nursing/healing/companion skills. A balancing factor. An energy exchange. It’s what we do. Yes there are ramifications and fallouts from our choices and probability locations impacting those around us, yet at the same time we have the ability to have huge gains and successes when we embrace that path as well- example again; the caregiver, among many such options. Even something as single minded as recognizing peace and joy in life’s simplicities is a probability choice.

If we were to recognize and truly appreciate – to know there are multiple options to choose, a smorgasbord of various realties, in my humble view,  we have an even greater chance, probability – of choosing our best.

Because in the end that’s all we’ve got: to continue to evolve, grow and be our best version of ourselves, living our most sparkling radiant probability.

Cosmic sunshine to you☀️




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“To Be in This World”

You know the old saying “to be in this world but not of this world,” is often misquoted as a bible verse however it’s not ironically. It is applicable though to our daily experiences, the continuing dramas we become immersed in taking over all perspectives and viewpoints. When we become so entangled in the story we forget the larger picture, “to be not of this world.” We are definitely then “in this world” rather than distancing ourselves from the illusions we assume are our forever reality.

My go-to place is literally the top of a mountain, in my mind and physically. It keeps me balanced and honestly more intuitive. I realized over the last month of too much food and fantastic wine, activities and family fun, I had become immersed in the day to day story, rather like an ant’s perspective of life versus an eagle’s, not “going to my meditative-mind-mountain.” All the gluttony of chocolate and chips, wine and wine, made me feel dense and heavy. Definitely not cosmic and intuned. I was “in this world” literally.


I know uneqivically this is what happens to all of us. Between lower vibrational foods, alcohol and sorry yes even cannabis, and every other freaking drug, these indulgences lower our abilities to be more in touch with the amazing world and universe we reside in, not too mention distancing ourselves from emotional self reflection and deftness in staying out of the drama, choosing to be a sideline character rather than the star. (And yes, if you’re in pain or learning through disease then cannabis is a marvelous choice. I am an advocate for this alternative healing modality. Totally different choices.)

Most don’t truly understand the fuel we put into our bodies can make us purr like a Lamborghini or sputter and choke like a Pinto. Foods vibrate. We vibrate. The key is finding what is best for our personal vibrations and doesn’t lower or impinge them. We literally have the ability to live twice as long if we made different choices, our bodies are hardwired that way, however we are buried in limiting contrary beliefs.


Please think consciously. Everyday. To change the world we have to be the change. My repeating mantra. “Be in this world but not of it.” Climb that mountain and find a better view, a clearer perspective. Sit by water. See the symbolism in everything.

To a fabulous 2019.


Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“A 2019 Monthly Guide to Align to Your Highest Vibration”

Utilizing the cosmic forces to align to our highest principles here’s a intuitive glance at 2019 to help frame and guide the year for the best outcome. 💕


January: The month of Capricorn and Aquarius. Utilize their components and strengths to set goals and create opportunities. Capricorn’s business acumen, one step at a time attitude combined with Aquarius’s forward-creative-thinking can be brought into your personal fold to set the tone for the year: work/job/career focus. Add in peppermint tea and oils for brain clarity and decongestant from winter storms. Discover some new visualizations to expand consciousness, intuition, vibrancy. Make sure vitamin C is part of your journey.


February: Aquarius’s out-of-the-box view from deep space married to Pisces’s contemplative emotional vibe can spotlight personal relationships in all arenas to engage more interaction. Aquarius’s ability to disengage from negativity, change and shift plus Pisces’ emotional deep dive creates a balanced head and heart combo love dance. Think feel romance: essentially falling-in-love with life. Add in ylang ylang and gardenia candles and oils as love scents. Sandalwood body oil for romantic occasions. Drink jasmine green tea for the good phyto-vibes it provides. Join our trampoline group, get healthy: we jump in the evenings together from California to Washington to music or a series. It’s a fun interactive way to exercise in your own home yet stay connected. Let me know if you’re interested in joining our tramp team.


March: Pieces and Aires, a very interesting combo, the end of the cycle connecting to the beginning. The comforting and helpful Pisces’ emotional strengths mingled with Aires strong take charge “I can do anything” attitude creates a probing, emotionally powerful opportunity to look at the month through deep intelligence and wisdom. Remember to stay away from the drama and heat. The month will serve you better. Use rosemary oil for cognitive recharge in the bath, shower or body oil. Drink rosemary tea. Use pine or fir oils for winter body aches and rub on muscles in combo with peppermint oils. Write daily gratitude/appreciation lists to finish your day.

April: Positively applying some of last month’s Pisces patience to this strong Aires month has the ability to hit the target rather than jumping the gun too quickly on any project. Add Taurus’s security-sense into the mix and this month has the potential to secure the deal that’s been in the ethers; a work project, buying a house, a move to a new job, a marriage proposal. Strength+Patience=Rewards. Try lavender oil for patience, lavender candles to scent the air, chamomile tea for calming and frankincense for amplification of health as it stimulates the limbic part of the brain to overcome stress. Consider exploring new local locations from museums to galleries like a tourist.


May: If that new deal and/or change has been put on the schedule then May’s vibe is to trust this change has been incorporated into your matrix by your higher self. And if the deal is just change in general, go with the flow. Gemini’s ability to dart and flex provides perfect harmony to happily adjust to this beautiful new direction. Taurus’s energy loves the beauty of it all. Buy some flowers, enjoy spring hikes. Soak up the magic of the season. Try some lemon oil for stimulation and immune support, lemon in your morning water for cleansing and ph balance. Diffuse some mandarin or orange oil for added happiness stimulation. Try 10 morning jumping jacks that are backwards or opposite to reset your frequencies.

June: Taurus’s love of beauty floats into June to light the month with sunshine and color. Gemini’s charm of finding balance is your clue to seek balance in your own life especially if there are emotional strings or ropes pulling you too far in any direction, also a side diversion of Gemini. Add in Cancer’s deep love of family and emotional connections which strengthen foundations keeping the pendulum balance in check. Think: Beautiful Balance in Family/Friends/Relationships. Try fresh grated ginger as your morning tea and/or in foods for great digestion and high energy. Ginger is also a sexual stimulate so perfect for baby making energy. June is a great month for fresh basil in salads and or margaritas. Walk daily setting goals to extend the mileage weekly. Goal: become stronger.


High Octane Zen Retreat Weekend: Fantabulous Recharge Your Batteries and Intuition. Cascade Mountains, Washington. Contact me for deats.

July: Cancer’s typical response of ‘staying in it’s shell’ is your reminder to look in the mirror to see if you’re taking that approach to events and circumstances. Draw to yourself Leo’s on-stage leader-self, combining with Cancer’s deep caring depth and you’ll be able to crack that shell and reveal more of who you are. Be all you came here to be. Time to add fennel into your fresh salads, (good Cancer energy.) Use rose oil for harmony and well-being. Try a new summer sport: canoeing, dragon boating, paddle boarding, backpacking for the adventure. 


Come join me for my nature spirit class on Mt St Helens.

August: Proud, love-life Leo combines being-in-the-moment energy with left-over Cancerian introspection, to open the door into the pragmatic realism of Virgo. This is your reminder card to live in the now, not get lost in too many to-do’s and enjoy the beauty of summer. Practicality can step in at the end of the month as you transition into September. Try grapefruit essential oil for youthfulness and vigor, infuse the air with spikenard oil for skin regeneration after hot August days. Use argon oil on your face for beauty and calmness. Explore healthy summer recipes for high energy and ease.

September: Your practicality proves to be the best bonus of September as you navigate the multiple things coming your direction from every angle. Virgo’s ability to organize really saves the day. It puts you ahead of the game if you pay attention to details. By the end of the month, Libra’s ability to balance out the left over threads and pieces puts the shining glory on the month. Practicality+Organization+Details=Balance. Burn some sage for cleaning and clearing out the clutter. Drink hot lemon and honey. It’s the perfect time for an essential oil massage. Autumn adventures are happy rewards for the previous eight months of focus and hard work: make them entertaining, fun and insightful. Plan as many as you’re able from a day’s outing to a three day getaway to a full-fledged vacay.

October: This month could prove to have small to larger areas of conflict. Be aware. Libra’s tendency is to avoid conflict as much as possible, so utilize Librian energy to stay out of the fray and drama. Scorpio’s passion heats up the latter part of the month fueling creative fires for learning new things from calligraphy to Chinese, Mexican cooking to astrology. Combine cinnamon and honey in hot water as an immune stimulant. Light up the fire or candles scented with clove, cinnamon and apples. Time to create soups loaded with fresh herbs. Remember our trampoline network? Join us for the health benefits combined with new friendships.


November: Scorpio’s deeply held emotions spark desires within you to rekindle old talents, fire new friendships or romances. Trust what shows up on your doorstep in the form of creative juices or romantic ideas are there to ignite rich reconnections with your soul’s passions. This is exciting. Fall is the ideal time to pursue these hidden gems. Sagittarius risk-taking abilities help you leap when your natural tendency is to stay put. Jump! It’s time to fly. Infuse the air with clary sage for calming and dream stimulation. Drink a variation of green teas for immune support. Eat fresh fall veggies to keep your health strong and radiant. Join a yoga studio, a gym or download an exercise series like Beach Body or P90 to keep your remaining summer health vital.

December: Expanding your self confidence is December’s theme, driven by Sagittarius’s innate talent and strong commitment to do things themselves. This serves your need to expand your natural abilities. This can be in the form of saying “yes” when needed and “no” when it’s essential. You’ll end the month with Capricorn’s strong sense of responsibility and going above and beyond. This makes your heart feel glad you’ve gone the extra mile for those in need of your strengths and laughter. Burn a combo-platter of orange, cinnamon and lemon for joy and fir and cedar to connect with the natural world. Avoid sugar. Stay grounded. Give and accept Love. It’s the best remedy in the cosmos. End the year in great appreciation for the incredible adventure it’s been.



Love and Light. May your inner light continue to grow and expand to its fullest potential.

Cosmic light to all!






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