‘In the Beginning was the Word’

Society follows language or does language follow society? I believe both are true. Language defines who we are as people; words and definitions delineate the past, define the present and sharpen the future. The key is in the awareness, focus and understanding of the hidden meanings.

English, more than any other language has a plethora of words to describe our intentions, motivations, meanings, and ideas. With over a million words to utilize, scrutinize, analyze and wrap our tongues around, we truly have the ability to fully and succinctly express our emotions and challenges, awareness and joy. However in today’s culture, the idea-infusion of a limited vocabulary as ‘cool’ or exclusion of an expanded one, poor language skills and communication incentives, society is short circuiting itself. Isn’t this ironic when we have the ability to communicate with the globe minute by minute, our ability or rather inability to express ourselves is limited to soundbites? Too many sentences are filled with the F-bomb, wrong verbiage, (literally our verbs are being killed,) inaccurate pronouns, and the  lack of emotional connectivity with the preternatural meaning attached to the specific words as they enter and move in daily communication. Is this the demise of our current society?

In the book series by George R. Martin, ‘The King of Thrones,’ he creates for the inhabitants who live near the Dothraki sea, their own language. For the HBO TV series, David Peterson was hired to build a language based on several phrases in the novels, depicting and developing the Dorthraki as a fully thriving society with their own beliefs, mannerisms and construct. What Peterson realized through the process, (he developed the language prior to the filming,) was that the society evolved as the language developed, diverged and expanded. As the words came into form, the meaning and definitions floating and coalescing into solid energy, society merged with the lexicon and expanded from each point of word/symbol creation; something like the big bang, in my view. What is so fascinating is the evolution of mankind in all layers of growth, from security to emotional relationships is based on additional words supplementing our development. As in,  ‘In the beginning was the word,’ Genesis 1; the Big Bang, the Creation Point. Imagine the spark on the fingers of Adam as he touches God in Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Bingo, bango, boom; magic and stardust and evolution begins.

I believe the Bible in all its transformations and multiple translations never lost this key ingredient and creation point; to awaken our senses to a larger understanding of the mystery and mysticism of our language and place as sentient beings in the cosmos. I believe language is another tool of discovery and discernment into who and what we are and of our origins; (we’re still in the dark on that one.)

I believe we have forgotten eons of meaning, undercurrent and tone in our language. We use the same old 500 words and call it a day. In recognizing the spiritual implications of language development and the import on society as a whole, it is motivating and inspirational to study more beneficial and stimulating words to supplement the daily vocabulary, lacing it with provocative words of deep insight, great empathy and higher vibration.

I invite you to pick up a dictionary and/or an entomology dictionary. Be the treasure seeker. You never know what gems you will polish off and reveal, initiating new found spiritual understanding.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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