The ‘Hunger’

Life tends to fall into categories and subplots with many of us doing the same dance at the same time just in different studios. It’s always interesting to see what behavioral pattern is up and present at any given time-frame for us to recognize and change. Lately it’s been ‘hunger’ or hungering for something deeper, richer, and more fulfilling.

Unfortunately this usually appears in the form of food. We hunger for something richer and instinctively reach for the chocolate cake, cookies, sugary goodies and coffee nudges.  crepecake1.jpg image by mnbakeries Our bodies show us physically what we are craving emotionally. Good news it’s delightfully rewarding at the moment however the repercussions in the long run are not as positive. All those goodies impact our stomach, large and small intestines, colon, liver and overall digestive track. It triggers glucose/insulin responses charging our pancreas with explosive waves of imbalances.The meridians corresponding to those organs become jammed with toxins and the weightiness of heavier energy.

Now I’m not trying to be a Debbie-Downer (apologies to all my truly happy and buoyant ‘Debbie’ friends) however all we have to do is look at the obesity rate around us daily. It’s staggering. Being more responsible for what goes into our systems is the number one step of choice. This doesn’t exclude enjoyment of these decadent splashes of ingredients, spices and love potions, it is about identifying what it is you really crave.

All these instances where ‘hunger’  is the emotional component of the stomach meridian isn’t about food. Instead, it truly is about identifying and stepping into the deeply buried longing- the desire – for satisfying, valuable, honorable, full, fertile, sustaining, flavorful lives rich with love, vibrancy, family and friends. Events filled with conversation and connection. Visits with meaningful people. Trips of substance with learning as part of the package. This is what we hunger for, the connection to the greater aspects of being human. Connection with nature, animals, spirit and universal union.

Next time a rich gorgeous exquisite dessert comes your way, have one bite sending the sensations to your brain you are satisfied, content. This changes the emotional connection to sugar, the addiction,  and the deeply held belief of deprivation and lack of sweetness in your life. Reach deeply to your emotional core and sense where the hunger is, what it is connected to and take action to fill it. This is the key. You-are-the-action neccessary for the hunger to be filled. Only you. You are the resource. It’s easier to walk away from the high caloric treats when you gift yourself with emotional adventures, intoxicating conversation, intellectually stimulating learning, and fruitful time with loved ones. This is where the hunger ends and enrichment unfolds.

The waistline benefits too.

PS And if this is really challenging, think about filling your car at the gas station with pop. How far would it run on gallons of coke? Pepsi? That’s what it is doing to our bodies. It’s all about richness baby! Richness of being.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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