‘Ask Yourself: What Would You Do If You Were President?’

With tensions high and animosity at an all time extreme, determining the finer details of leadership and moral responsibility is worthy of everyone’s attention, even if you don’t have a political affinity or are steeped in historical perspective. Looking at facts without emotional attachment is also a requirement. Now the stage has been set, what you would do if you were the person in charge of the entire country? The job requirements are steep, a trip to your local hairdresser a must, as the gray hairs will appear daily from the continual stress of maintaining a large country filled with such opposing forces.

We forget we all live under one umbrella – the dome of freedom.  We are all citizens residing together to create harmony, united in our belief in our nation. It’s really quite simple. We want value in our lives, support from our local friends, family and services, we want safe neighborhoods, good roads, a dependable infrastructure. We want a thriving economy to reflect our needs of sustaining a happy home. We want religious freedom to choose what feels best for our souls. We want medical expertise to help us in time of need.We want the best educational system putting us back in the top five in the world. We want to feel free to experience adventures, activities, learn new exciting information, travel to where ever our hearts desire. We want creative outlets, artistic expression available, visible in our skylines. We want clean fresh air, countrysides filled with beautiful and healthy fields, fruits, vegetables, and sustainable forests.  We want balance in all areas. And well, if you don’t – you might be considered crazy, uncaring, an atheist, an unhappy terrorist. In reality we all desire the same underlying elements, even if it means our roads come from  different locations on the map to reach the same destination.

We are a nation of huge disparity, differences and ideals, yet we are united in the desire for peace, love and family. Peace in all guises, for all people. Even for our assumed enemies. If truth be told, I don’t feel one person truly desires war for war’s sake. If given the opportunity, the choice of living in joy verses living in terror is a human dream in every country.

Right now there is so much mud slinging it is incomprehensible. What blows me away is the behavior being explored by many of the White House. To me it is deplorable to see such manipulations arising. But this is nothing new. It’s been part of politics for eons. It is easy to site many examples throughout history. Socrates, Caesar, Mary Queen of Scots, Charles the First, King Louis the XVI, Napoleon, Lincoln, Kennedy and on and on.

From a spiritual perspective it truly comes back to us, the individual. We  need to see what or how we are living our own lives, being in accord with our highest visions for ourselves. When we live with integrity, we mirror it to those around us, spreading out like spilled water into every echelon, including the governing sector, which shifts our goals. We as citizens need to hold a higher ideal in our hearts for change to truly take place. Employ the belief that people are intrinsically good when they choose public office rather than believing it is always about power. (This one is directed right at me by the way).

So what would you do if you were the president of the United States? I believe if each one of us took the time to hold the thought, the idea of being in charge, in balance between the intellect and the emotions, it would offer better clarity and understanding to and for those who truly are in power. I also feel those thoughts would eventually impact the intentions of those in D.C. You see, I believe goodness prevails.

The one thing I will give to Obama for his four years in office, is his ability to rally people into political awareness. Not since the Vietnam War have the citizens of the U.S. been so politically motivated. It’s a great thing. It’s consciousness arising. I feel he’s missed the mark of living in his ‘light’ and following the grand design he’d set out for himself, instead being sucked into the muck and mire of destructive power.  That’s my intuitive thought, however I know it will piss off all those who believe otherwise. So be it. That’s what makes life special; we have a right to how we feel and believe. In the meantime, again what would you do if you were totally in charge?

Here are a few of my ideas:

1. Make Daylight savings time permanent.  Add an extra hour like it was done in WWII.

2. Abolish the Fed.  We do not need an organization of un-elected people deciding our fate and holding us hostage to their financial dictates.

3. Create a flat tax for everyone. Period. No loopholes, no exceptions.  Create a low flat tax for corporations, with incentives for green energy, and environmental upkeep. We desire a economic and environmentally rich nation; both can be achieved through unison and working with nature rather than against her. This brings our businesses back home so more of our people can be employed.

4. Decrease the IRS by 90%. We pay an exorbitant amount in taxes for this organization. With a flat tax the need for so many would decrease incrementally immediately with extra funding supporting environmental disasters.

5. Every government department would be downsized and organized by productivity. This would increase revenues for alternative projects. Each department would be run like a business, not government. This frees up millions in revenue to support funding for multiple projects aiding education, the poor and sick. (Check out facts and figures for example on the Department of Energy)

6. No government union employees would be allowed to strike. (Government workers make on average 22% more than the average non-government employee or employer with all insurances, investments and retirement.)

7. The U.S. would support through education,  nations of great needs.

8. We would withdraw from all wars.

9. We would strengthen our borders with intelligence,  brain power and man power, making it a privilege to come to America to live.

10. We would have a clear immigration law, using what is in place and allowing those who have been in the country 10 years to gain legal status by taking citizens requirements without fear of deportation. Those with fewer years have the first opportunity to apply for a Green card and be first in line to move here. Immigrants will be required to pay taxes for all the services they desire.

11. The U.S would be firm in stance around world, yet not involved in skirmishes and wars not of our choosing. Unless we are in harms way or have been attacked we will not go to war. Period.

12. There will be no GMO’s without labels. All foods must declare all products added. No exceptions.

13. Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, cleaners etc. will have to be reformulated into organic ingredients to preserve our natural environment and health.

14. All supplements and vitamins will be legal, though all  ingredients will need to be listed.  Government cannot take away alternative health sources. Individuals have the ability to choose for themselves.

15. Gay marriage is legal, with no special laws giving extra status. All individuals are part of the Great Cosmic Divinity. All souls have a right to love and be wed.

16. Marijuana would be legalized with government control and taxes applied. Laws would be similar to alcohol, making it illegal for minors. (Imagine the amount of taxes rededicated to something uplifting like  new bridges instead of incarceration? And I’ve never smoked a joint in my life.)

17. The right to choose: Abortion will stay legal, however with strict stipulations. No abortions will be legal after the first trimester unless the health of the mother is in jeopardy.  It’s a nice balance for both sides of the fence.

18. Strict adherence to the Constitution.

19. All Senators and Representatives will be subject to the laws they implement. Period. They are not above the law. When their commitment is over, due to being voted out or the two term limits is over, they will move back into the private sector to find a job with a severance of one year, not funding for the rest of their lives.

20. More laws will be put to a vote of the people rather than having 545 people decide the fate of the entire nation.

21. FEMA will do its job.

22. Guns will be legal, though no assault weapons will be available to the public. Period. Citizens can have rifles for hunting or one handgun but we do not need to be a nation of guns. Background checks will be strenuous and arduous.

23. English is and was still the number one language of America. All immigrants learned this a century ago, it can still be done today. Respect for other languages is standard and logical, but English is still the language of America.

24. Congress is required to balance the budget. If they do not, they lose their personal funding and job, being replaced by a special vote in their state.

25. The President is required to be dignified 365 days a year and be of the highest standards at all times. Impeachment is the penalty, swift and fast. He is also required to be at meetings of all foreign dignitaries, at military meetings, and for any disasters etc etc.

26. The President isn’t allowed to stoop to talk shows for popularity. This is the President of the United States. It is a high profile position which requires time and attention to detail of the highest regard.

27. The President is not allowed to use tax payer’s monies to support the campaign for re-election.

28. The President and First Lady are not allowed to use tax payer monies for vacations anywhere. They are in service to the nation, not to take advantage of power. They are paid a salary and can use personal monies for such. They are also not allowed to take an entourage over 15 on any trip on tax payers monies.

29. Our school system will be relegated to the states, giving them the authority to fire teachers like any other job. Teachers unions will not have the complete control. Parent and students will have the choice of charter schools.

30. Planned Parenthood will be dictated by the states giving each state the ability to choose for themselves if the citizens of each state want to pay for abortions or if it is the person’s personal responsibility. (Hmm, let me think on that one. I believe in personal responsibility)

31. The Federal Government is in charge of the nation’s safety and infrastructure of roads, freeways, bridges, all construction which unites the nation while local needs are the requirement of the states.

32. Health Insurance will be dictated by the states rather than the Federal Government and especially one who hasn’t read the thousand of pages written. Massachusetts is a great example of state health insurance.

33. The USA will continue to exude empathy and aid to other nations in need without the need for dominance and control for resources.

34. The US will be energy independent utilizing our own resources, both intelligently and conservationally  using our own gas, oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind, and alternative sources, putting millions to work. Economics and environment, working hand in hand.

35. Congress would be required to work in the middle striving for balance and compromise for the good of the country. No gridlock would be allowed for over six months. The problems will need to be ratified within that time frame or their jobs are in jeopardy.

36. No special committees will be implemented until everything is cleaned up in the departments already organized. The tax payers do not need to pay extra for what they have already voted upon.

37. The USA will work closely with our allies for a healthy earth.

38. The USA will work diligently with our enemies towards a unified field of thinking and consciousness, recognizing our differences, supporting our similarities.

39. Our National Parks would be a top priority to preserve and maintain their pristine conditions. The people’s working the parks would have support and monies for construction, rehabilitation, animal habitat etc.

40. Gold will be the standard, keeping the pressing of paper money in balance.

41. Banking will have strict guidelines, independent and not government owned.

42. The stock market will adhere to strict standards, disallowing futures speculators to generate large crashes in the market.  The taxes on all revenues from stocks stays at a flat low rate.

43. Personal ID is required for all voting. Voting will go back to paper ballots for security purposes.

44. Blood tests will be required by all 50 states for welfare.

45. etc……

I could probably write for the rest of the afternoon, however I think you have an idea of where I would love to see the country head. I know I’ve forgotten many things, however others don’t require mentioning as they are already in place.

My intention is to motivate your personal thoughts, perhaps even inspire you to consider working in public service, to clarify what is truly important to you in regards to running our great nation. It does impact you on every level on a regular basis. The more you are aware and involved the better America will be.

I realize the system is broken in many places, however it is what is. We need to work with what we have available at this moment. Vote. It’s important to keep your voice in the picture.

May you live in peace, prosperity and in joy.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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3 Responses to ‘Ask Yourself: What Would You Do If You Were President?’

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write a response. I put a lot of energy and thought into that piece, actually a great deal of how I think and believe is revealed. I so appreciate the feedback as it validates how I feel about where we are in this interesting time. I love the entire cosmic piece of why we’re here, however we still have to deal with the day to day reality of ‘what is’.

      I love your analogy too of cheap wine. I’m so happy you actually see the reality of the truth. Too many are caught in the hype and magic of what they would like to see rather than the what is.

      The best to you. Cosmic sunshine,

  2. TB says:

    Nice work. The Universe is a great place. This level of eternity is about connecting with people and managing adversity. Barrackniphobia is like drinking the same cheap wine from a new bottle. Best regards.

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