“Bigger Pieces of the Multi-Tiered Truth: A “Walk-In” Experience”

Names haven’t been changed to protect the responsible….

I have to share. I had this surprise visit from a client I haven’t seen in two years. She moved to Shasta to set up shop and create an entirely new life for herself after way too much emotional chaos on a regular basis. She’s now “home.” For those who have never spent time on or near Shasta, it’s an interesting vortex of energy. Most who move there are short term residents even if going with the intention of staying long term. It’s that kind of energy. Saying you’re home and staying on the mountain is only for a very small few who are committed and willing to be within a certain vibe. Some might say it’s too weird, airy-fairy or hippie-ish, too “out there” to linger. For Bonnie, her intention is to reside, to be. Hang with the rocks and pines and fresh air and cosmic woo woo intensity.


In our reading, the images started to flood in from various aspects of herself, overlays of lifetimes she experienced in the Shasta area, completing the total anchoring of her energy into the landscape. She’d crossed paths on the mountain as a shepherdess of herbals and healing on a “paint,” a white and tan spotted horse, a mountain man of exploration and trade, as an ancient councilman in alignment with Mu or Lemuria*, as a liaison between the upper and lower realms-those who live inside the mountain-(remember all the stories of childhood about the wee people who lived inside of Shasta) and today as a woman of “being-ness” sharing her knowledge of the spiritual vortexes with those who are interested.


But the biggest coolest most special piece is this: Bonnie is now a “walk-in.” She wasn’t when I met her, but she is now. I’ll explain. A “walk-in” is a soul exchange. Before entering a lifetime an agreement is created between two souls who have different aspects and lessons to explore, one who wants to journey through childhood and teenage years and onward, and the other who is expanding in the astral realms till its time to take on, jump into, another body. This bond can also be created sometime during the lifetime by the one in the body currently to further expand their potential or if they’re tired of the earth challenges or if their reason for dancing through a life is finished. Essentially it’s a gift-exchange of carbon and electricity, water and bodily systems as the usage of the physical body is kept intact for both souls to utilize. Being in body is a benefit, a reward, an experience to celebrate.

In April, Bonnie was walking down the street in Shasta when she felt like she’d literally been pushed, or rather shoved so intensely, she came out of both shoes and landed hard. She came close to hitting her head on the concrete however it was mitigated by her quick response. As she arose, she felt completely disoriented, was light headed and foggy and completely out of sorts. This feeling lasted for over five days till she began to realign and feel more like herself, yet interestingly enough, much more grounded, solid and peaceful. A new-felt calm embraced her in a fresh, subtle fashion. Bonnie, yet mystically altered and upgraded.

As I dove deeper into her story and had that Ah-Ha OMG moment of “you’re totally a “walk-in,” (as I’ve known walk-ins however not as a before and after experience) Bonnie had the same realization of “truth” settle into her bones. From then on, I explained things from a Bonnie1 and Bonnie2 perspective which began to totally make sense from her vantage point of understanding.

Bonnie2 knew coming in, she’d be required to take on Bonnie1’s memories and stories, to be “her” in every aspect, yet with the added awareness of Bonnie2. Ironically both souls have karma with one particular man, a lifelong love interest so the feelings are double duty, double whammy, yet the old story between Bonnie1 is to be resolved so Bonnie2 can expand into a completely vibrant, wholesome, loving new relationship. Rather exciting if you ask me.

These two souls have been connected innumerous life times and multiple times as twins. They are essentially from the same soul group, much like a grape cluster. They’re here to help accelerate each other’s progress through an immense love commitment. It’s a brilliant cohesiveness of energy and focus. Bonnie2 will share the timeline with Bonnie1’s selves out there in the parallel lifetime experiences as well as having her own time grid of parallel lives happening. A vast complex of double parallel stories and lifetimes yet singular in Bonnie2’s memories.

Bonnie is Bonnie is Bonnie yet more. She is wise, deep and spiritually alert and will continue to expand her universal awareness. Besides she has two of the coolest crystal skulls going. Maybe if you ask her nicely on your next pass through the Shasta, she’ll let you see them.


Cosmic sunshine to you.


*Lemuria or Mu was an ancient civilization west of America as it stands today. The Hawaiian islands are the tops of a once vast landmass that dotted the Pacific of a highly advanced civilization.

** The alien elongated skull has a dolphin appearance and energy. Elongated skulls have been found all over the world. Perhaps our ancient ancestors when they walked out of the primordial ooze were connected biologically at one time, through one link, one dimensional thread, to Dolphins. Or from ancestors not of the earth realm. Just an idea.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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