“Till Death Do Us Part: Two Years Later: Direct Communication with the Other Side”

Death: the final frontier. It’s such a different ending to a relationship than divorce. The finality is very stark. There are no second chances, no let’s try this again, let’s do lunch. But we all come out wiser, stronger because of the experience, even if it comes too early for some. My final goodbye with my husband two years ago, please read “Till Death Do us Part” from 2016, was truly an amazing experience, one I will never forget and ironically cherish as our communication was phenomenal even in his near-death coma.

In these last two years I’ve had time to contemplate, remember, laugh, cry, celebrate and grieve. It’s truly a process. We need that time to flatline, go blank, empty out and let go, so as to refill our vessel once again when we are ready- very important piece-with renewal, love, energy and focus on the next best life chapter. It’s in the emptying out we have the greatest opportunity for deep appreciation and gratitude. I truly am grateful for the wonderful life chapter we had together.

I realize everyone has their beliefs about life after death, from hanging out with packs of virgins to sitting on the right hand side of God. Dale, was a bit of a fatalist, and believed the old story of dust to dust and lots of worms. Deep down he didn’t, but he sure played that role well. He showed that by his communication long after he left his body: we shared moments, exchanges and messages for over a year. I’m not here to change anyone’s beliefs however I decided it was time to reconnect with Dale and see how he’s faring in the cosmos.  I’m going to share our conversation. Believe what you want or not, it’s all good. I personally believe the universe is so incomprehensibly vast, that death is just a transition into the greater aspect of ourselves, and communication is as normal as talking with someone from a cell phone with no wires, no grounding, in a country across the globe. Really what is different? The energy is real.IMG_2694

And ironically I can feel Dale now, excited to communicate, talk and share as I prepare the page and myself to align with him. There is always magic in the air if we choose to listen, pay attention and focus. Just saying! ❤️

(I have this special cosmic rendezvous location where we meet. I’m heading there now. I can see him coming towards me: he looks radiant!)

C: You look fabulous. Life and all that is, is obviously really great. I’d love to know how you are, where you are, and and and…❤️

D: Candia, first of all, Thank you. Seriously I never thanked you for all you did for me, even through the times I was an ass (chuckle) especially those times- because I was. I was very limited in my thinking and wasn’t able to get past a lot of family bull shit. You hung in there even as I continued to create more insolvable issues. On some level I was testing you to see if you loved me enough. I didn’t love me enough. If you left it would prove me right, but you didn’t. It forced me to see the bigger picture, especially as I left my body, you were still loving me, coaching me to leave. I appreciate you and your love, your wisdom.

C: Wow! Thank you. I’ve felt your gratitude since you left but to hear it is awesome. It makes my heart feel full.

D: I’m at this new level of comprehension. This last life taught me lot about what to do, what not to do. When I looked over my lifetime and the ramifications of my thoughts and actions, it was this huge wake up call to my greater self. A lifetime is such an invaluable experience, an expression of Source, our ability to create and manifest, however from the human view as seen through my own eyes, we tend to waste, worry, fret, fear, and honestly do really stupid things. Yes we learn from them all! I know this, however next time, I’m going in with more awareness, the willingness to communicate and cooperate, not one of my best skills, (winking) of course keep my killer good looks (puffs himself out a bit) and use them much more wisely. I wasn’t always at the top of my game in that department. Wit? Always keeping that. If we don’t have a sense of humor, the ability to see the comedy in the drama, we miss so much. I’ve been working with higher dimensional beings who are teaching the magnitude and value of the creative process. Ironically it’s the same here as there, where our focus goes there goes our creativity our ability to manifest. The difference is here it’s immediate. I’m enjoying the incredible artistry in it. It’s this force I want to bring in next lifetime.

C: I see the happiness, the joy in you, that appeared in brief moments on earth. This is the You I knew was there, Is there, You.

D: Yes you are seeing it and yet you’re only seeing a fraction of my completeness. I wanted you to see me as I was, yet with the wholeness that I am now. You tried to remind me but I was so incredibly stubborn I wasn’t willing. These are traits I’m willing to address next adventure. Yet as I say this, all the parts of my greater reality are already playing these scenarios out so as to expand and be “more” right now, this moment. I say this to put into a frame of reference you’ll understand yet I know you do comprehend more. That’s just you. I know you’re sharing this (wink wink as if looking at a tv screen) and will continue to do so. That’s your job Candia. To share the greater complexities so others can understand in an easy fashion. Your time is coming my dear. Through one lens, I had to leave so you can do what you signed up for.

C: An interesting thought however one I know to be true. Too bad really but something we agreed to from one perspective. Didn’t have to go that way but it did and is what is. So yes you are right. This is so wonderful to reconnect. It’s been awhile.

D: True from your perspective however from mine, it was only a nano-second ago I was tampering with the car radio or your cell phone or talking with Tao and Charlie. Have you been watching Tao? It’s me, he’s seeing and playing with. That’s why he was meowing to get your attention – something he rarely does. Charlie’s still hanging in there- see his leg is still an issue. But he sees that dog does, he sees with his mind. Time is a construct, from here everything just is. We have the ability to expand, sit, do nothing and or everything all within the present. So in your terms, I’m always here.

C: What are your favorite elements of being formless?

D: It’s bigger than that actually. In one way I am formless yet in every other perspective I am form, I don’t just have form, I am it. So in a certain construct I have a body, another a different body or form, another, pure energy, another color, etc. it’s broader and more vast. We are ever expanding, us, you, me, the universe. We are all one yet uniquely our own force, a vibration. We are unified yet a separate thread. We are constantly adding and reshaping the cosmic tapestry. To answer your question, I love it all as all are vital, integral parts to the entire wholeness and vision. We are not separate – it’s the giant universal paradox and something we all laugh about. It’s a cosmic conundrum.

C: Will you return to humanity, to earth for more experiences?

D: There are aspects of my oversoul there now in different time frames and bodies. I’m also experiencing humanity on other planets and star systems. I’m actually liking those a great deal as many are far more advanced than earth. They have much to share. Through my experiences on the various planets and differing dimensional frequencies, my goal is to come in more fully loaded next birth, body experience from this reference point.  I want to share this knowledge with earth. I’m looking forward to it. When I first arrived here, essentially homebase, the thought of returning to form and earth or allowing myself to experience my various other aspects, wasn’t on my calendar. I just needed a massage for awhile, watch the whales and swim with the dolphins. (Wide dimpled grin.) I wanted to be in one of those Hawaiian Wyland paintings. So I was. Now, is a different story. Hey, glad you were just there. I know how much you love the sun, the warmth and the beauty. I’m happy for you.

C: Thank you. Yes it was lovely.

D: I’m glad you are happy. I never said that to you, I was too wrapped in my own misery. I am. I love you long and true, you were my light beam, a place where I knew comfort and love. And I knew you’d be fine. You’re resilient as hell, stronger than anyone I’d known.  Relationships will never be an issue. (Dimpled grin again) I’m happy you’re happy.

C: Again, thank you. I can feel it in you. Most appreciated. I’ve missed your smile, quick mind and hilarious wit.

D: And since you’re wondering, yes I’m available anytime anywhen to talk. I’d love for you to share that with my family, however I’m wise enough to know that’s probably not going to happen. That’s okay, they’ll get it when they do. They taught me a lot and I’m grateful for the experience. I used to give you grief about you being an over communicator however it’s a great thing. You’ve lots to share. I wasn’t ready that’s all.

C: I know. I’m loving seeing you in this light literally. It’s a wonderful thing. Anything else you’d like to share?

D: Yes. Do, see, sense, be, laugh, sing, rejoice, invent, experience, expand, focus, imagine, explore, and most importantly love. Just love each other, love life. I forgot that while I was there. Just plain forgot. Many do. Well most do, too caught up in the duality of right and wrong, my way vs another’s. Converting beliefs to fit an agenda. It’s love though that transforms everything. Thank you for loving me so completely. It helped me see my greater self. To Love, Candia. Go share the love. Till next time. Give Tim a hug from me too. A hug of gratitude.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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2 Responses to “Till Death Do Us Part: Two Years Later: Direct Communication with the Other Side”

  1. Jill says:

    Tears of love and joy for you. So much to learn.

  2. Jill, as always, I appreciate you. Love and hugs! ❤️

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