“The Musical Composition of Your Soul”

This was my morning “composition” several days ago.

“Our goal is to bridge internally/spiritually the gap between our various lifetimes as well as our bloodlines. We are doing this to some extent- at least those who are the way-showers. We are striving for the hundredth monkey principle, meaning when enough people reach critical point of weight and understanding, everyone globally will inherently be closing the gap on conscious awakening. The key is to reveal our pasts and truly see the duality within ourselves; our “controlling interests” if you will. When we connect the opposition and unite the principles within ourselves, the outer world replies in kind.

Externally we are seeking partners of similar frequency, background, understanding and ironically even blood lines, as they carry familial stories. Even our DNA sparks similar frequencies in others initiating “bridging the consciousness gap” through our emotional relationships. DNA is like a light shining brightly into the universe our particular coding, our vibrational location. It’s literally an alchemical reaction. Attraction happens on multiple levels – physical looks, smells, backgrounds, tastes, intelligence, commonality and also DNA match-up. For those who part ways, as an example – DNA has also had an impact. If the two DNA frequencies don’t align and evolve, they will separate. The helixes have to mutually sing/vibrate for the harmonizing of the souls while in body. We attract those of varying frequencies and sounds to literally create new chords within ourselves to compose a soul fugue, sonata, orchestral piece, etc. That’s why the great composers still hold the weight they do today musically because they were/are aligning DNA within themselves and the audience. When played (when we play -double entendre here- within the music) together it created/creates harmony.


We choose dissidence even in music, to express conflict and disharmony and opposition, to feel the division, hear/experience the discord, literally play within the friction because this creates fuel and fire and form. We learn from it. But underneath we are always seeking the frequency wave that allows our blood to flow freely, to have our souls sing, vibrate at their highest. Ironically we as souls on the earth-plane don’t create this expression often, primarily because we have forgotten how to sing the harmony within ourselves first, to flow within the tonal qualities of our soul co-joined with the earth experience.

Find the harmonies within yourself, the sounds that most ideally suit your soul orchestration and score. The path of your life opens up when you do. The body becomes healthy. Young. Love follows. Your sound travels outwards into the cosmos seeking, searching for balance and harmonies, literally around the earth. They land on those whose vibrations and tonal qualities are similar or the same and their soul’s respond. You are always internally seeking these higher vibrational matches with family, friends, lovers, clients, co-workers. The more you stay in your harmonic pulse the more it is sent out to the world, not only helping others to find their alignment, it also draws to you those of ‘like’ harmonic chords. These frequencies are so subtle they cannot be heard, however on the quantum level they are singing continually. The key is always finding your notes, what makes your heart soar, your body feel well, your brain to function brilliantly. Once there, those frequency chords go into the cosmic freeway. This is why it’s so important to have your continuing opera as vibrationally clear as possible.

It’s essential to remove any discordant vibes that have overlain your composition; clear them out. Don’t accept them as yours. Imagine you are Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. See the scores everywhere on paper. Follow the instantaneous writing. See the discarded paper strewn or rolled into heaps of debris. These are the overlays that need to go in the trash. Find these and burn them. Clear your space. Make it a ritual. When new people or friends or lovers move into your space it is important to maintain your song; you can match-up and create a melodic harmonic duo/trio/quartet/quintet etc., but you’ll never hear the consonance if you are overly-merged or co-dependent. You can touch and align but separate oneness is the key – yet paradoxical. You are one yet always independent, a continual eternal melody of expansion.


You can also be an octave apart in relationship coding yet still in harmony, as in one C to a C an octave higher. Hear the overtones. Your growth might be at different levels yet still in sync. The expansion rate will be the determining factor in its longevity.

If in time, it’s challenging to keep yourself clear with partners, friends, even family, and they no longer align to your soul polyphony, it is essential to remove their overlays and extend your frequencies outwardly so as to align with other harmonics, extending your notes, chords, orchestral expansion. There are similar notes that you can relate to within these connections however sometimes they’re too distant or dissonant to correlate into your themes. Sometimes with discord the song can continue, however if it becomes too incongruent it will dissolve. Your personal score continues melodically by bringing in other components, notes, instruments and harmonies.

Sometimes you will discover, chords align but discordant notes that twang in the background are off-setting. That’s why being alone is preferential so as to keep your vibrational song strong. Get into the habit of checking in with the DNA of your body harmonizing it with your soul DNA. This will amp things up for you in new ways. When you’re in alignment with the full instrumental sections of your emotions, mind, body and spirit, it’s a reminder you are once again ready to join life’s evolving symphony. You are eternally redefining your original masterpiece, your original musical score.”

May you always be the best composer of your life’s journey.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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