“What’s Your Role in The Great Awakening?”

The world is in a very interesting space and place. It’s easy for us all to go down the rabbit hole of sadness, depression from isolation. Isolation is ironically the last thing we need. Our herd immunity increases when we are together. Our immune systems strengthen when we are surrounded with love. We are happy, our immune systems are happy. Simple. We need to be together loving and hugging each other. There is much science to back me up. (Watch every interview with Dr Judy Mikovits for further science and valuable information.)

Taking this global phenomenon -the shut down, the virus, the lockdown, the draconian measures, the tyrannical governors, the corruption, medical falsehoods, deceptions and out-right lies, whew!!!, a step further, there is also a cosmic awakening taking place before our very eyes. Even in the midst of fear of illness and death, people are waking-up. Becoming conscious. Conscientious. Intuition is heightening. People are listening to their inner guidance, hearing truths, seeing things with new perceptions. They’re acting upon their knowing, their insights. They’re reaching out and helping others.


This is humanity as a species waking up to our greater realities and abilities. We are strong and desire equality, respect and the ability to create and be productive. We are taking back our powers. I’ve been communicating almost nightly, with people everywhere across the planet in live conversations via TikTok, learning how people are utilizing this experience to not only enhance their own lives but of those around them. It’s exciting,  refreshing and invigorating. When I finish the two hour live presentations I feel totally energized. I’m excited to see, feel and experience this awakening.

I invite you to listen to your inner guidance, your north/south compass, and see where it guides you. What truths you discover as you listen with higher vibrational ears ~ As you see with new aware lenses ~ As your perceptions sharpen and delineate what’s really being played out. And most importantly what your role is, in this Great Awakening.

We all have a valuable part to play.


Cosmic sunshine to you. ☀️



About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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