Intuitive since I was young, I have expanded my vision and abilities through experience and validation. In addition to being able to see any ‘when’ and time, I also have the ability to see within the body to help restore vitality and health. During my own health crisis, I knew I had the ability yet didn’t know how to access the energy. Through trial and error and continued listening to the higher guidance given, I ultimately reached my goal of self healing. This spun outwards in being able to see others bodies: emotional, mental and physical and being able to work on them energetically releasing old patterns, beliefs, cellular memory, injuries and emotional scars.

I love working with the combo platter of what is important with each person NOW. Combining relationship challenges, health and vitalitycareer direction, and life’s purpose is the most rewarding and fun for both the client and myself. I learn from every individual I connect with and am graced with awe and inspiration at the unique stories each creates.

When I look at the scenery before me, the world at large, I look with infrared vision. I look with the intention of seeing something more, having the cosmos reveal a bigger more incredible story, an overlaying of energies, hearing voices within the rocks and trees, flowers and sky. Read people’s real truths. I listen with every pore, staying alert to wonderful opportunities and possibilities. I reach outside the boundaries of safety and routine, seeing what really is happening in any given moment, trusting the beauty of it and in it.

Essentially “Expect something Good to happen Daily.”

4 Responses to About

  1. hangryhippo says:

    Hi CandiaSanders!
    I just nominated you for the inspiring blogger of the year award! You can see it on my blog, http://www.hangryhippo.com. I really enjoy reading your posts and wanted to share them with my readers. To accept, just repost the award, mention who nominated you and link to their blog, then write 7 things about yourself. You should also nominate 15 others and let them know! Thanks for writing so well and inspiring people.
    All the best 🙂

  2. Hangry, thank you so very much for your kindness, support and thoughtful suggestion. You have moved my heart!! You’re a kind and gentle soul with much to share. Keep up the positive vibe, sharing your kindness with others!!
    Cosmic sunshine to you Hangry!!

  3. Earth Angel says:

    Candia We connect heart to heart.. .Do you live in Hawaii..? I live in Maui…Love reading your posts

  4. Robyn thank you! Really appreciate your love and support. I live in Washington, though have had the dream of living in the islands. I’m happy you are doing just that. Planning a late fall adventure your direction; it’s been too long since we’ve been there. Cosmic hugs to you! Candia

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