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“Comparing Higher Density Consciousness, 3D, 4D and 5th Density and 5G Networks”

I’m going to buck the new age paradigm. Nothing new, I’m a rebel from way back. We’ve been inundated by all this info spreading into our consciousness about moving into 5D, fifth dimensional frequencies. Okay. Cool. But the truth is … Continue reading

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“The “Frequency Fix” and Why it’s Important to Do and Maintain”

I just finished a three day workshop/retreat at my special off-grid hideaway in the Washington Cascades. It poured relentlessly unfortunately – or was it – as it kept us under the eves hunkered down in blankets before the fire, intuiting, … Continue reading

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“And the Messages Continue”

I was driving from my cabin on Swift Reservoir to my new home in central Oregon. After fifteen, yes 15 months in a camper, a house is incredibly exciting though still a bit surreal. It was sunny with endless blue … Continue reading

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“Everyone Wins”

Everything is frequency. It just is. That’s means the trees, the rocks, cars, people, food, alcohol, vitamins, medications, animals, every thing living or inanimate are all comprised of frequencies of energy, photons of light. Even in this dense reality, we … Continue reading

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“Are You on Your Life Path or Are You Wasting Time?

Time is what you make it; we are here for only a short while.  Literally. We are on the earth for such a nano-second in the grand scheme of things, my thinking is we’d better utilize the experience wisely. My … Continue reading

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