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“Are We in a Simulation? A Mini-Series Gone Postal?”

What a rollercoaster! Even though we have been sequestered, we can’t help but feel the events and energies of what have been going on around the globe. Pure craziness actually if you really look at the scope of the various … Continue reading

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Moon beams magnify   night magic mitigating my mortality. I meditate on the metaphysical  mysterious   light in darkness feeling masterful and multiloquent talking to nightjars and fireflies my words meticulous. My mood now mercurial I’m mesmerized in magnificence moonstruck before the … Continue reading

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“The Art of Practical Wisdom”

The killer moon on May 5 was visible through my front windshield of my Suburu, rising over the central Oregon high desert plateau. The bold iridescent yellows flickered moonlight across the meadows and grasslands as we drove on back roads  to our … Continue reading

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