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“Silence for Safety vs Awakened Communication”

Life goes in cycles, it just does. From every grand natural cycle down to our personal seasons and the dances we all do together. We are all learning together even when we feel we are separate, we are all in the … Continue reading

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“Love at a Cosmic Level: Soul Communication with the Other Side”

Every day I learn something new. Whether it’s about electrical contracting to our ancient ancestors to messages from the other side, every day there’s something intriguing, beguiling, perhaps contemplative and stressful, to stimulate my senses, push my gray matter, assist … Continue reading

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‘The Art of Romance: What Inspires You Emotionally, Animates You Romantically, Ignites You Sexually’

When it gets right down to it, our lives revolve around our relationships. We love being in love, in romantic liaisons, in partnerships of support. Trouble is, this is our greatest challenge. Our divorce rate is over 50%. Something is truly … Continue reading

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