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“The Dragon’s Gate: an Ancient Access to New Beginnings and Awareness”

How are your visualization skills? Rusty? Okay? Great? I fortunately have an over active imagination which helps tremendously, however it has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion. (Wink wink) This morning I had this awesome ~I feel to … Continue reading

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“A Window into a Different Realm: Where My Fav Dad Has Landed”

I just had a very real current not-anywhere-near-normal-location dream about my dad. It was amazing. I woke visualizing the landscape, thinking “wow” when I had the epiphany and memory that dad was there. Another bigger “Wow!” Dad passed the 7th … Continue reading

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‘Lucid Dreaming: A Glimpse into Parallel Reality or ‘Walk-In Experience’

It’s easy to drop into bed, tired from the day and move way beyond the alpha-dream-state or even further past the  theta ‘remembering’ dream-event-horizon. Life gets in the way and we’re just too exhausted to care. We float into the … Continue reading

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