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“How to Slide into a Parallel Reality Where Everyone is Healthy”

The idea of parallel and probable realities is a stretch for many people however science now proves their existence. I know it sounds like a strange time to bring them up however NOW is exactly the time – because we … Continue reading

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“New Funny Messages from My Loved Ones on the Other Side”

Okay we all love ghost stories, right? Well these really aren’t “Ghost” messages per say as much the continuing saga of my husband and even my dad, however dad’s was more of an ass-whooping to Dale. But I’ll get to … Continue reading

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“We are Crystalline Soul Structures”

I love living in the snow. I’ve had snow on the ground since early December. It makes my home bright and happy and light, very light. I love standing under the big open sky as magical ice crystals fall all … Continue reading

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‘The Underlying Truth: Reality is Perception’

I have to admit I watched the Academies last night. I haven’t watched them in years so it was rather interesting to see the star studded gowns and up-dos, tuxes and glamour.  What I love about the industry is the illusion, the … Continue reading

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“The Spirit of Place”

Magic happens in the woods. Electromagnetic frequencies erupting below the surface of Mt. St. Helens, Washington, emit intuitive sparks to the surface creatures; hot molten rivers of lava course through the hidden subterranean vaults oiling the tectonic plates, keeping them … Continue reading

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