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“Looking for a Purple State: Updated”

Originally written in 2014 We live obviously in the information age however we are also given so much disinformation it’s overwhelming. How big is Ebola? ISIS? MERS? (Covid, BLM, Antifa) Is China trying really to take over the Federal Reserve? … Continue reading

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“The Rising Rate of Obesity Equals the Rising Rate of Political Divisiveness”

With all the political wrangling and mongering, backstabbing, lying and cheating as a consistent and constant diet, no wonder the nation is obese. Seriously! The more everyone stays fed on the divisive and derisive menu, the sicker and fatter our … Continue reading

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‘The Stagnation of Conscious Awareness; How to Bridge the Gap of Negativity’

Funny how the lines between facts and opinions have become so clouded in the consciousness of many people today. It truly feels as if brains are actually foggy and not able to really focus on what is real, truthful and … Continue reading

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