“Can You Let the Past Go? The Source of Chronic Conditions: Find the Emotional Connections”

It’s funny how we hold onto things not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and sexually too. We keep treasures from various moments in our lives which give clarity and meaning to events, anchoring them in our consciousness – the memory photo-journal of life. We also respond to events and relationships based on our past programming which can have a positive or negative impact depending on  perspective.

To give deeper meaning to the topic I will share pieces of a recent reading with a young woman. She has dealt with migraines since she was a young teenager, going as far as having MRI’s to discern brain activity and any possible imbalances. The images have all been clear.  Migraines can be triggered by stress, (cranial misalignment from my view too) vascular instability and food allergies (never had this been suggested to her before) all of which have impacted her; we compiled a list of food sensitivities and gathered the necessary supplements and essential oils her body asked for to support her system. We also talked about stress reduction techniques.

Her ‘higher self’, (the part of us that remains in the astral levels, the larger piece of our soul’s connection to source, my place of information and reference) directed me to alternative reasons for her physical, mental and emotional malady. She instantly showed me a lifetime in Spain during (isn’t she lucky) the Spanish Inquisition. She was tortured and eventually starved to death in a dark, dank dungeon as her beliefs were not exactly what her Inquisitioners believed were true and righteous. She had a head helmet nailed and screwed tight (the closest I could come to this visualization was the Brank used for humiliation with spikes added for pain). Her migraines trigger points were where the helmet had been on her beautiful Spanish head. Now for the biggee; her ‘Inquisitors’ are her parents in this life. They were not personally connected in Spain; she happened to be one of the unlucky masses who was disregarded and discarded in the massive extermination policy of the religious right(eous).  There are other lifetime connections more intimate, however for this particular emotionally-chronic-condition have little reference.  Her choice in having them be her biological parents offers all three people an amazing opportunity for forgiveness, generosity of spirit,  abjuration and total acceptance.

One more difficult point of reference. Her parents in this life time are right of right Christians, where no one is accepted unless they are of devote faith and of particular institutions. Hmmm, the past repeats itself once again. Totally fascinating. And in today’s world where political correctness has gone too left of center, the positive side effect has created space for acceptance, balance, and a let-live policy. This obviously though has not impacted their viewpoints. In growing up, religion was a focal point, a mainstay in her life at the relinquishment of everything else. Judgement has been the policy, perfection the outcome. Yet she was never taught to ride a bike and learn basic fun things most children experience.

Working on the premise of eradicating the migraines I continued to address other physical sytems; I discovered an imbalance in her ‘circulation/sex’ meridian. (I do this energetically, creating pressure to the meridians with intention, clearing the blockages.) This meridian is about- wait for it – “Renunciation of the Past”,  regret, remorse, jealousy, sexual tension and stubbornness, all huge emotional triggers having the ability to hold a person in old programming, beliefs and limitations. Another offshoot, was she has had difficulty with hormonal issues and regularity of menses.  The connective threads are overwhelming when you create the bigger picture for understanding. The key in all of this emotionally is to renunciate the past’, let it go, at the same time speaking her (your) personal truth, combined with supporting the physical body properly with right foods, supplements, exercise, plenty of water and exercise.

Of course the fear in this arises. The underlying fear is rejection and isolation from the family and ultimately ‘love’. If she were to speak her truth of ‘allowing ‘infidels’ (I’m saying this humorously) into her world, accepting them for who they are, loving the exposure to a richer experience, she takes the risk of exclusion and expulsion from her parents and siblings. A huge risk factor. However from the soul’s perspective, this is a turning point, the juncture where the light shines upon her experience and offers a new vision. Staying true to her soul’s purpose, speaking her truth of what is vitally important, at the same time talking to her family in ‘their language‘, reversing the conversation, painting the picture of how it feels to be so constricted with judgement, will bring a streak of light, even briefly into their perspective. It creates the pathway of forgiveness and removes resentment and constriction.

Letting the past go is one of the most difficult challenges of being human. The past holds the key to who were are, however it also binds us to things/emotions that aren’t. Discerning and deciphering what is true and untrue for you is  paramount for change. And patience. Time is the underlying element which creates the ability to forgive and release, combined with action or inaction: to confront and communicate and/or walk away and create space either for a short period or permanently. All are workable and acceptable. It’s totally dependent on the situation and people involved. Going deeper, confront your own fears; what do you have to ‘gain’ or to ‘lose’ as you speak on behalf of your soul’s path? Do the spiritual gains out-weigh the loss of what we perceive to be the illusion of loss? We never truly lose anything other than the light to see our way.

Time will tell if bringing the past to ‘light’ will change how she feels, frees her from ancient disjointed unrequited fearful and unforgiven aspects of herself. (From experience I KNOW the incredible possibilities are available!) I do believe unequivocally she deserves to be commended, hugged, supported and enthusiastically complimented for her bravery to break outside the box of expectation, to follow her own lead, her own heart and instinct to decide for herself what is truth and what isn’t. And besides, she took the time to listen to someone in my world to expand her own. All this at 22. Imagine how far she will have traveled in twenty years. It’ll be impressive for sure.

As for your own ‘renunciation of the past’, the ultimate tool is your honesty with your emotional triggers. Follow the thread to the events which created isolation and fear. Forgive yourself. Forgive the other players.  Paint them daily with white paint metaphorically/visually,  till they disappear and are no longer an issue. It works!! Stick with it till all dissolves and disintegrates. Operate with your focus on the here and now and be mindful of reactions rather than responses…..and embrace love within yourself. Always bring it back to love.

Our key for 2012 is absolutely about resolving the past,  allowing these new higher vibrational frequencies to imbue us with higher consciousness, awareness and love. I invite you to make this a priority; the more people we have on-board, the greater the mass of change. It’s the ‘hundredth monkey’ principle.

If you are personally dealing with a chronic condition,  Now is the time to renunciate the past and resolve the underlying issues. I’m sending you the “Greater Awareness Invitation.”

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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2 Responses to “Can You Let the Past Go? The Source of Chronic Conditions: Find the Emotional Connections”

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  2. Thank you Candia, I throughly enjoyed reading that. I’m so impressed with the young people I’m seeing today too. At least the ones with the courage to come to healers like us, they are the young people that I get to see and experience. They are on their path at such a young age and working through their issues so much earlier then I did that it truly excites me to see where they will be in the future. They help me to feel that our future is in good hands. Love and Light to you and the work you do for so many!

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