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“The Activation Point: How to Create Optimal Mental Foreplay”

The alarm blares startling you out of a deep warm happy slumber. You reach groggily for the button to turn the damn thing off, or push the snooze button for another blissful ten. It’s the Activation Point, the moment the … Continue reading

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“Breathe the Sun into Your Soul’

Days run by so quickly. Or is it just me?  I have felt our 24 hours shrink to 15 and now… I feel we are down to about 12 hours in a day. I realize it’s all illusion however, it’s … Continue reading

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“Decompressing from Technology Overload: Whistler BC; the Perfect Remedy”

I have been challenged over the past six months with computer issues spilling over into internet connections and websites including wordpress. I haven’t been able to access my account for the past month; it’s been really weird. And of course … Continue reading

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“Can You Let the Past Go? The Source of Chronic Conditions: Find the Emotional Connections”

It’s funny how we hold onto things not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and sexually too. We keep treasures from various moments in our lives which give clarity and meaning to events, anchoring them in our consciousness – the memory … Continue reading

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