“Sacred Sights, Mayan Calendar, Earth Chakras and Ascension”

Saturday was an auspicious and introspective event; participants globally united our loving energies for ‘Earth Activations: Portals, Sacred Sights, Chakras of the 5th Dimension,’ from Washington, California, Arizona, British Columbia, Toronto, Norway, Glastonbury, UK and Italy.  I could feel a stadium-full of higher-evolved-beings assisting and sharing love, hope and uplifting frequencies, to maximize our global intentions. And on top of it there was the equally significant celebration of the Mayan calendar: (Well, here we are, just four days out from Saturday (the 14th) and the last day of this current calendar cycle, day number 260…13 AJAW. Yeah, we are all in high expectations for December 21st, 165 days from today but…THIS SATURDAY (July 14th our day on Mt St Helens) represents the BEGINNING of the END of this 13th B’ak’tun that began 394 years ago in 1618 AD because this week is part of the last full 260 days contained in this current 13th B’ak’tun. The next 260 day calendar cycle begins this Sunday, July 15th and this next 260-day cycle contains December 21, 2012, the BIG DAY when we start B’ak’tun number 14 and the new 144,000-day era begins. So if you’ve been wondering lately why things never seem to change, or get better, it’s because we still got our coattails stuck in the doorway of the 1600’s!!!!!!!  LAST FOUR DAYS, FRIENDS!!!  From this Sunday and on into December 21st we is gonna see some amazin’ things start to happen. BUT…FIRST we must journey together through those first 40 days and 40 nights of the new cycle, 40 days and 40 nights “in the Wilderness,” those first two Mayan 20-day Hoop months ’til Friday August 24th. And actually the dark Wilderness of Desires and temptations last a total of 52 days, 40 + 12, that ends after Tuesday, September 4th, the day after Labor Day.  And THEN we’ll all shift into high gear. We will then definitely begin to ALL FEEL IT start happening then, for sure!And THIS Saturday is the SAME DAY on the Mayan calendar, day #260, as the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. So go tell all your friends and buddies, everybody. Prayer Par-tay…on, in Love Perfect Peace…the only R-E-A-L-I-T-Y …thank God. Rich Eagle).

Going back into our deep past, our ancestors created temples to build a link between the Divine and man, the sky and earth. These initial landscape temples were based on intense electromagnetic currents and gravitational frequencies being emitted from specific locations, essentially lifting the veil, opening doorways to greater consciousness as well as uniting the peoples with integrity, ritual and dedication. These landscape temples were often in conjunction with three natural symbols of power, primarily mountains, where the gods were to have walked, danced and opened portals into various dimensions. In the center, the navel of the earth, of these three power places,  is where obelisks of intention were erected to link and communicate with the creator gods. Nature has constructed multiple natural temples globally, including our own Mt St Helens, Mt. Rainer and Mt Adams here in Washington. Drawing lines between the mountains, a triangle is instantly recognized.

These triangle images eventually were built upon the ‘navels of the earth’, into stepped pyramids, leading to large pyramidal edifices world wide. These pyramids were in direct alignment with the astrological configurations in the sky at the given time of initial construction. The sphinx in Egypt aligned with Leo in 10,000 BCE and the pyramids in Egypt to the constellation Orion, again in 10,000 BCE, a clear statement into the depth of our historical roots. Myths filtering through the eons speak of gods who sang the temples into being, the Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal in Mexico being said to have been built in a day.

Our personal landscape pyramid temple in Washington generates a grid of energy between the mountains,  to facilitate awareness, linking us with our ancient roots, and a reuniting of  conscious perceptions; truth, honor, empowerment, right action. The trinity represents in Christianity, the father, son and holy spirit. In nature it represents creation, maintenance and destruction. Esoterically it means knowledge, wisdom-being and enlightenment. In sacred places, the trinity, triangle and pyramid, equals creative knowledge, spiritual truths and power. In governing, it speaks of truth, perfect order and justice. The mountains are the repositories of energy, divine inspiration and natural frequencies; this is where man focused attention to bring order to the chaos and alignment with divinity.

Our physical bodies contain chakras, places of power, igniting our endocrine system and electrical grid. The earth also has power centers, chakras, globally. These twelve chakras are literally placed around the earth to accentuate and accelerate global fusion, synchronicity and conscious awareness between all species. Due to our location in the time space continuum, our awareness of the seven chakras, based on 5000 years of historical evidence, usage and beliefs, has expanded to the original divine twelve chakras; humanity wasn’t prepared for the activation and responsibility until now. We lost the privilege around 9000 BCE; it’s taken nearly twelve thousand years to regain the information and knowledge.

As examples, the second chakra, the sensual and emotional center, our empathetic and clairsentience chakra, resides on mother earth in Honolulu. No big surprise, as Hawaii emits incredibly loving, sensual co-creative mana, (energy, Chi) reverberating globally. Our heart chakra, helps us transcend limits, to expand into loving humanitarian activism. The earth heart chakra, is anchored at Glasonbury England, land of ancient myths and tales, uniting the kingdoms of heaven under one loving sponsorship of cohesiveness. Arthur and the Round-table, assisted by an ascended being, Merlin, are allegorical representations of Divine Grace communicating lovingly our ability to coalesce as humankind when we align with the spiritual truths within each of us, literally interconnecting under one flag, the sign of the dragon (unity consciousness). (A hearty thank you to all participants in Glastonbury; your directed energy was felt here in Washington in our heart centers.)

The third chakra, the center of personal power, will and self esteem is ironically centered in South Africa, earth wise. And we wonder why we’ve had polarized conflicts for centuries? South Africa is in direct response to our inabilities to self empower, to manage our wills and empower others. The more we take personal responsibility to uplift ourselves and those around us with loving support and belief in our abilities, all the while sending regularly, loving light to the land, animals and people of South Africa will support significant global and personal transformations.

The other global chakra in need of Divine love and assistance is Afghanistan. She represents our third-eye chakra, in the center of our forehead, the center of guidance, telepathy and visionary experiences. Our impotence as humans to perceive, reach and attain connection with our intuitive selves has been stifled due to the tremendous struggle within these lands. It is time for all of us to reach out to this country with love and light to accelerate our own ascension,  facilitating immense change politically, economically and socially. This reflects the whole, the microcosm to the macracosm.

We are now residing in the fourth dimension. Enough souls moved into love and grace accelerating our frequencies and moved us out of third dimensional reality. We are moving towards the fifth dimension; (we can obtain this within the next ten to twenty years if dedicated, disciplined, determined and conscious with our actions). What this means to us daily, is an ease, grace and fluidity to life, bringing comfort and joy**, (yes like the Christmas song)  and an awareness of the greater realities and our divine link with conscious creation. It is up to each of us to participate and celebrate the rising; the twelve dimensional reality joined the God-head  when we expanded to the fourth, and a new first dimension was created as we all moved universally up the ladder of consciousness.  Move in gratitude, be in grace.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

** Joy is the only emotion shared globally which contains the same depth of feeling; happiness has multiple definitions, connotations and meanings, but the euphoric uplifting of joyousness is universal.

Thank you to all the participants around the world who shared in this auspicious and copious day of joy.

Loving notes of participants:

Hi, Candia,I connected with everyone from 12 noon until 1 p.m. I set up the meditation with candles and crystals and visualized your group in their points around the globe connecting with beams of energy – like ley lines – sending love to the planet and everyone, and everything on it – and beyond to the ever expanding universe.  It felt right, it felt good, and I napped for 2 hours afterwards!!  It must have been good!! Hope you had a marvellous day!Love and hugs, Pamela (originally from UK, now residing in LA)


Hi Candia–I will be connecting from Glastonbury, Avalon, UK–with a meditation group I will be leading! YES YES YES Sending Love along the ley lines from the Heart Chakra!
Hi Candia, I will be sending beautiful loving energy from the shores of Lake Huron.  Thank you for creating this frequency to unite our intentions and energy.
In Lak’esh beautiful ONE
Love to ALL
Faye (from Ontario Canada)
Oceans of Aloha Candia.  I will be connecting from BC, Canada with all of you at noon.  Thank you so much for the radiant gift for our gorgeous Mother Earth and Her people.  Holding the vision of more luminous light for all.  Big warm hugs, Mahalia ( British Columbia)
I’ll be there sister 🙂
Lot’s of love sunshine! Have a wonderful day!
Monique (Italy)
Dear Candia

I have dome a journey through and connected with all the points, portals, chakras.
thank you for an amazing insight and experience. If I do not directly work tonight with you, I will be connected.
I just wanted to share some places, points, where I felt needs extra help, energy etc. in this process, from different reasons.
while seeing and feeling into it. if you want to have it in mind.
base chakra-Gobi Desert,
heart chakra, glastonbury,
throat chakra luxor, egypt
Especially third eye, afghanistan
and Stellar gatewa, Arctic
Hollow earth- oklahoma etc.
Great crystal of atlantis
South Pole
Sphinx .- Egypt
North Pole
Much love and appreciation for your work!
Hilde (Norway)
 Thank you Candia, I have a friend visiting, maybe two, this evneing, that are spiritually in tune, so I will see if they want ot join also. I will send some energy today in the day, anyway, Love Hilde

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I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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  2. Aliena says:

    Hi Candia thanks for sharing this great blog with us. I liked your blog “Sacred Sights, Mayan Calendar, Earth Chakras and Ascension”. It a pleasure for me to read this. sometime i also wonder so much about all that. but its not easy to in so much deep. I hope you are understanding what I’m saying.

    • Aliena, thank you for taking the time to write something to me; I appreciate your thoughts and time. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, however I took time away from the computer this summer and am now catching up. Thank you for your support; with so much information out there in the media, internet, books, etc it’s difficult to keep up and understand what is right and what isn’t. Believing what feels right for all of us is the best way to see the truth in the words, actions and information. Thank you again Aliena for your message. Cosmic sunshine to you, Candia

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