‘2013! We’re Here Already: Predictions for the New Year!’

Going out on a limb to see ahead can be full of travails, pitfalls and side paths of possible wrong directions. It’s always fun.  Last year’s 2012 predictions were fairly spot on with the exception of the elections, however I was in good company as even the Hebrew texts predicted a Romney win. Could mean there were forces at play which counterbalanced the outcome, like voter fraud, bad voting machines and corruption, however I won’t go down that dark Chicago alleyway.

The energy for this year is completely different. I’m sure you can even feel the differences in the way you feel personally, or how the air feels in grocery stores, or how the news is streaming. Similar but different. It can be attributed to the freshness we all feel when a new year begins, with the holiday craziness behind us. Or it could be due to the fact we’ll never again see the monthly number duplicated; there will never be a 13/13/13. Not possible. That in itself creates a new perspective on possibilities. Or it could be we have entered into a new paradigm of thought, inspiration and spiritual unity predicted with the solstice of 12/21/12. Whichever fits best with your beliefs is true.

I do feel strongly globally we are seeing more awareness on multiple levels of society with it only progressing over the next decade. This is our opportunity for creating more harmony and understanding as we are linked together in common missions of peace and community cooperation. Both personally and communally we have the ability to take large steps this year towards a more united front. This does not negate the horrible challenges we face as we stare down the long entrenched powerful forces behind the controlling political arenas. They too will fall in time. Holding the vision of peace is vital for this to take place.

Politically, realistically speaking, we are at a cross-roads globally. Nations are at war within their own borders as old world leaders and power-mongers are slowly dying away along with their tyrannical and defeating oppression. We are not out of the weeds, nor will be any  short time soon, however we are ever closer to democratic steps of freedom in the war devastated countries of the globe. More and more organizations and individual opponents are going to be visible than ever before to help shift prejudicial bias, authoritarianism, cruelty and terrorism. There will be noticeable changes in this coming year towards greater autonomy and reasonable direction for individuals in repressed societies. Take Greece as example, it will face allowing the pendulum to swing in a more moderate position, working diligently to pull themselves out of debt and out of the EU. If that means working a five day work week and getting paid for five days – hey, that’s a positive direction. (If you remember the country went on strike for not getting paid for six days while working a four day week). Their golden past will be the impetus for new standards of business, growth and education. Another example is Turkey. She will continue to grow her authority in the middle east and though it might appear her leaders will take her into extremes, clearer vision will prevail. Turkey will swing on both sides till she maintains balance in the middle with a strong voice for that part of the world. This too will be several years in the making however it will be ever more apparent this year as Turkey’s influence is recognized with greater domination.

In America, we will still deal with huge separatism and bi-partisanship as we work with a nation divided by huge ‘ideal’ chasms. This will lead to further progress in creating a third party in the political arena. This will also help identify and clarify which direction individuals will head; towards greater personal responsibility or towards expecting others to lead and take care of their needs. These next seven years will truly discern which direction the US will head. There are probability factors which could arise where more states declare sovereignty, declaring secession from the Union if DC continues on its path; time will tell.  If our values and ideals of our founding fathers are ignited and held as the directional compass we have an incredible opportunity for a new leap in how we as a nation deal with its own issues and those of the world. Unfortunately these changes and steps could be somewhat painful as we learn to unite our goals once again.

Those in power who do not speak the truth, live the truth and are the truth, will fall from grace ever more quickly. Individuals who have in the past and currently been held in high esteem, might surprise the nation as more of these people fall off the wagon and into the mud. I feel our news reels will be full of drama and high stakes poker. Oh the juiciness of it. (wink, wink)

Economically we are not of out of the tall grass and probably won’t be for some time, especially since our gilded leaders refuse to cut spending. This doesn’t take a psychic to figure out if the bank is empty, the bills go unpaid. I feel strongly that people across the nation are going to rally national spirit and personal pride, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm uniting, to initiate the country together towards prosperity, with or without the help of DC. Probably without. I believe this is what Obama represents; igniting personal power (or not). In other words, act in opposition to what is being presented. We all have the opportunity to learn and grow through adversity.  I know as I have seen individuals claim their power to help their neighbors, their employees and their families. This is good news for the communities, the towns, cities and states. And better yet, as America reclaims her power she will share this grace with people globally but more from organizations and individuals than from the government.

Health-wise, we are on a tight-rope. Health will continue to be the number one issue after the economy, focusing our attention on the need to be mindful, disciplined and responsible. New break-throughs will continue in the neuro-sciences and ophthalmology, with eye sight more and more possible for many blind individuals. It’s extremely exciting. What had been only science fiction will become reality in this upcoming year. Cures for cancer will be more prominent though not on the main screen of the AMA. These will be coming out of alternative care, and other countries.  Expect more advances in this department but not in allopath medicine. More attention will be directed at the overwhelming obesity in this country as we honestly face the fact we are a nation of fat people. Much like the movie Wall-E, we have to come to grips with what is, to make the changes absolutely necessary for longevity. It will continue to be a national obsession. The good news is we will look back on this decade and realize we made it through  the sugar, insoluble fat, corn syrup, and deep fried thinking to a better place. It will take till 2020 for the changes to be noticeable but it will take place. Where one in three people today are overweight, by 2020 I feel the numbers will go up to be more reasonable as individuals become more self responsible with their health.  With baby boomers making up most of the population, the  health coverage shrinking and altering, it will force men and women to rely upon holistic practices even more. This is a great thing. Holistic practices encourages non toxic sprays, organic products and better and better treatment of the animals used for the food supply. The changes are slow however they will speed up in this next chapter of this decade.

Energy. We are recognizing our failures in energy creation, as in the use of Ethanol -it’s damaging to motors and to the the food cycle-however with personal dedication and greater minds working towards positive rewards, our energy solutions will be more and more available as our energy demands go up incrementally. http://www.alternativeenergysource.org/pros_cons.htm  There are many scientists behind the scenes who are on the cutting edge of zero-impact energy supply, agricultural connection with nature herself, bacterias to change toxins, viruses for positive evolution, and free energy. The larger corporate conglomerates are not going to be able to hide the alternative energy ideas and implementation or shove it under the radar anymore. They will have to climb on board and share the benefits or be set aside to suffer their own financial demise. It’s going to be rather interesting actually. I think if we were all to read the scientific journals and published articles by leading and not-so-leading engineers and inventors, we’d help support these amazing people who have dedicated their lives to making our world a better place. It would give tangible support and bring their concepts to the light of day. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a nation to change the policies.

Hollywood; to be honest, I don’t care what goes on with or without the many people who comprise Hollywood. All the bombarding  magazines at the check-out counters with the starlettes and their dramas – is it important, really? I feel we put too much value and emphasis on individuals on and around the big screen. My hope is for higher ‘valued’ productions to be more prominent rather than all the horror, destruction and over-the-top blow-em-up killer movies. Movies from my view are to entertain yes, but more importantly to inspire, offer hope, and show the multifaceted angles of love. Hollywood lacks substance and it’s only through viewer participation or lack thereof will it change.

Relationships are going to be center stage this year. More than any other area of your life, the relationships in your life will take precedence. See the process as provocative, inspirational, arousing, illuminating and stimulating. Relationships in all their guises will be upfront and personal. Think soap operas on steroids. See this year as an opportunity for closing the circle, distinguishing what is truly important, changing how we do things in our working relationships, community relationships, personal and familiar. Have fun. Be observant, see the process as a wild play. Some relationships which have always been steady and true will see slips and changes. Basically the chess pieces are finding new squares on the playing board of life. By this time next year, take time to look back on 2013 and notice how the associations in your world have shifted and hold your attention. Or not. Trust me there will be vivid differences.

I feel this year will offer many opportunities knocking; it’ll be up to you to choose the path which serves you best, curls your toes and inspires you to greater service. Keep the Q-Tips handy, your ears clear, to hear the sound of inspiration and favorable circumstances coming your way. It’s up to you to act upon it. My invitation is for you to share what incredible fortunes come your way for others to see and become inspired.

Happy seeking, happy learning, happy action.

Cosmic sunshine to you and yours for a prosperous, magical and healthy 2013.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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5 Responses to ‘2013! We’re Here Already: Predictions for the New Year!’

  1. Yaz says:

    Very interesting stuff Candia, and I am intrigued to see how it all transpires. I hadn’t thought in terms of the lack of free health care in the US as leading to the use of alternative therapies. That’s really a positive slant on what appears to be a negative situation with your health-care system (we get it free, so I always felt sorry for people in the US who couldn’t afford healthcare). I hope you have a great year yourself! Lots of love always.

  2. Yaz, you are truly amazing and so on top of email and blogs. I am so impressed as I feel I’m usually a week behind. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback as always, especially coming from another location on the planet with clear eyes and perspective from a different angle.
    I thank you too for seeing the positive slant on issues as that’s how I tend to view the world. Even with our inept political leaders I feel we can make positive changes when we personally take action. I know you feel the same way.
    Big hugs and love from the NW to YOU!

    • Sam Blanchard says:

      I like the different aspects you covered- and Turkey is one to watch for sure. A modern largely Muslim country emerging from its past, ready for a different future . Very interesting times we are priveledged to live in. Thechnology is making it harder for the power brokers to maintain their legitimacy and the tactics they employ are seeming more and more desperate.
      There’s much too look forward to and we need to keep speaking about the positives and they will grow new beginnings.

      Big Love from MN

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