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“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”

When I finally saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight in some Salem theater, fans had been watching it for quite some time throwing popcorn and dancing in the aisles. I was behind the eight ball in popular trends … Continue reading

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“The Law of Magnetism: Understand How it Works in Your Relationships and Experiences”

Do you realize that everything in our reality is “for” us? Everything in the spectrum from good to bad, light to dark ~the duality of being in this world~ is for our highest growth and potential. Even those uncomfortable situations, … Continue reading

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“Love Is the Answer but What is the Question?”

And the question is….drumroll please…. ”Why? Why isn’t love enough?” On the major Love Day of the year, why question “Why isn’t love enough?” What’s your point? Love bliss is wonderful, awesome, right? Because Valentine’s Day is the perfect day … Continue reading

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“Will Powers and Neverland: Are they Compatible Companions?”

Oh Willy.  Our absent friend and supporter of good choices. We miss you. Where have you been? Yes I’m talking about Mr. Will Powers. Our masculine base of strength and power. In a world where hedonism and entitlement are high, addictions … Continue reading

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