“Will Powers and Neverland: Are they Compatible Companions?”

Oh Willy.  Our absent friend and supporter of good choices. We miss you. Where have you been?

Yes I’m talking about Mr. Will Powers. Our masculine base of strength and power.

In a world where hedonism and entitlement are high, addictions and over-consumption are normal, from food to sex to drugs to shopping, you-name-it, our seat of Will Power is all but invisible to non-existent. Our Will Power to follow through, say no when needed, say yes when applicable, be responsible, take action, be the adult. The will power to take initiative, stay strong through adversity, be courageous; do the right thing.

My question: Why is our absent will power the norm rather than the exception? Honestly this is a huge question as well as social issue. All we have to do is look at the high numbers of addictions, obsesity rates, number of affairs, divorces, depression to deviant behavior to give this question a serious nod. But it’s bigger than that. We now use and manipulate our childhood challenges into ‘weapons of destruction’ to get what we want in the work place to our relationships, essentially using the PC acceptable credit card to by-pass personal responsibility. (Can you imagine this ever happening in the 1940’s after WWII?) Or this could just be my perception. The reason this is an issue is our mind/body/spirit is disconnected combined with the inability to tap into our inner resources, our strengths, confidences and inner resolve.

In other words, it’s our missing Will Power. This vital ingredient equates to and supports our self confidence, self esteem and personal convictions. The reasons we fall short are multifaceted however one critical piece is the child within runs the show, making choices and decisions rather than our adult selves, our adult mind. We become stuck in our child archetype; this unfettered child pattern takes over our psyche and hinders strong decisions and smart choices. The child says yes in a no situation. Or no when yes is the best and smartest direction. The child says “Yes, I want more candy, I deserve that piece of chocolate, I desire those $500 dollar shoes, I crave sex with someone I just picked up and care less about. Yes to a new car when the personal debt is high. I want more.” The open emotional crevices become filled with the gunk, muck and mire left over from our childhood combined with the current collected debris. And we wonder why our nervous systems are taxed, anxiety is high, weight weighing the nation in illness. Perhaps it’s time to reassess.

The child is a pattern when used appropriately in an adult is a fantastic addition to our personal archetypal arsenals. It’s our excitement and enthusiasm for life, the thrill and joy of exploring, experiencing new things or repeating events because they bring joy. It’s the magic in our lives the child keeps alive and resuscitated through our golden years. The child that delivers gaiety and eagerness, fascination and spontaneity. Yet when the child within an acting adult is internally and unconsciously seeking unresolved safety, security, love, acceptance, support, and nurturing, those missing emotions drive the direction instead of the strong mature adult compass keeping the needle pointed north. Poor choices, annoying behaviors or completely irresponsible habits ensue and continue.

Some people thrive in their child, choosing Neverland and Peter Pan over growing up and taking responsibility. They’ll tell you it’s a great place to reside, hang out. And in a lot of ways it can be. However it can be rough on relationships from close partnerships to being a parent. If the partner is in child mode to the adult, the relationship will eventually fall apart as incestuousness is not sexy nor appealing, not too mention the spouse who is then fostering another child in the house. It can become incredibly tiresome expediting the dissolution. If the child archetype is dominant in the parent, desiring to be their children’s friend, acting childlike instead of the guiding adult, the child or children can become resentful and angry and/or they take on the parental role which is not theirs to own or carry.


Honestly if the person is unaware of their Neverland tendency the revolving door of perpetual relationships, mishaps, addictions, poor choices will continue. Staying the child is not sustainable. Hopefully at this point someone will be their mirror to help them resolve old childhood issues and nurture their abandoned hearts with love, thus supporting their inner resolve and esteem. These loving friends can also share being a ‘youthful adult’ is even more rewarding than being the ‘forever child.’ In time perhaps these Peter Pans or Wendy’s can eventually wake up and shift their own awareness. Or not. Everyone has free will.

On a physical level, the seat of will power is in the solar plexus, our third chakra energy center that transcends time and space. It’s a masculine force field available for daily use to maximize our self esteem, confidence, resolve. It’s also the first place physically of intuition. “I felt that in my gut. It’s a gut feeling; I just know it.” This truly from a spiritual location, is where humanity’s evolving frequencies reside. We are in constant struggle with our global power center, our ability to empower or disempower those around us from our family to other nations. Humanity is energetically working to upgrade, shift, and move up the electrical ladder into our heart centers, a vibratory location that has the ability to transform how we do humanity. Literally.


If you realize Peter or Wendy has too strong a grip on your daily activities, choices and behaviors, just know you have the ability anytime to assess and change course. You can nurture and love the inner child within. You can grow up, mature, take responsibility, be courageous. You can be resourceful and enthusiastic all the while utilizing your strongest strengths to say no or yes. You can embrace the joys in life, yet work through issues in the adult mind. You can move to a place of neutrality and observe the past from a failsafe position. You can look in the mirror and see the truth. You can be playful and flexible. Everything is possible. Every option is available.

And you can fly every night through the stars with Peter and Wendy, your Will inside strong, adept and playful.


Cosmic sunshine to you.


Every possibility is a possible option.”

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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  1. Larry Whan says:

    Great blog. Love you xxxoooxxx 💋❤️❤️💋❤️❤️

    Larry Whan Trout Wrangler Lodge 1-403-760-1963


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