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“Cracked Rear View: Three Tools to Regain Clarity”

No this isn’t about Hootie and the Blowfish’s breakout album, Cracked Rear View, 1994, though that’s a great album. Glad to see them together on tour. I mean, who doesn’t love Darius Rucker, right? Actually this is more of a … Continue reading

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“The Why’s of Life”

Why me? Is a common question. Why do I have cancer? Why am I broke? Why am I always in trouble? Why am I always behind the eight ball? Why isn’t this working?  Why do I have to move? Why … Continue reading

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“Heads or Tails”

Life is a continual learning curve in patience. You go in with clear expectations only to have the outcome shift, alter and realign to a new configuration. From the limited view of earthly fog it can be frustrating even somewhat … Continue reading

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‘Within You’

‘Within you is a place of love and grace. It is a place without fear. where there is no need to defend or prove. no need to lie or hide. From this place spring words of truth, actions of courage, … Continue reading

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