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“Nine Steps to Jumpstart Your Passionate Present”

We are interesting beings aren’t we? We’re either consumed by the past or nervous about the future, seldom being fully invested in the present. That’s where all our anxieties and depression come in; past is where depression lies and anxieties … Continue reading

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“The Universal Cocktail: What Is It? And How to Access It”

Don’t you find it interesting that we can quantify the past, remember stories and historical details, dates and events, yet the future is nebulous and flirty, the calendar stretching into infinity with days yet to be filled? In essence the … Continue reading

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“The “I” of the Storm”

I’ve been living in a maelstrom.  We have moved the six week “move” up to a week, two weeks ago my husband’s right eye went blind in three days, a tumor detected behind the eye. We have had him on … Continue reading

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