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“Don’t Get too Close, It’s Dark Inside“

We are nearing the summer solstice, June 21st, the time where the light is the brightest in the northern skies. Using this real life, in-your-face, Light as our metaphor for shining our personal Light, we have a great cosmic op … Continue reading

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“I Bet You Didn’t Know ‘White-Out’ is a Potent Healing Agent”

I bet you didn’t know adding ‘White-Out’ to your infamous bag of tricks will change your life. Yep, that and Duck Tape. Remember it can do everything from saving you from alien attacks to taping back aging sags. Not the … Continue reading

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‘Awaken Your Immunity: Welcome 2012 with Vitality’

It’s gorgeous outside; the traditional December weather has given over to a steady stream of sun-bright days filling our Washington skies with brilliance. It’s fantastic. We’re fortunate this year; it’s a wonderful way to end 2011. A common theme this … Continue reading

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