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“Want to Solve Our Environmental Problems? Here’s How””

We live in a construct of our own creation though most don’t recognize this vital piece. The coolest news is science is proving via the quantum physics highway we have the ability to effect the nature of reality by our … Continue reading

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“Chemtrails, Chaos and Crap: Time to Change the Channel”

I turned the TV off other than Netflix, Amazon and occasionally Hulu. Not only is it better on the checkbook, it’s better on my well-being. All the garbage and negativity presented, not too mention the immense vapid programming, well, enough … Continue reading

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“The “Heart” of the Matter”

This is what everything in this world, boils down to: “The “Heart” of the Matter.” Because without “Heart”nothing matters. Matter literally disappears in importance. Simple. Without “Heart:” We can’t love deeply, truly, completely. We keep our relationships stuck in the … Continue reading

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