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“It’s Time to Clear the Air”

I don’t know about you, but I feel one of the negative mantras for 2020 has been “I can’t breathe.” “I can’t breathe from Covid.” “I can’t breathe from masks.” “I can’t breathe,” from George Floyd, and now here on … Continue reading

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“High Vibing Alternative to Insecticides, Pesticides, Vermacides: Communicating with Nature”

Summer season means bugs, right? Insects that are biting, crawling nuisances that are simply irritating. Or there are the ones that infest your homes, eating away at your wood to make room for their babies.  Everyone reaches for their phones … Continue reading

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“For Everything There is a Season”

  Another season wrapped up. Already.  Time moves so quickly, I feel it in my bones how essential it is to value each moment, each day, every week. Put this into perspective: time. Mt St Helens blew her gorgeous top … Continue reading

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“Want to Solve Our Environmental Problems? Here’s How””

We live in a construct of our own creation though most don’t recognize this vital piece. The coolest news is science is proving via the quantum physics highway we have the ability to effect the nature of reality by our … Continue reading

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