‘Going Through the Grinder’

A client of mine asked me what I thought about 2012 and upcoming changes. Personally I feel we are in the midst of change though each one is experiencing it from different vantage points and perspectives.

The wonderful metaphor I received was going to the bulk department in the grocery store and placing a bag under the coffee beans. Imagine if every one of those coffee beans represented a soul. As the handle was lifted (or in humanity’s case ‘the veil’,) the beans began their descent (or ascent,) through the collective shoot to land in the bag, or new paradigm. Those beans/souls feeling the pressure of change, the tightness of space, the quickening of time, loss of freedom, began to scramble, holding tightly to the old location, their known quantity. However, once the handle loosened the tide, the inevitable happened and the beans began to move through the tunnel or grinder of change. Those beans that relaxed and let-go, were able to move quickly into their new respective space, location, sense-of-being, while those still clawing at the top, panic, fear and naivety prevailed. The beans in the new ‘paradigm’ bag were happy and ready for the next adventure while those who held tightly to old beliefs were given a moment’s pause before the next customer came to release the handle, their personal tunnel/grinder waiting once again.

Each of us is experiencing our own ‘transition’, our own ‘going through the grinder’. Some may have already experienced their squeezing through the key-hole and are already on their path doing what their soul came here to do.  Others may be in the midst of their own personal crisis whether it is in the form of health issues, relationship challenges, job loss, personal loss, grief, identity, self value. It is in the release, the letting go, abjuration, ultimate joy can be obtained.

It is important to note we have to go through the tunnel to have the clarity to fully see the light on the other end: be the coffee bean.


Side note; truly imagine all those tiny beans talking, discussing then screaming like the witch in the Wizard of Oz,  “I’m melting, I”m melting”, as they zoom through the nozzle of the bulk foods container. You’ll never look at coffee beans the same.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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