“Signs of Adrenal Fatigue: 11. Tips on Healing Adrenal Stress: 80% of the Populace Are Affected”

I realize I’m in physical recovery, a general regaining of my strength and reserves from living on the stressful Merry-go-round for so long now. Stress does that to us. Takes us eventually to a place where we become inert, motionless, our resources drained, backup reservoirs near empty. Reminds me of our dry summer, floodgates open, letting loose our water supply to feed the lower reservoirs till they too are low. A reflection  of my emotions.

The Lewis River, what was once Swift Reservoir, Washington.

The Lewis River, what was once Swift Reservoir, Washington.

I’m not alone. People are running tired, stressed, pushing daily to make things work, make ends meet. The end product is physical duress; adrenal stress, adrenal fatigue is rampant. It’s suggested near-on 80% of the population, yes 8 zero, are affected by adrenal fatigue. I feel general awareness has been slim to none in the past, however finally new information is hitting the streets. It’s critical for us to change how we do things, how we go about “life” refilling our hormonal stress tanks with important emotional and physical fuel.

Signs of adrenal stress/fatigue: *obviously feeling tired, drained even with adequate sleep, *difficulty sleeping, *blood sugar issues, *poor nail, skin and hair quality- dry and brittle, *food sensitivities, *allergic reactions, *poor or slow digestion, *low morning energy, *suppressed immune system, *food cravings for sugar or salt (mine is salt And honeyed chocolate,) *low to non existent sex drive, *lightheadedness upon rising or getting up, *poor memory, *general fatigue but especially in the morning, *muscle and bone loss, and *decreased ability to handle stress.

So what to do besides change our jobs, relationships, our attitudes, is change our perceptions first of all. Ask ourselves what is it we are learning, what can we change and what we can do to make things- life – better? In other words-de-stress.

For me, de-stressing, has included “personal rest,” not something I’m good at. I come from a family where my great grandmother instilled in the next four generations, “idle hands are the work of the devil.” To allow downtime is not an option. I’m working – not trying, actually “doing” it weekly where I allow restful time in my daily routine. Restful for me is also creative; I’ve brought colored pencils back into my life, coloring, drawing, making beauty. It creates zen moments and hours rejuvenating my inner artist. I’ve realized how much I’d moved away from my art background, loving it now, back in my collective thinking.

Restful visualizations and meditations.

Restful visualizations and meditations.

Additionally, here is a check list of what to do to improve adrenal health:

1.Rest and sleep. Rest being quiet peaceful time. Napping. This does not include binge series watching. Sleep-in if possible, as much as you can, 9:00 being desirable: Yay! Welcome weekends. Two different yet very vital ingredients to rejuvenation.

2. Morning sunlight if possible. Extra vitamin D, the happy hormone helps regulate our energy and brain function plus countless other important functions.

3. Extra Vitamin C to improve immune strength as it targets the adrenals and thymus.

4. Rhodiola, a wonderful supportive “stress resistance” herb which also benefits the skin.

5. Siberian Ginseng for afternoon energy pick-me-ups.

6. Licorice herb to help balance hormones, also supports digestive health and adrenal glands.

7. Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetable proteins and fruit.

Healthy Food Choices

8. Exercise daily being mindful of exertion.

9. Eat healthy snacks in between to improve digestion, while not having overly huge meals. Improves metabolism. Be mindful to not become overly hungry in between; you’re losing fuel.

10. Avoid stimulants: coffee/caffeine, soda, sugar. These deplete the hormones, adding more negative fuel to the exhaustion.

11. Meditate, listen to visualizations, pray. The mind spirit connection is extremely important in changing the direction of recovery.

Give ourselves time to recover too. Don’t demand things of ourselves that are near impossible or difficult to do or produce. I understand more than you’ll know, how impossible that statement is when life is full-frontal in your face. However, whenever off-track, begin again, go back to the list of to-dos and keep plugging. It can take anywhere from six to nine months to two years to regain your strength and balance.

Writing is part of my restful time. This blog offers this space, this restful respite. Writing for me is creative, enjoyable, full of rich words and poetry, information and synergy. If you are struggling with adrenal stress or fatigue, then give yourself permission to do things just for you. Write, draw, cook, garden, nap, do yoga, walk, sing, make music, make “love” if your have the energy- so good for your body/soul connection, watch the stars. You too – “we” all can be better with dedicated mindful, rejuvenating time.

To healthy recovery, strength and fortitude!

Cosmic sunshine to you.

About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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