“The Ascension: The Probability of Humanity’s Separation and the Imminent Golden Age”

Ascension: The act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

I just read a blog about one person‘s perspective on the Ascension process. She has been actively integrated in this belief of the evolving human/earth consciousness, emotionally, physically and psychically for two decades. She has sustained many hardships and pain to do this. She like many light workers, has worked extensively in this arena projecting positive light ahead  for the future of humanity into the new Golden Age. There is one hiccup: As per her profession, she has from my perspective, carried this job like a heavy cross, the weight of the world on her shoulders, with her observations and views the correct version. That’s a tough job with a very weighty burden to bear –bare– as in ‘naked’ as in ‘alone.’ Her belief is 76% of the earth is evil and 24% is good. The good of the world is separating to create a new earth, a new world. They are ascending to a higher plane of existence. The lower vibrating earth will no longer ‘be.’ Since it will no longer be supported by ‘Upper Management’ this old negative, hateful, conniving, earth will simply disappear, no longer exist.

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First of all, my love and support goes out to her so she doesn’t feel she’s alone in the physical. That’s a rough road. “No man is an island,” as John Donne so succinctly stated.  Second of all, I have a slightly different take on our evolving human consciousness.

This is my belief. You can take it in, agree, throw it out. Whatever works. We each get to have our own belief system, our own parameters. Work with our own experiences to fill our hearts and minds.

I believe we are holograms, individual realities that work together under the overarching theme – construct – of humanity, much like cells in our bodies. Each cell carries the divine blueprint of the body yet is singularly its own identity, a fractal of the whole. Like us. Each of us is our own reality, a fractal of the larger universe, yet linked together as male and female representatives of the human species, connected to the divine purpose of expansion. We as the creators of our own biosphere, have the ability to manifest our experiences, our realities, under the auspices of higher integration; “auspices” meaning under the authority of our cosmic contract, with Universal Consciousnesss endorsement. Our goal, our job is to expand consciously and co-create as humanity with the cosmos. Nothing is out of order even though from our earthly view, all we see is unbridled chaos. Remember though, we have all chosen unequivocally, to be here…now.


With that being said, we are exactly where we are supposed to be as every moment has led us to this second. We are evolving, albeit slowly, but we definitely are.

Understanding scientific principles of quantum mechanics, “Where we put our focus creates our realities,” is the cornerstone of evolution, how we expand, experience, grow. If we continue to direct our attention to all the negatives on every level we will continue to create more of the same. Therefore by directing our attention to the darkness, to those 76% “sad and depraved” souls who generate the hatred and vile corruption, we continue to help them/us do more of the same. Personally, I feel those supposed “76%,” are souls living in the absence of love, if we run with that particular number which I do not, and when shown better options, choices and directions will eventually choose a better path. Therefore in my scenario, there is no obliteration, just perhaps a longer road. I believe we need to reach out to all souls in love. Period. We don’t have to stay there, live in that environment however we can extend graciousness, kindness and most importantly, love.

We have the ability every single second to spin off positives realities. As several quantum physicists have postulated, there are 10 to the 100x power number of infinite probabilities.  We can also choose to stay in fear, worry and negatives: different probability factors and outcomes. Our choice. What this says through scientific intuition is we all can create this higher ascended reality –  though for some it might come later; but it will. Period. I do not believe for one single second – that a part of creation, a part of the magic of the universe – will simply disappear, no longer exist. That goes against science as well; all energy exits and can transform its composition and location but it doesn’t disappear: Energy Is. This obliteration postulation simply goes against all levels of divinity, not too mention science.  Besides when we go into that belief system – “I’m right, you’re wrong,” 25% or so of awakened population will ascend, the rest disappear, we step into judgement.

There is no wrong or right, just undeniably better choices

To ascend is to raise our own vibrations, our energy sphere, choosing through love and thought, self reflection, growth and change to be our best. It’s a simple course of action yet indelibly difficult to attain and obtain mainly because we have not been taught. And if we have been shown, as through the various teachings enlightened souls have taught throughout the ages, it gets thwarted, convoluted, poisoned and misrepresented. So, coming to full understanding of the co-creative process is a bit muddled and slow, yet we are in progress. I have faith.


Do I believe there will be a huge breaking off of humanity, one to prosper, one to be eliminated? No. Do I believe in junctures, separations, splits in directions, and various pathways and probabilities? Absolutely. Will these various timelines eventually converge? Converge and commingle at a higher state and level of consciousness? Yes. I believe strongly, we personally can create the world we desire, ascend to a higher plane. I also believe loving every single living energy field is the doorway, the portal to achieve this location, this vibration in the cosmos. For me, there is no other path.


Cosmic ascension to you. ☀️




About Candia Sanders

I love life! I love the abundance, beauty, magnificence, color, emotions, prolific sensuous joys, relationships, animals, nature, spiritual "magic"- the Aliveness - of which humanness reveals. Combine that with sharp, keen intuitive insight and it's a recipe for fun in the fast lane. Intuitive since young, combined with a natural ability to heal has created an arena where possibilities are open and opportunities abound. International Intuitive and Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic
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