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“The Ascension: The Probability of Humanity’s Separation and the Imminent Golden Age”

Ascension: The act of rising to an important position or a higher level. I just read a blog about one person‘s perspective on the Ascension process. She has been actively integrated in this belief of the evolving human/earth consciousness, emotionally, … Continue reading

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“Lessons from Death”

November 21st, ’55, my second husband was born in California. We celebrated his last birthday two years ago. He left the planet two months later. Time is nebulous. It’s a circle. It’s a construct. It’s forever. Life moves forward. We … Continue reading

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“It’s Time for a Karmic Upgrade”

Karma is an fabulous concept; what you give, you’ll receive back tenfold. If you emit love, kindness, grace, it will literally fill your heart and cellular biology, creating radiance and joy, health and goodness as those around you and the … Continue reading

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