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“To Be in This World”

You know the old saying “to be in this world but not of this world,” is often misquoted as a bible verse however it’s not ironically. It is applicable though to our daily experiences, the continuing dramas we become immersed … Continue reading

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“It’s Always All About Us”

Funny how it works. We think “it’s” outside ourselves, all the turmoil, stress, chaos of relationships, work, politics …the emotional triggers…however the more I do inner work – explore greater potentials- I’m in total alignment with the Hoponopono concept and … Continue reading

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“The Game Changer”

Dealing with the constant barrage of daily stresses sometimes can be overwhelming, even in the middle of beautiful summer. A case in point. A friend of mine asked me how I managed to stay sane in the midst of perpetual … Continue reading

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