“Mind Vacays and Why They Are Important”

Do you ever just take a mind vacay and avoid responsibilities other than the required basics? Trust me, I have, do and did. On one level it’s not a positive as the larger goals are ignored (through one perspective) and on the flip it’s completely solid and rewarding. The reason is it allows room for daydreaming, mediation, new concepts and paradigms and the potential for creating new belief patterns. Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that can be changed, altered, shifted and reinvented. The balance is one, not beating yourself up for not being outwardly proactive/productive, the second is acknowledging the acquisition of internal insights and self reflection, and three, knowing when it’s time to put it back into hyperdrive. A mind-vacation’s insightful exploration and self awareness will be the fuel of motivation, igniting the creative fires for future endeavors. It’s that simple.

In this over-producing world we forget the importance of initiating mind vacays. I’m not just talking physical vacations but literal mind vacays to allow freedom of expression to permeate the mind, to think beyond obligations, goals and objectives. It sparks the now, the present moment when we step out of the continual churning chaos of mental fatigue. It allows fun into our awareness. Of course this is not about over-indulgence, hedonism or wasted days, (that’s an entirely different trajectory creating all kinds of distortions and off-road pathways) instead it allows the creative universe to merge within our thoughts, our minds and emotions.


‘And that folks is a grand thing.

Here’s to summer indulgences of mind vacays, off-world travels and self explorations.


Cosmic sunshine to you.



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“Armageddon: the End of the World as We Know it”

I find it ironic that for some time the storyline in shows, movies, books and conversations has been the end of times, the world is going to end, essentially Armageddon. This theme has run throughout our collective unconscious and consciousness and is found in every religious prognostication. I mean, read Ragnarok -the Norse myth/story of destruction. It’s a holy hello of blood and gore and death and extermination, all to have the game begin again. Or Revelation. That reads more like a drugged dark symbolic story of the end of the world that can be interpreted at any historical epoch. (No one knows for certain who wrote it even though it’s was attributed to John, however the writing is inconsistent with his style, not too mention it was discovered 200 years after his death.) Imagine if someone were to write it today, how would we interpret the symbols, stories and theme? 


Around 1000AD it was believed and rumored it was the forecasted Armageddon. When the Black Plague struck Europe in 1347-1350 (it had originated in Asia) it confirmed the forecasted Revelation was in process. Again. The Bubonic plague continued in short outbreaks every ten to twenty years till the 1700’s. It was estimated that there were over 100 million who died over that 400 year span. Armageddon? Perhaps.

World War I. World War II. I’m sure to millions it was Armageddon.

In 2000, Y2K was going to hit and the world as we know it would be gone. And yet here we are. I heard recently from a client the world is going to end and it’s all Trump’s fault. Seriously?

Yes we are in need of a global clean-up politically – the global elite who’ve pulled the purse strings of every country in the world need an ass-whooping and lock-up. Don’t believe? Read something beyond the central news agencies. They feed us what they want us to believe.  These people are real and evil and corrupt as hell. We need an environmental cleanup in our oceans to the air we breathe. We need to clean-up how we treat one another. We need to collectively be pro-active working towards a positive outcome rather than dwelling on the perpetual negativity of division. We essentially need to get our collective consciousness act together.

Do I feel the world is going to end? Well it hasn’t in 15.8 billion years. What I’d love to see “end” is the focus on duality, the polarity, the hatred and judgement. Let’s join forces and make that our Armageddon. Obliterate the negative forces, beliefs, attitudes and actions replacing them with the light forces of love, kindness, acceptance and honesty. That is the Revelation I believe in, the revealing of a higher truth.


Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“Restoration: Why We Have to Look at Ourselves First”

I have a propane fireplace, installed when the house was built. Due to a faulty unit or bad install it’s emitted a continuous but slow toxic soot over the house. Literally everywhere. Due to high ceilings initially I thought the shadows were just darker defining areas on the walls. My carpets became darker, blacker. Windowsills had black footprints from my cat. A black streak of soot began forming on the outside of the house a yard plus wide. Enough.


Ironically in today’s world, the fault is quickly passed onto someone else. The system becomes quagmired and nothing gets done. It becomes a blame-game. Bottom line is shit happens. It all depends on how we deal with it that defines the outcome.

Truthfully I probably let it go on too long thinking someone was going to step-up and do the right thing, based on my personal approach to life. That’s not necessarily the way things happen, right? We all have different approaches, beliefs, attitudes and responses. I happened to get the deer-in-headlights, look scared, run and do nothing subcontractor.

I really do believe everything circles back to us, to ourselves, to myself. So what is there to learn from this? *Attitude is number one; good or bad it’s up to me how I handle it. Get pissed and/or stay calm and direct. *Draw the line of demarcation and say, okay, something needs to be done now. It’s easy to procrastinate and wait for someone to step up, which doesn’t happen unless a fire is lit. Charlie the Wonder Dog is snoring loud now, his sinuses, even with magic, are clogged from the soot in the carpet. *Stay firm. Be kind yet direct responsibility to right parties. *Follow through, stay true to course, till finalized. This relates to everything from discourse in our relationships, to our careers, our health. Shit happens. It’s how we approach the situation, the dilemma, from hiding our heads in the sand, to not standing up for ourselves, not taking action, putting up with substandard  communication, involvement, to recognizing our place in the equation and taking responsibility to change the outcome. It’s always our job.

Bigger picture, what’s this about? Is this a mirror into my life? Is there something or someplace that needs restoring? A clean-up? An emotional reorganization? A letting go? Or is it just something that happened being on earth? I feel it has been a clear restoration of my faith, belief, this location was a great choice three years ago when my life was on a shattered, scattered rocky cliff. I moved away from thirty years of close friendships and known commodities to start anew. A complete revamp of my life in every single aspect. I questioned if this was the right move, the best location. This upheaval solidified in my heart it was perfect.

I’m looking at the positives: new paint means new color. Carpet removal means carpet upgrade. Oriental carpets cleaned and spiffed, furniture and upholstery, curtains and pillows looking brand new. A new fireplace and bricks. I’m still in overhaul here. The process has begun but have weeks ahead to be finalized, but it’s begun. Finally after nine months of negations.

Attitude baby! It’s what changes the outcome. Makes sailing easier too through the choppy seas.


Cosmic sunshine to you.☀️

*This is where the earth’s environment gets cleaned up: in our own backyards first. It always begins with us.

**Charlie the Wonder Dog, blind and hampered by sciatica, will be 13 in August. It’s the Love that keeps him going. 💕



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“Why Being Grateful Isn’t Enough”

This is going to sound odd, however being grateful isn’t enough. Wild statement, right? And the reason I say this is being gratefulness is still outside ourselves. It’s like seeing a bouquet of flowers on the table. We enjoy them, appreciate the beauty, are grateful for their presence/presents in our homes, yet those thoughts are still externalized. We do the same with the good things that come our way. We keep them emotionally externalized, outside our inner being, our hearts, based on past hurtful experiences. What if…? pops into our awareness, fears creeps into our thinking and we keep the goodness, the rewards and love on the table, like the flowers in the vase. Externalized.


To really manifest change, to create our desired outcomes, we have to truly allow ourselves to feel it, be it, feel the appreciation, the gratitude, the fullness of the moment, the connection, the relationship, within our hearts. That feeling of totally being in love with life, with ourselves . That’s what creates the instantaneous shift in awareness. It’s what creates higher vibrations within our bodies, ie, the emotional, mental and physical bodies, healing through love, distortions within the cells. And and and!! You just feel great!

So how do you go from external to internal? You become the temple instead of going to one. You bring the focus inward to your heart temple, all the positives of the day. The love of an animal, friends, family. Find the best rewards within your daily routine; bring them into your heart. Feel them.

Now just love them – all the goodness and connections and emotional gifts and bonuses to death, till death, since there is no death, it translates to forever. As you do, love yourself, every single aspect of you: your body, your weird characteristics, your talents, your foibles, your dreams, your lessons, your strengths and powers. Feel this gratitude in your heart! ❤️ This is Powerful! But bottom line is you’ve got to do it.


Then relationships take on a new vibe, a brighter hue. Whether in steady long term connections to attracting the next best highest vibing love, this changes the experiential feeling. Why? Because you flipped the switch, brought the love inside, and can feel the exuberance and excitement. This applies to all aspects in life, not just relationships. You are the key.

Make it a Mantra, a habit.

Let me know after you’ve added this daily for the next several months what’s changed in your life, because things will. Guaranteed.

What a bonus.


Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“Four Quick Steps to Activate Your Intuition”

In today’s crazy world it’s even more imperative to trust and utilize our intuition. Too many people are buying into propaganda based on everyone else’s views and the constant negative newsfeed. Look at situations, dramas, episodes through our hearts and third eye. The portrayed good guys can be false gods and the purported bad guys can be actually wearing white hats. Think family, jobs and career, medical issues, social and political organizations.

Remember looking at the 3D illustrations where we have to look at the images through a new lens, from the side,  through soft vision to see the dimensional picture materialize? I recommend doing this regularly in life. Look at situations from this softened gaze to activate our inner knowing. Be determined to look at things from every view possible before swinging into judgement, hysteria, anger, name calling, violence, – essentially all levels of negativity. Once ‘there,’ in that field of distortion it’s difficult to find the path back to positivity and joy. Thus getting inebriated, high, over or under stimulated, angry, blaming others, finger pointing, to re-right the emotional ship becomes the avenue, when in truth the best direction is inward. Listen to our inner knowing.


1. Be in-tuned with  yourself, your emotional needs.

2. Listen with your heart not your head. If it feels right it is. If it feels off even slightly then pay attention. This is relevant for relationships, jobs, health, social issues.

3. Look at things with a softened gaze. Look through your third eye in the center of your forehead for the real view. It’s time to stay aligned with your higher ideal.

4. Trust your instincts. The heart and emotional connectivity won’t steer you wrong. Not listening is the curve ball.


Here’s to seeing life in all its beautiful dimensions.


Cosmic sunshine to you.



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“Nine Steps to Jumpstart Your Passionate Present”

We are interesting beings aren’t we? We’re either consumed by the past or nervous about the future, seldom being fully invested in the present. That’s where all our anxieties and depression come in; past is where depression lies and anxieties pile up in some yet uncreated future. Worry, worry, fret and worry plus a lot of remorse, guilt, self flogging and beratement. What other species does that?

As an aside, the top smartest species beside humans are….chimps, dolphins, orangutans, elephants and crows.  There was one list that posted goats as number two, but sorry just not feeling it. Sorry to the goat herds. I can’t see any of theses species getting all twisted about their past or their futures as they are all currently residing in the now, the only moment present and available to them. They’re soaking up the goodness of being alive.

We could learn from our fellow earth travelers, I’m thinking, as we forget that simple wisdom.

I know I know, we’ve all heard about following our bliss, diving into our passions and our joys,  however so many truly don’t know what that means. They can’t find their drive or their motivating desires. For some it’s even difficult to spell the word passionate or joyous. However I believe each of us can obtain those feelings when we clear out the clutter. The clutter meaning all the emotional debris clogging our tanks. We become bogged down by debilitating feelings that wipe our energy reserves. We get lost in the daily dramas. Our immune system’s tank, our endocrine centers suffer.

What to do?

1. Stay right here, right now. Focus on what’s before you, literally. Notice the sky, the temperature, the lighting, feel your body. Be totally aware. (Most have difficulty describing how they physically feel or where the sources of energy, fear or pain actually reside as taking our bodies for granted is the norm. It’s time to embrace our physicality.) Focus on the deets.

2. Breathe deeply. Relax. Bless the past. Thank the future for having your backalways.

3. Send out Thank You’s in your mind to All the loving people in your life.

4. Send out Thank You’s to ALL the difficult people as they have been the best teachers. Love them for their incredible roles they’ve portrayed with their vast knowledge and expertise to teach great depths of wisdom on what to do and what not to do. Clearing the clutter essentially. Forgive.

5. Think about what are the things, ideas, and concepts that capture your attention.


6. See yourself exploring these vital topics, classes, informative subjects. Expand your awareness and knowledge. This activates a very positive emotional response.


7. See, feel, visualize how it feels to be an expert in these areas.


8. Now make it your very Powerful Passionate Present, by following the steps you designed for yourself to bring forth these creative aspects in your life.

9. Make them a reality.



Now love yourself enough to make the effort. It’s definitely worth it and quite honestly the world needs every ounce of positive happy love-vibes in each and every one of us.

If we all made it a priority to have one entire day dedicated to happiness with zero negativity we could change the world. Think on that. Better yet feel that inside our hearts. The possibilities.


Cosmic sunshine to you.





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“Today’s Takeaway: How to Create Your Own Eden”

I just got off a radio interview out of Seattle on KKNW, Loss and Found with Cathy Cooper. If any of you are dealing with loss of any kind, I’d recommend tuning in. Cathy has a very kind gentle nature always with the audience’s best needs in mind. She has a Facebook page and link to her show. She’s a terrific interviewer and is receptive to new ideas.


Her final question to me was insightful. We were originally going a different direction and at the last she circled back to this: “If you can leave the audience with anything what would it be?” Essentially the gist was this:

Woman with open arms by the lake on a background of mountains.

Everyday is a new beginning. Everyday is an op to choose the direction you desire most, whether it’s learning to cook Chinese or reaching out to old friends. Make the effort. See the magic around you by tuning into the beauty.  Stay positive; be mindful. Take responsibility for all your choices. No shame. No blame. Be grateful for the good around you. Love your body. Laugh. Step out of the past and into the present. Stay in the flow of your personal river versus systematically and automatically swimming against the current by doing the same ol’ rote everyday, (repeat repeat repeat, reload) or making poor choices and doing things that are incongruent with your core values. Love yourself. Be willing to accept change. Take action. Stand in your light. Be the light. When you do, we globally unite in spirit and create our cosmic garden. This is how you/we/I create Eden.”



Cosmic sunshine to you. ☀️



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