“Question Everything: It’s Time to Find Your “Red Pill””

Something important to remember even beyond we are a free-will universe, we are an attraction based universe -like attracts like- is, we are a positive based universe as well. The paradox is, any event or situation or challenge is neutral in the eyes of the universe but even so, our Light on this planet outshines the dark. Good out reigns the shadow. Humanity as a whole is decent and kind.

I say this not in regards to the pandemic, but in Light of what is going on behind the scenes around the globe. The
Light is shining brightly in dark tunnels of negativity, helping to alter many lives. There has been a faction on this planet intent on bringing humanity 100% into their control, however as we move out of 3rd density Pisces and into 4D Aquarius as our backdrop in the sky, the future-minded, globally-oriented Aquarian frequencies will no longer allow these forces to sustain. We are fortunate to be witness to this grand shift in consciousness. We are at the beginning throes of 4th dimensional awareness, the earth and all her inhabitants are a part of this evolutionary leap. (This is not the first one by the way.) The cool part is like the 100th monkey syndrome, if enough minds open up to the fact we are truly empowered, we are the creators and designers of the dream, of our reality, then negativity no longer holds sway and we will wake up the rest of the population with our awareness. The bonus is everyone wakes up, steps away from the brain-washing that has been rampant. Take the One World Order ‘lets all get vaccines’ extravaganza over the weekend with the creepy seeing red eye image, and mind control tech being played in the background to subtly hypnotize the audience. This is 3D programming at its finest.  Yes I sound like a fringe element however, I See things, I Feel things, I Hear things, as well as research the rabbit hole for truth. If you do nothing else, please do your own research!!! Check out George Soros – net worth 8.3 Billion. He is all about the radical left, utilizing his global influence from investing in Monsanto, vaccines, (nearly 48K people have died on Bill Gates vaccines, good buddies with George,) global radical Leftist political movements, (where the people at the top are wealthy and everyone else is NOT,)  to control of the Democratic Party. “Keep George Happy,” was Hilary’s mantra. He also invested big dollars into the campaigns of all west coast governors. Do not take my word for it, just research, research, research while we are all home. Look up the GPU of google, the Graphics Processing Unit. It’s Adreno. Their drive is Chrome. Adrenochrome. You can’t make this shit up. If you do not know what adrenochrome is: look it up. This is very very real. This is known as ‘red-pilling.’ Once we know, we can’t “unknow.” Awareness brings change.


I am and always have been an Independent and I research the people not the party. Very important distinction. However this is not about red and blue but about the world shifting to a better place with the aid of good people on both sides. Human trafficking needs to be revealed as the highest grossing global industry.  The best news is there is a world wide insurgence that is working diligently to make this happen.

All this negativity, polarization, back stabbing, and fighting is surfacing to the top of humanity’s awareness to be uncovered and revealed for what it is. This allows true freedom to be unfurled when we are no longer in the mind shackles of control and deceit. We have the ability to be creatively-responsible, be fully conscious and conscientious. We will have freedoms to ‘be more’ than we ever thought possible, as we align with the vibrations of the heart-centered fourth-dimensional frequencies.

Everything is vibration and frequency, particle and waves. It is the foundation of the universe.

It is up to each and every one of us to do our part. To research and question for ourselves the bigger truths right before our eyes. Question everything. Ask, dig, research. Turn off the main stream media. There is an old saying about “even the old gods die when we no longer believe in them.” Perhaps it is time to let these old gods die.  I believe it is time for us to question where we get our beliefs, what we truly believe and why. Most believe what they do, because they were told what to believe not because they followed their hearts. Now is the Time for awareness, to open our hearts to the greater possibilities awaiting us. Find our truths and core beliefs. Carry the White Flag of hope, prosperity, peace, health, and real truth to be revealed.

Please join me carrying the White Flag of Truth.

And question the shit out of everything.

Cosmic sunshine to you.



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“How to Slide into a Parallel Reality Where Everyone is Healthy”

The idea of parallel and probable realities is a stretch for many people however science now proves their existence. I know it sounds like a strange time to bring them up however NOW is exactly the time – because we are all wondering what is going to happen? What does the future look like? What does my personal future look like? Have you noticed how nebulous actual time is becoming? A day blows by like zip and an hour can feel like five. Time is a malleable construct meaning the future influences the past, the past creates the present. It’s in this flexibility, we have the ability to create the reality or possible alternate probability or parallel reality, we all desire.

A parallel universe, also known as a parallel dimension, alternate universe, or alternate reality, is a self-contained plane of existence, co-existing with one’s own. The sum of all potential parallel universes that constitute reality is often called a “multiverse”.

We do this how? We create the parallel shift by focusing on what we want, not what is actually happening. We Feel it, literally down into our bones.  I’m definitely not thrilled with quarantine so in my mind I’m creating “feeling” an alternate version, one where the virus is contained, the meds are working for those in need, the global economic structure is kicked into high positive creative consciousness gear, our freedoms restored. Now!!  When we all do this, our actual group mind reality can shift as an entirety, lifting our consciousness, our realities into better versions of ourselves. That’s why meditation, visualizations, feeling great/positive, helping others is so important. It shifts the realities into better frequencies of existence. It also helps the planet.

Did you know the earth’s Schumann resonate field drops and alters based on humanity’s group consciousness? Yes the earth is literally impacted by fear and/or positive thoughts.


I’m going to share a personal experience relating to parallel realities that happened this past weekend. My kids and I met at our cabin on Mount St. Helens in Washington, Friday. It’s off grid and needs prep work to get ready for the season. We took up cleaning supplies, food etc., ready to dive in. You never know what kind of mouse graveyard we will discover from being gone for several months.


I went upstairs to my bedroom. I have a faux leather bed skirt and I noticed this 6 inch wide, 7 inch long, scratch mark on the leather. I was so frustrated -mice?!? as I hadn’t noticed it when I left at the end of last year season. I started thinking about what kind of supplies I would need to fix it. One more thing on my to-do list.

Saturday before going for a hike my son mentioned that he was feeling a bit off, a little out of sorts, and wasn’t quite sure why. Being at the cabin equals fun, happy, wonderful family and friend time, not misalignment. I did some of my energetic magic and clearing for him as well as the cabin. We then went for a great hike and soaked up the woods. On a side note we encountered a baby black-bear wandering on the trail ahead of us with fortunately no sign of mama.

Jump forward to yesterdaysee there’s that nebulous time thing again. I needed to assess repair supplies for the bedskirt. And guess what? Low and behold there was nothing there, nada! The bedskirt was fine, fantastic beautiful, just like it had been when I left last fall. I just started laughing. I knew that we had shifted into another reality, a parallel probability, where the bedskirt is/was  –present and past equaling the future–  totally unmarred.

Now this is where you may think I am crazy, making shit up, can’t remember. That is very far from my reality. The truth is I pay attention to signs, aware of shifts, changes, a good Sherlock Holmes type. I trust my instincts and  know without a shadow of a doubt it was a parallel reality shift.

The reason I am sharing this is to encourage critical thinking, combined with deductive intuitive thinking/feeling, to see/feel things, situations, circumstances from both our head and heart combination. Learn to activate and trust our intuitive nature, essentially focusing on the best, the brightest, the highest reality possible. When we do this we can literally shift our present and also our future. Bottom line:

You just have to do it.


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“How to Become an Armchair Angel: the World Needs You”

Essentially the entire world is staying home. From one lens it’s a frustrating, helpless feeling, being cooped up and not being able to do anything; work, hike, ski, eat out, have dates, attend concerts, events, be of service and all the other wonderful things we love to do. Or we can choose to look at this stay-at-home-inward time as a major op to really shift and literally lift up the world. Question is: How can we do this?

Become an ARMCHAIR ANGEL! Literally.

What do I mean by that? An Armchair Angel??  Instead of worrying, fretting, buying into the fear porn propagated by the media, take this time to literally visualize ~ imagine our world as healthy, happy, peaceful, loving. Feel it, taste it, touch it. See it in our mind’s eye. Like Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” When we totally dive into our creative imaginative world, we literally have the power to bring our creations into our outer realties. If every one of us were to do this, Imagine the world we could/can create?!? This is powerful transformative energy work!

While sitting in your leather chair or kitchen chair, outdoor fold-up, wherever ~ see the world as you’d like it to be. Not as it is. See people and animals and plants and crops etc etc as happy, healthy, thriving physically, emotionally, mentally. See the world countries prosperous and economically strong. Feel it. ~It’s feels fantastic!~


Then bring it back to yourself, visualizing and focusing on all the good things in your life, from your physical body, incredible brain, your abilities and talents, then expand your thoughts to embrace fresh air, good food, loving pets, friends, family, access to information, blue skies, birds singing, flowers growing. Once you’re in this totally happy loving creative motivating space then it’s time to take it to the next level. Amp it up! Angel time!

Send ~ in your mind ~ loving, positively-powerful sparkles of cleansing energy to every pocket of earthly disturbance and discord, to shadows of negativity, (no judgements) remembering as you are, negativity is just the absence of love. See these sparkles like rain washing away the fog, clearing the space to make room for goodness, honesty, integrity, love. In doing this, you are being part of the creative process of the cosmos. You are taking initiative and responsibility in our collective reality. This is HUGE.

We have to take this responsibility individually. We have to become the armchair earth angels to propel us forward as a species, instead of looking outside ourselves. This is why we were given this time; to share our individual creative powers together en mass to create and hold a higher vibrational frequency. Like notes on a piano, the higher the octave, the higher and shorter the waves and vibrations of sound are emitted.

Side note: negativity, fear, hatred, throwing stones, blame, shame, (big one right now) guilt, and every other negative thought, thrust these lower vibrations reverberating into the world. It’s just truth. When we share happiness, love, joy, kindness, generosity, the frequencies are higher, brighter and can be felt by everyone near and far. (Another reason to turn off the negative news. It lowers your personal physical, mental and emotional energies. Just tune into how you feel when you’re dialed into the vitriolic veracity being displayed.) We need to come together not be divided!! 

Once you’ve covered the world with loving frequencies literally making blue skies for everyone, bring your clear directed focus back to your being, your experiences. Visualize your greatest inner creative desires ~ essentially seeing/feeling the things that curl your toes like a great orgasmic flush of positive energy ~ see yourself, feel yourself ~ experiencing these amazing adventures, experiences. Loving life.


Now give appreciation, gratitude and thanks for this amazing life adventure you are on. A big whopping thank you to the universe! Send it out with sparkles of love.

It truly feels great to participate, feel like you’re contributing, so ~Do this daily. Can take three minutes, to thirty. Your choice. But just imagine if you start today, this minute, where you’ll be when we are out of quarantine, when the world gets it’s engine revved again, what amazing miraculous changes will be!!?!

Thank you to all our First Responders.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


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“The Symbology of a Virus”

Okay folks we are truly living in crazy times, but ultimately fantastic times. Why? Because we  are on the cusp of shifting into the Aquarian age, a time of peace and prosperity. Those of you reading this are aware of these ginormous cosmic changes however there many many millions on the the planet still living totally unaware and in fear. Bigger picture yet is WE all chose to be here now to help with the global awakening. You are part of this. You are here to help with the transformation.

This global lock down when viewed from a narrow telescope shows a small perspective of what is truly happening. Imagine viewing this global dynamic from the Gran Telescopio Canarias, (the largest telescope on earth and measures 34 feet (or 409 inches) across! Its home is in the Canary Islands of Spain.) When we view the global scene from this level we can see all the arms and links and connections interplaying throughout the many layers of experience, offering us a much clearer perspective. We also need to remember events playing out before our eyes are symbolic as well as mirrors into what we are in need of learning and experiencing to expand our cosmic expansion. We are living in very exciting times.


The symbology of a virus is to remind ourselves to look in the mirrors and truly madly deeply be honest and clear to see if we are taking exceptional care of our bodies. Our bodies are a gift! It’s that simple. Immune systems. Body weight. Foods. Vitamins. Exercise. Water consumption. If not, it’s time to do that like NOW. No more procrastination, no more I’ll get to it next month, next year. It’s also a reminder that we all carry viruses within us all the time. It’s whether we chose to activate them or not that’s important to note.

Next, this is about being in alignment with the higher directives of the cosmos. Can you say you are? Best place to start every single day is being in alignment with your Soul Ray frequency. This allows you to be in harmony and balance with your higher self and the best of your soul vibration. When you’re in this frequency, 1. You’re happy, 2. You’re healthy, 3. You’re living out your desires, 4. Your relationships improve. 5. You’re connected to the universe. If you’re not sure what yours is, check out Soul Rays on Amazon. You can also schedule a 15 minute Tune-Up or go for more time for deeper understanding.

If you find yourself dialed in on the negativity, go for a walk. Sit under the stars. Soak up the sunshine. All of these are good for peace of mind as well as higher vibrational health. Go sit under a tree. Seriously we all have tree guardians who watch over every single one of us who help calm and guide our paths. Listen. Take your head off and lean into the bark and listen. See what the conversation is all about.

Tune in to family and friends. Get to really know who and what they’re about in this required isolation. It’s not the school’s job, or the churches’ or the job’s job or even the government’s to take care of our personal needs. Its OURS. Required time at home is a huge benefit to everyone during this quiet upheaval. It’s also about going within to quiet the old demons and flush them out, choosing new beliefs and patterns from which to operate.

Again, REMEMBER we all chose to be born now to be part of this wondrous change. We chose to be of service. Everyone who has been caught by the virus had it in their vibrational patterns to participate in this global shakedown. There are no accidents. The universe is a highly charged organized variable world of unpredictability which coalesces into matter and form. We are all part of this vibrational patterning. Again, no accidents. We are on a brilliant course of expansion.

Relax, stay calm and be courageous. 

To our Health!

Love and light.

Cosmic sunshine to you, ☀️




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“What Kind of World Do We Want?”

Seriously, what kind of world do we want? Right now everyone is in fear mode with nations around the world shutting services to borders. However in my humble perspective this is an incredible opportunity to really focus on all the good around us. See the beauty. Essentially it’s time to change the narrative, and send out love and hope and courage and then again more love to everything living on this amazing planet.

Visualize the positive outcome from the global shutdown. Focus on nations helping one another, putting differences aside. Focus on people putting political divisiveness aside. Focus on the goodness within each of us. Period. Every negative thought draws more of that energy to each and every one of us. It’s time to change the game. Take the offensive. Be proactive. Be positive. Monitor thoughts. Be mindful. Watch our words. Be kind. Appreciate. Step the hell up and be our best selves. We know the drill however we don’t tend to do it. It’s flipping TIME.

Laugh. Remember to see and find the humor in the rubble. It’s an essential vitamin. Laughter and smiles and happiness draws more of that to all of us. Again, it changes the narrative.

In the meantime take care of you. Eat well. Exercise regularly. Take great immune support: astragalus, elderberry, vitamin C. Get outside as much as possible for fresh air and sunlight. If possible, take saunas, hot baths for detox and nuking viruses. Smile and talk with your neighbors. Reach out to loved ones.  This whole global pandemic through another lens is about waking up and taking much better care of ourselves, our bodies, each other.


Make new goals. Choose you! Then choose family, friends, communities, nations, the world.

What kind of world do you want?


Cosmic sunshine to you.





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“The Four Pillars of Personal Well-being: The Path to Nirvana”

How often do you feel totally in love with life? That being alive at this very moment is the most incredible joyful gift there is? Feeling the aliveness and magic of your bodily systems is sheer brilliance? You have the pleasure of residing in this structure of electrical magnetic highways, water and oxygen? Be honest. Probably not often.

Trust me I have been on both sides of the fence. I too have been locked into the daily dramas of child raising, commitments, illness and death. However for a great portion of my life I have lived on the other side of the emotional overwhelm, (overwhelm in this case becomes a noun, a place of being)  the space where everyday I simply Love Love being alive, right now, this moment. I’ve thought about the reason why I feel this fortunate, how I found the path to personal nirvana. I’ve been on this path since I was literally quite young, reading, exploring, circumnavigating philosophies and religions and actively working on expansion of ideas, feelings and beliefs ~activating  my intuition, my cosmic connections.

We are all in this together. I win you win, you win, I win.

I’m happy to share a few short tools I put into daily habit to assist you on your personal journey of empowerment, expansion and emotional happiness quotient. Literally to be in love with life- no matter the circumstances.

All circumstances are but experiences along the river of life. It’s the emotions we wrap around those experiences that make the differences in the outcome and our perception of it, essentially adding to our emotional well-being or subtracting from it.


An example of that is losing my husband to cancer. I can utilize the experience to become the victim of circumstances or I can embrace our time together as a gift. My choice. I can let all the fear, worry, concern, and heart break float down the river keeping the gifts inside my heart and embrace life, this moment, today.

Each day literally take only 15 minutes for each tool if you’re strapped for time. Okay 5 if you’re really tight but the key is self-time. That’s an hour of daily life dedicated to just you. And trust me you are so worth it. If you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for 15 minutes of personal time to read, create, then do it. Make it so. Trust me you’ll be so much happier every single day.

1. Physical time for you, the health of your body. Yoga, walking, running in place, jumping on a trampoline, hiking, rowing. Doing something for your health and vitality is critical. In time you’ll be able to extend the time but if initially you’re strapped, 15 will do the trick.

2. Emotional connection via friends, family, reaching out, communicating. 15 minutes. We are not islands, we are big continents of connections. Focus on the positives of the links, the love between you. This could be dinner together sharing the day’s activities. It could be reaching out to a cousin you haven’t talked to in ages. It could be sharing your fav comedy with a friend to cheer them up after a long work day.  It could also be as simple as watching or reading an uplifting story of love, happiness, connectivity. Initiating the love, extending it outwards to others, even those in line at the grocery store, draws the energy right back and fills your heart. Make it a daily habit.

3. Mental/creative stimulation and expression. I’m not talking work stuff. I’m suggesting things that stimulate and invigorate your inner juices. Learning something new. Diving into mental projects that expand the dendrites in your brain. The mental activity can extend into creativity as they go hand in hand. It’s taking the time for you at least 15 minutes daily that makes the difference. An example would be taking 15 minutes before work or after dinner or before bed to read something that brings excitement and animation into your being. Organizing tools and things for creative projects from cooking to herb gardens to putting together engines is a step towards formation of dreams and ideas. Taking the time is the vital step.

4. Your connection with the cosmic, the inner being of your awareness is also an important aspect. Taking time for your internal expansion is a highly ignored component on happiness and being in love with life. This is your opportunity to shift, change, pivot, alter directions and choose your best pathways. Going into your inner awareness connects you with the magic of the universe and creates insightful links from the best within you. If you take 15 minutes to sit with yourself, listen to your best guidance, take a walk and listen/see/feel with your heart as often as you can squeeze in, solidifies the final foundational cornerstone. This is what will lead you to being in complete alignment with your higher ideals.


Most are not in alignment with their higher and best selves. Most operate out of past programming, a need to be safe by operating from old behaviors, and don’t take time to check-in with their hearts. Most feel resistance in their lives. This is being out of alignment. Many just go through the motions of killing time, filling their days from the premise of half empty rather than from a fat full perspective. This is being out of alignment.* Learning to be in a alignment with your best self is life altering and opens the door to being in the now. Loving life every moment.

In truth physical Life is short. What you choose to do with your time is up to you.When you’re happy that energy is shared. Those around you become happier and reach for that feeling within themselves.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


*Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul” available on Amazon, offers tools to being in daily alignment.

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“Fear: Is IT Controlling You? 5. Tools to Help Navigate the Coronavirus”

OMG – is the media controlling the public or what? Public hysteria has a way of settling down into the bones and making everyone a bit nuts.  It’s also a great way of controlling people: problem, fear, a resolution, which usually involves a crack-down of freedoms and/or large sums of money. (Example: Create the drug to help with a disease then create a follow-up drug to help ease the side effects of the first drug = money. If you don’t believe this do some research.) (Also for those who don’t know, a majority of viruses are patented in a laboratory with the antidote usually following. Again do the research.) Is this fear mongering impacting you or your family? Is fear creeping more deeply into your psyche? If so, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Let’s be reasonable. People die daily of the flu, heart attacks, cancer and myriads of other diseases. It’s part of the human experience at this time. Do we live in constant fear of those diseases? Hopefully not. However they’re not thrown into our faces daily by the fear-inciting media either.  (Ironically my Otto Correct -he’s a bad funny boy- corrected media to Medusa. Pretty apropos.)

From a cosmic point of reference there are several factors going on.

1. It’s a wake-up call to improve our well being. Good supportive, high-vibing foods. Foods have frequencies. Our bodies are vibrations. Keeping those matched, keeps us incredibly healthy. Exercise, sleep. Happy attitudes. Immune boosting supplements: vitamin C, elderberry, astragalus, goldenseal. Vitamin B for stress.

2. Perceptions. Ask ourselves truly what our perception of reality is? What does our reality have in it that needs to be readdressed, shifted, let-go, improved? An example of this rethinking-a- perception, would be that the Coronavirus is an opportunity for our immune systems to take a leap forward in strength to ward off various strains. In reality we carry viruses, bacteria, cancer etc in our bodies.  Most are inactive. We activate them when our systems are weakened by emotional stress and fear which activates the potential. Right now is the potential for health! We activate this through our thoughts and actions. Fear displaces both of these positive responses.

3. This is an opportunity to rethink how we do illness/disease. Fearfully or through changing beliefs about what is possible? Our bodies are amazing miraculous beings with the ability to heal spontaneously if given the right tools and beliefs.
4. What if the world
focused on the well-being and health of the planet and all inhabitants, animals, plants, oceans, mountains, air – every living creature – versus the opposite-fear of illness, possible death. The results would simply be astounding because we would then shift our reality by giant leaps in consciousness. Please consider the global peace meditation on the equinox!!! Please look at the information on my Facebook page. (Add in well-being and vitality as well to the peace meditation.) This is what is being called into action now: A shift in our perceptions with the knowledge we have the ultimate power to shape our reality. 

5. If fear is controlling the inner emotions, then it’s time to put a new driver at the helm. Remove – literally in a visualization – the old driver off the bus and deliver her/him to a nice garden. Next, put on our engineer hats and take the steering wheel of good and powerfully happy thoughts. Make lists of all the things that are good and wonderful in our lives. Write down all the things we love about your bodies: how strong they are, how amazingly complicated they are, how we can think and see and hear and smell and taste and touch. Incredible gifts these! Time to rethink, reimagine the bounty and beauty around us.

Everyday we can choose which direction to take. Right, left, north south. Fear, courage. Free the monkeys in our minds. It’s time.

To our health.


Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“The Law of Magnetism: Understand How it Works in Your Relationships and Experiences”

Do you realize that everything in our reality is “for” us? Everything in the spectrum from good to bad, light to dark ~the duality of being in this world~ is for our highest growth and potential. Even those uncomfortable situations, the sad events, the loss, the gain. In other words, we are but magnets to the experiences we draw to us, based on our thoughts and the emotional ties to them. The stronger the emotion the stronger the magnetic pull.

The important piece in this, is it takes out the blame and shame we throw on others when we recognize our piece in the cosmic puzzle. We draw to us the things we focus on, the experiences we need for our expansion. Because this is why we are here- soul expansion, awareness and being conscious – totally conscious. Our subconscious is always playing out old scripts that take us out of our center of gravity, our alignment with our north star. The more we are aware of our beliefs, behaviors, and habits, good and yes bad, helps us to move away from old unconscious programming. This allows more room in our consciousness for creativity, vitality and optimum health. As we focus on all that’s going right rather than everything that’s not, the faster we accelerate, the broader our awareness.

I recently had an experience that was embarrassing, hurtful, shameful actually, in ways that ironically had nothing to do with me yet was interloped into my experience, psyche and emotions. One of my main core values is integrity. I don’t care if someone isn’t in theirs- their prerogative- however when their misalignment interweaves into my world, it hurts my heart. It pisses me off. Truth is when we are angry there’s usually hurt underneath or a need to deflect responsibility onto someone else. In my case, it was hurt.

I then asked myself in what way did I magnetize this uncomfortable low frequency behavior to me, because I obviously pulled it in from somewhere in the ethers. It’s how it works. Sucks really -as it forces us- me in this case, to really look in the mirror. I realized in my words and dialogue I’d said multiple times, “Well this is where there’s a hiccup.” Great, Candia. So you created the hiccup you wanted to avoid by how? By magnifying and magnetizing the behavior I wanted to avoid by my sheer attention to it.  

What does the experience provide? What kind of insight? What choices and decisions will then be based on the experience, to procure insight for future avoidance? It clarifies, “What do I really really want?”

First of all, I am completely clear, 100%, I don’t want this kind of behavior and attitude in my personal space again. Like ever. It’s very low vibrational thinking and pulls me down.  Guess I drew it to me for extra razor sharp perception and knowing. It could also be construed as a pivotal point, a place of no return, a place never to revisit. For this to occur, I have to keep my thoughts, emotions, high frequency, which means in laymen’s terms, to bask in the flavor, mood, thoughts and emotions of what I do love to be surrounded in, what kinds of high integrity behavior I love in my space, what types of positive, loving, affirming, respectful energies I thrive on. And keep it at that.

The best part is, no matter what, if I’m actively pursuing these thoughts with deep felt happy emotional magnetic chords, that outcome, what I desire to be true, will be.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

Sit with this. Everything that happens in our lives is for us, in support of us because we created it. Yes all of it. So thrive in your creative genius and focus on only the good things you desire to have. Make it a habit. See what develops. Then please share your story.


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“The Multiverse of Opportunities”

Time, it’s a nebulous thing. Even though we live and dwell in a linear concept of movement – a start and an ending – it’s been proven all time is now. We essentially live in the eternal now. Everything is this moment, this breath.  

N-avigating O-mniscient W-isdom

N-urturing O-penhearted W-onderment   

N-atural O-bservational W-akefulness

N-oble O-mniscient W-holeness

To create the world we desire to live in – remember there are over seven billion unique timelines – each soul is creating their special universe – we need to be fully present right now, in positive vibration and alignment with the best and highest outcome. Attach our positive happy emotions to where we see ourselves right now, then to where we desire to be in our next moment, the next now, feeling deeply the energy of joy. This is not an easy task; it is doable though if we are willing to step out of our programming, our old habits and addictions. 

Focus on the highest probability factor available. Probabilities are possibilities of potential. Thousands of probabilities arise out of the timelines we live in, our experiences spinning off multitudes of alternate realities. Each of these realities are alternate versions of us in this timeline. Probabilities are not densities but are more likened to dimensional shifts in perception and awareness. If focus is placed on the highest possible outcome for our experiences then the universal consciousness pulls in the particles and waves of now to create the realities we are desiring.

If we focus on all the negative aspects of the outer world we draw that into our realities. If we focus on the wonderful moments of beauty right now, are in appreciation of the magnificence of being alive, the universe complies with the mirror of that expression. It is universal law.

Everyone has free will as this is a free will environment and world. Do as you choose. Stay stuck and rooted in old beliefs if they serve you. If you desire change and a new daily experience, breathe into the now. Focus on the highest most potent and positively powerful world you can imagine in your mind. Feel it. Be it. Breathe it in. Imagine your highest potential, new probability. Make it your reality in your mind. Do this daily. Make it your habit. You may discover old things and connections falling away; jobs, relations, illness, as you create the vibrant world of color and aliveness your heart desires.

We are living in exciting times of acceleration. The more aware we are, the more conscious we become, the faster our vibrations are moving us ~eventually~ out of the particles of matter into the waves of light. We truly are born of the light. Best news science proves this.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


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“When in Doubt: Wash. Lessons I Learned from My Cat.”

Sounds funny right? But it’s great advice from my cat Tao. When he gets overwhelmed with having dogs or cats visit he takes a moment, stops, looks around and begins to wash. He doesn’t react, he doesn’t run away and hide, he just takes a breather to beautify himself. Great advice I’m thinking. Very cosmic you know. Cats are incredibly otherworldly, of high intuitive intelligence. We could learn from their wisdom.


Taking this one step further, here is a great list for those moments of self doubt:

When in doubt: be quiet, don’t speak.

When in doubt: be kind.

When in doubt: don’t judge.

When in doubt: smile.

When in doubt: go within and listen.

When in doubt: ask your heart.

When in doubt: offer love.

When in doubt: don’t react.

When in doubt: offer assistance.

When in doubt: do the right thing.

When in doubt: take the high road.

When in doubt: punt.

When in doubt: offer a hug.

When in doubt: forgive.

When in doubt: ask for help.

When in doubt: take a walk.

When in doubt: be patient.

When in doubt: play.

When in doubt: find the humor.

When in doubt: sing.

When in doubt: do your best anyway.

When in doubt: breathe deeply.

When in doubt: soak up the starry sky.

When in doubt: sit under a tree.

When in doubt: call your best friend.

When in doubt: say I love you to yourself.

When in doubt: relax.


When in doubt: trust the universe has your back.

When in doubt: wash. Take a long hot shower and wash off the schmootz.


Happy Solstice. May you rejoice in the Return of the Light. ☀️

Cosmic sunshine to you from Tao and me.☀️💕



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