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“I Am Stardust”

Crossing timeless cosmic corridors the Milky Way beneath my feet, I wander through super novas, ride comets, listening to black holes hum their tunes in the darkness. I mingle in galaxies dance with stardust giddy with pleasure glistening in the light … Continue reading

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“What Would You Prefer to Turn On?”

The other night I was given the proposition: What would you prefer? Turning on the TV or being turned on? Now I realize that’s a personal thing, a personal question. Sex is about intimacy, so you don’t need to hear … Continue reading

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“Cleavage, Clits, Cannes and Cocks”

Bold right? But I’m just saying it the way it is. We are living in an interesting sexual paradigm, where the MeToo movement is jettisoning across the country for obvious reasons, executives are stepping down under public pressure juxtaposed against … Continue reading

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