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“I Am Stardust”

Crossing timeless cosmic corridors the Milky Way beneath my feet, I wander through super novas, ride comets, listening to black holes hum their tunes in the darkness. I mingle in galaxies dance with stardust giddy with pleasure glistening in the light … Continue reading

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“The Universal Cocktail: What Is It? And How to Access It”

Don’t you find it interesting that we can quantify the past, remember stories and historical details, dates and events, yet the future is nebulous and flirty, the calendar stretching into infinity with days yet to be filled? In essence the … Continue reading

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“Unconditional Love”

You know those difficult people in your life, the ones that either piss you off, cause inner turmoil and pain, create chaos, strife and or are old flames and relationships gone south? Those individuals. The ones where hurt is still … Continue reading

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“Dream a Friend”

It’s phenomenal how everything, and I mean Everything, is connected, integrated and impacts the whole. Nothing is exempt. Every thought, word, deed, action, ripples throughout time, dimensions, the universe. It’s ridiculously complex however it’s very real. It’s the truth, the … Continue reading

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