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“Nine Steps to Jumpstart Your Passionate Present”

We are interesting beings aren’t we? We’re either consumed by the past or nervous about the future, seldom being fully invested in the present. That’s where all our anxieties and depression come in; past is where depression lies and anxieties … Continue reading

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“Mental Intercourse: Emotional Orgasm”

So…What turns you on? Seriously.  Yes I’m talking about sex though really not exclusively. I’m talking what seriously curls your toes? Makes you excited to get up in the morning, you can’t stop thinking about it?  Becomes the focal point … Continue reading

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“Awesome Advice for 2018 from 2012 College Grad”

I was going through my iPad files when I came across this paper my younger son Colton, wrote to the upcoming UW Leaders. I found it to be quite profound, funny and insightful and perfect for starting 2018, now a … Continue reading

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“Your Daily Forecast”

“Good Morning. It appears to be a mild…” (Shhh, seriously? We are to say that? Nix that idea!) “Good morning folks. It seems our calculations were off (scowling looks sent directly at prompter). We are going to have a rollicking … Continue reading

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‘Demanding Healthy Food: Is the Population Ready?’

Anyone who knows me is aware of the soapbox I can happily stand upon – and it can be on a myriad of topics too. As many have stated, I am fairly opinionated.  Okay, now with the truth revealed, my favorite … Continue reading

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