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“Mental Intercourse: Emotional Orgasm”

So…What turns you on? Seriously.  Yes I’m talking about sex though really not exclusively. I’m talking what seriously curls your toes? Makes you excited to get up in the morning, you can’t stop thinking about it?  Becomes the focal point … Continue reading

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“The Activation Point: How to Create Optimal Mental Foreplay”

The alarm blares startling you out of a deep warm happy slumber. You reach groggily for the button to turn the damn thing off, or push the snooze button for another blissful ten. It’s the Activation Point, the moment the … Continue reading

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“Happily Ever After”

Okay. I admit it. I was raised on Cinderella, Snow White and all those happily ever after Disney films that made every young’s girl heart flutter with possibilities.  I grew up with those romantic ideals and love notions compactly stored … Continue reading

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“Being “In” Love”

Who doesn’t love being “in” love ~ that wonderful euphoric feeling of bliss and joy and excitement and wondering anticipation, with our brains filled with love endorphins? It’s what we seek, search for, write long sagas and tales describing. It’s … Continue reading

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“The Perfect Day”

Have you ever taken time to break down into soundbites exactly what your ‘perfect day’ would look like? Or have you experienced that ‘perfect day’ only wishing for it to return or the feeling generated to manifest it once again? … Continue reading

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